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I have been experimenting a lot with my style this spring/summer season, and I plan to even experiment some more, starting with remixing the denim. One thing I love about denim is how effortless it is to style. Mixing key stylish pieces with denim will create an instant chic look.The power of denim is so amazing, it is fantastic what a piece of denim can do to an outfit.

We all know how cool a pair of jeans is, but do you know a pair of denim jacket is even cooler? It is one of the few pieces you can wear all year round, and style in a variety of ways. I currently own 2 denim jackets, and I think I will be buying some more.

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For this look, I paired my denim on denim with a black lace camisole top. Who says you can’t wear black in summer? Well now you know you can if you want. You can wear black anything of the year, and you can opt for shiny back textures for the warm weather. Just another reason why I love wearing black so much…

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The next denim look I will be trying next is the triple denim look. Since I have mastered the double denim look, the next logical outfit step should be the triple denim right? I can picture that outfit in my head, and it looks crazy in a good way. I am becoming more of a risk taker when it comes to my outfit choices and I am loving it. Playing safe is so old now.

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What do you think of this look? How do you experiment with your looks? Are you a risk taker or do you play safe? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.



Black Camisole Lace Top – New Look

Blue Molly Jeans – River Island

Blue Wedge Shoes – Office Shoes

Black Bag – DKNY

Sunnies – Lacoste

Gold & Black Watch – Swatch

Gold Charm Bracelets – Corbico Jewellery

Denim Jacket – Dorothy Perkins

Gold and Black Hoop Earrings – Ziba



55 responses

  1. I love this outfit! It looks fab and it really suits you. I live in jeans myself – I would love a pair of those wedges.
    And you hair is just gorgeous!

  2. I love denims. You will not regret in buying more. I like all you combinations. From the denim to wedge. 🙂

  3. I love the denim jacket a lot! The good thing about Denim is, it goes with anything, it’s easy to pair and always looks fab! I can’t wait to see your triple denim style 🙂 Lovely pics, too. xx

  4. Love this look you really look great in the outfit.
    The denim jacket and the black camisole are fatastic. I love your hair so much, it is gorgeous. Love you baby.

  5. I have never paired a denim with another denim before but this looks really cute. I would probably pair with a white tee but that’s just me

  6. I don’t wear alot of denim anymore. However I still like my denim gillets, like your wearing. Like you I love wearing them over a top, or dress for a casual/quirky look. You look great Stella

  7. I’ve not tried double denim yet but like the look you’ve styled and shared. I look forward to seeing the triple denim look! I consider myself as safe rather than risky when it comes to what I wear.

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