Top 5 Differences Between Genuine and Fake Watches

If you think that nothing hurts more than a breakup, you’ve never had to pay the full original price of a watch and see it turn out to be a fake one. It’s worse than a heartbreak, especially for a watch enthusiast. Unfortunately, there are way too many sellers out there who sell fake watches in the name of real ones and since we know what it feels like, Replica Review listed for you the top five differences between genuine and fake watches so that you can watch out for yourself the next time!


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  1. Look out for the ticking noise

Fake watches tick, real watches don’t. High-end companies prepare their watches while giving attention to all the small details. Therefore, their watches won’t make the ticking noise that can normally be heard when you put a fake watch’s dial or case-back to your ears.



  1. Pay close attention to the logo

Fake watches usually do not have a flawless logo like the genuine ones do. Check for spelling mistakes, font mistakes or spacing mistakes in the logo of the watch. While you’re at it, also check the font of the numbers on the dial. You can look up the original watch on the internet to see how it should actually look like and then compare.



  1. Check the exact weight of the watch

The weight of fake watches is usually lighter than the weight of the real ones. You should look up the weight of the genuine watch that you want to buy and then compare it to the weight of the watch you’re purchasing. If it’s significantly different, the watch is fake.


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  1. Check for imprints

Real watches usually have several imprints of their logos in several areas. Research where the imprints of your watch are placed online and then see if all of them are in place on the watch.



  1. Authenticate the serial number of the watch

Each watch has a specific serial number. The font and printing of the serial number can tell you if the watch is real or fake.



What do you look out for when shopping for watches? Have you ever bought a fake watch before?


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26 responses

    • Many people don’t check so you are not alone. Makes sense to check especially if you are buying a very expensive watch.

  1. I haven’t purchased a watch in so long, I wouldn’t know where to begin to look. Thank you for pointing out the differences. Now when I do go to make that purchase, I’ll have an idea of what to look for.

  2. Very informative post which need to be shared as most people are buying fake watches on a daily basis because they cannot different between the original and fake. I totally agree with point number 3 and 4 checking for the weight and imprint. Thanks for sharing

  3. Very informative post, people generally gets confused which one is fake and which one is genuine. This post definitely gives very important differences between a fake and a genuine one. Loved it.

  4. They all look chic but of course quality wins at the end of the day and it’s for that reason I’ll always choose a real watch regardless of the price. You’re guaranteed to get what you pay for.

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