Keep Calm And Accessorize


We all know accessorizes have the power to make or break any outfit but yet many of us do not accessorize correctly or do not accessorize at all. Accessories have the power to take your outfit from an ‘OK’ level to a ‘WOW’ level so it is fashion wise to invest in stylish classic accessories you can wear everyday if you want to.


Take this mirrored sunnies for example, it will brighten up your look this summer. I know I want this cool addition in my accessories’ collection.


What about this Michael Kors python handbag? This with a killer suit and heels will give your office look the ‘WOW’ factor.

Whatever you do, always remember not to over accessorize. If you are wearing a killer statement dress for example, you will want the whole attention on the dress. If you over accessorize, it will take the attention away from the dress and mess up the entire look.

Check out Kim Kardashian’s look below, the attention is solely on the Valentino dress, no accessories to distract.


This is how you work it when you are wearing couture piece like this one. This dress doesn’t need any extra accessories. Over accessorizing  will ruin the look.

Take the poll below and tell me the fashion accessory you cannot do without.


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