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The pretty actress – Léa Seydoux is the cover girl for ELLE UK June 2016 issue and she is loving fantastic on the cover. This beauty bares it all in her interview with the magazine. She talks about sexism in the film industry, her own sexuality, suffering from depression, and the impact of the recent Paris attacks on her life.

I love what she has on in all the pictures. I am currently reading this issue, and I am loving it so far. The fact that she talks about major issues that many will shy away from talking about, is an instant turn on for me. I like a deep woman. Here is a quote from an interview with ELLE UK:

On The Paris Attacks

‘We were a few metres from where it happened. It was very strange…I stayed in my house for a week and I didn’t go out. I was obsessed by the news… I was just very sad. And it was like a big giant depression all over Paris and everybody was talking about this, obsessed with it. And for me, I mean, I don’t think I’m scared of terrorism. I don’t want to lose my freedom because of that. I want to still live like normal. But even me, I was paranoid for a few weeks.’

I can kind of relate with what she has said. I was nowhere near Paris when the attacks happened but I remember being so very scared, and worried sick about the attacks. To be honest, I am still very scared. We were suppose to travel to a city in Europe and I have refused to go because of the recent attacks. Sad isn’t?


Have you bought this issue? What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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  1. I use to always buy Elle magazine but have not read it for years ( since having children). I have never heard of Lea before but it is refreshing she is talking about things others shy away from xx

  2. I have never been to Paris but it does scare me that this supposed city of love could be so extreme at times, the attacks were awful. I still think of those victims and the hurt they had been through.

  3. I like the 2nd picture better than the first of Lea.

    As for the Paris attacks. It was awful yes. However I had family caught up in 9/11. They didn’t die, but the scares will never go for them and I remember the fear and worry waiting for news.

    This is going to sound unbelievable but is true. 4 years later, my husband my youngsters and I were caught up in a terrorist alert at Manchester airport September 23rd 2005 and diverted to Corfu rather than Zante as the man had got out onto our take off gate and was found just after take off.

    2 years later 7/7 my Mom in Law, her sister and my brother and sister in law were caught up in 7/7 in London. My Mom in law and her sister missed that train by minutes. We were waiting all day to find out if they were all O.K. It was crazy as all the lines were down and we couldn’t reach any of them.

    Then my family who were caught up in 9/11 who moved to Australia 4/5 years ago, were caught up in the area of the lone terrorist attack in Sydney a couple of years back. I mean FFS. This time it was just relieved none of us were caught up in it this time.

    They always bring back memories when these happen. The scars are still here for all of us to some degree or another. The first thought when something like this happens is where is everyone, cos it has seriously been scary the amount we have got caught up in.

  4. I think she speaks the truth in that we dont want to lose our freedom by giving into fear of terrorism. I am scared sh*tless but I think its best to move forward still. Picking up the issue over the weekend

  5. It’s actually been ages since I read Elle (or any magazine – no point trying, my toddlers would shred it!), & I haven’t heard of Lea Seydoux before either. I’m so behind the times (probably as a result of not reading magazines!) It sounds like she has some interesting things to say, though. & she is, of course, right about not allowing fear to take our freedom, though I’m bad at letting fear consume me, personally.

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