Why Antique Diamonds Continue To Be Popular With That Modern Look

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Looking your best for a social or formal occasion is an art form and is one that men and women have been trying to perfect for generations. Clothing naturally plays a huge part in the look. The choices for clothing are endless and wide-ranging, with options to suit any event or setting. Whether it’s a pair of sleek slacks for a cocktail party or a gorgeous gown for a formal gala, there is always something appropriate to wear.

Of course, no look would be complete without the right accessories – from stunning heels to match those pretty statement earrings to an elegant chignon to go with those delicate diamond studs. Ultimately, staying on top of fashion trends and creating the perfect look may take some thought and planning, but in the end, that effort is always worth it.

Jewellery says much about the wearer, making it a vital part of your look, and there’s nothing as elegant as an antique piece. Continuing to be extremely popular, antique jewellery are known for their high quality and customised features. They were created by the skilled workmanship of artisans, handcrafted specifically for a certain noble. So, if you are seeking an effortless way to stand out and look regal, you may want to get some of those exquisite antique earrings for sale.

Diamond jewellery is an especially treasured item, more so when it’s an antique piece. They are a great investment with their value only ever increasing. The fact that antique items are still worn today proves their longevity in quality and style, as they never go out of fashion.

The beauty of diamond earrings is that they can be worn by any age and look fantastic and could well ensure that a family tradition is continued when a young wearer falls in love with them. They also make a wonderful gift to someone dear on a special occasion.

But styling an item like antique diamond earrings to achieve that modern look requires the following considerations once having determined the length, shape, and colour of the pieces.

  • The length will determine what hairstyle to go for, or what length of earrings if you have a choice of items. For instance, if your hair is styled back, it offers a greater choice as all earrings will be on show.


  • The shape selected may depend upon the sort of occasion where they are to be worn. It might not be appropriate to wear large, extravagantly shaped earrings for an important work function or funeral, whereas they would look fantastic at a ball or a day in the members’ enclosure at the races.


  • The colour of the earrings will determine which outfit allows them to become noticeable when going for contrasts or with similar shades so that they blend in naturally depending on the effect being aimed at, with the neckline of a dress also playing a part in the decision-making.


  • Perhaps the combination of the vintage style of the outfit along with antique diamond earrings could start a new trend or at least be a winner at a party. A visit to a fashion exhibition in a museum might stimulate some ideas.

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Whatever colour, shape, or length of antique earrings are selected, they are guaranteed to finish off a look perfectly at any event showing off the style and chic of the wearer. It can be assured that they are wearing items of great quality that will forever pass the test of time.


Caring for Automatic Watches with Watch Winders

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I got my hands on a Barrington Watch Winder some weeks ago and I have been putting it to good use. For those who don’t know what a Watch Winder is, it is a device that winds your automatic watches. It comes with a motor for stimulating the hand winding movement and keeps your automatic watches working perfectly. I think this is a great little device to have if you have automatic watches. It takes the stress out of winding your automatic watches, as it does all the work for you.

Barrington has a good collection of Watch Winders in various shades; from shadow black and racing green, to burnt amber and midnight blue. There is definitely a shade for everyone.



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I got my Single Watch Winder in Midnight Blue as you can see above. It is one of my favourite shades of blue, and I pleased to see Barrington had this beautiful shade. I also got a Flex Cushion to go with the Watch Winder!
  • It measures 11.5cm (W) x 12cm (H) x 16cm (D).
  • This Watch Winder can be operated either by AC mains or two AA batteries.
  • The Barrington ‘Jump’ feature allows multiple winders to be connected together via connecting cable (supplied) and powered from one AC power source.
  • It has an ultra-quiet Japanese motor.
  • This device comes with multiple rotation settings: clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating.
  • It has multiple Turns Per day (TPD) settings from 650, 750, 850, 1,000 or 1,950 to suit any weight of watch.


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I think having a Watch Winder is a great investment for anyone who has automatic watches. These Winders make using automatic watches a lot easier.

What do you think of this Barrington Watch Winder? Are you a fan of the automatic watch? Let’s chat in the comments section.

Top 5 Differences Between Genuine and Fake Watches

If you think that nothing hurts more than a breakup, you’ve never had to pay the full original price of a watch and see it turn out to be a fake one. It’s worse than a heartbreak, especially for a watch enthusiast. Unfortunately, there are way too many sellers out there who sell fake watches in the name of real ones and since we know what it feels like, Replica Review listed for you the top five differences between genuine and fake watches so that you can watch out for yourself the next time!


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  1. Look out for the ticking noise

Fake watches tick, real watches don’t. High-end companies prepare their watches while giving attention to all the small details. Therefore, their watches won’t make the ticking noise that can normally be heard when you put a fake watch’s dial or case-back to your ears.



  1. Pay close attention to the logo

Fake watches usually do not have a flawless logo like the genuine ones do. Check for spelling mistakes, font mistakes or spacing mistakes in the logo of the watch. While you’re at it, also check the font of the numbers on the dial. You can look up the original watch on the internet to see how it should actually look like and then compare.



  1. Check the exact weight of the watch

The weight of fake watches is usually lighter than the weight of the real ones. You should look up the weight of the genuine watch that you want to buy and then compare it to the weight of the watch you’re purchasing. If it’s significantly different, the watch is fake.


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  1. Check for imprints

Real watches usually have several imprints of their logos in several areas. Research where the imprints of your watch are placed online and then see if all of them are in place on the watch.



  1. Authenticate the serial number of the watch

Each watch has a specific serial number. The font and printing of the serial number can tell you if the watch is real or fake.



What do you look out for when shopping for watches? Have you ever bought a fake watch before?


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