10 Tips For Shopping Summer Sales


1. Have a list of items you definitely need to get so you don’t get carried away with all the sales distractions in the store.

2. Shop online if possible. You are less likely to splurge and more likely to buy just what you need.

3. Try not to buy an item just because it is on sale. Ask yourself, do you really need it?

4. Go for sale items you would have bought at the full price.

5. Check all sales items thoroughly before you purchase them. Also, make sure you try all clothing or footwear items before you buy them.

6. Have a shopping budget and stick to it.

7. Withdraw the amount you will like to spend from the cash machine. Spending cash will stop you from going over your budget unlike when shopping with a creditor debit card. Research has shown that parting with our physical cash stops us from over spending.

8. Have a list of the shops you plan on visiting and locate them as soon as you can. This saves time and energy.

9. Shop around with a calculator, so you know exactly how much you will pay at the till. Especially if you are buying many items from one store. Some stores are known for offering sales discounts like 30% but charging the customers full price at their tills.

10. Find out the sale return policies of the stores you plan to visit and keep your receipts just incase you change your mind.

Happy shopping.


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