Product Review: LOLA Makeup by Perse

LOLA Makeup Image

I had the opportunity to try out some LOLA Makeup by Perse, some weeks ago. I received the products you can see above, and they have become some of my favourite items in my makeup bag. The products I received are –

  1. A Pink Lip Gloss.
  2. 3 Eyeshadow Shades.
  3. A Mascara.
  4. A Brush.

For those who have never heard of LOLA, it is a brand is dedicated to finding beauty solutions that promote the joy and appreciation of the art of makeup. This makeup brand is inspired to create the perfect beauty products for women everywhere in the world, regardless of their skin tone.

Here are my thoughts on the products:


Pink Lip Gloss £10.00

LOLA Makeup by Perse Image



  1. I love the light pink colour.
  2. The shiny, glossy finish looks amazing.
  3. The packaging is very cute.
  4. It contains aloe vera extract to help soothe, repair and condition the lips/.
  5. It is long-lasting, stays on for hours.


LOLA Makeup by Perse Lipgloss Image

Pink Lips Image



None. I love everything about this lipgloss. It feels amazing and looks great.


Turquoise Eyeshadow £10.00

Eyeshadow Swatch Picture



  1. I love the bold bright colour.
  2. It looks amazing.
  3. It is long-lasting.

Natural Eyelashes Image



None. This is currently my favourite eyeshadow.


Golden Eyeshadow £10.00

LOLA Makeup by Perse Eyeshadow Picture



  1. I love the pretty golden shade.
  2. It is long-lasting.

Makeup Picture



None. It is perfect.


Pink  Eyeshadow £10.00

LOLA Makeup by Perse Eyeshadow Swatch Image


  1. I love the soft pink shade.
  2. It is long-lasting, and it looks pretty.

Fashion and Style Police Beauty Blog UK



None as expected. It is a great product.


Aubergine Lash Extension Mascara £12.00

LOLA Makeup by Perse Mascara Image



  1. I love the Aubergine colour. It is similar to a burgundy shade, and it looks great.
  2. It creates a longer lash effect.
  3. It is gentle on the eyes.
  4. No smudges.
  5. Very long-lasting.

Mascara Product Review Image



None. I am a huge fan of this mascara.


Eyeshadow Brush £10.00

LOLA Makeup by Perse Brush Picture



  1. This brush is great for applying and blending eyeshadows.



None. This eyeshadow brush is great for all skin types, and it does the job beautifully.


Overall, I recommend every one of these products. They perform as expected and are definitely worth trying. They are all available at select M&S beauty stores and online.


Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?


*PR samples.




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  1. I had never heard of Lola products before but going by them on you, they look great. Nice bold and subtle colours. Will definitely give Lola products a try.

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