How to Sleep in this Heatwave

The weather has been dead warm for the whole of this week, and I hear it is going to get even warmer in the next few days. Saturday is predicted to be the hottest spring day ever as temperature is predicted to hit 32.2C (89.96F), so be ready to roast!

I like it warm, but not too warm. I struggle with extreme temperatures, and this is now extreme. There is no air at all, it is so still and so hot! I feel like hibernating.


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Getting decent sleep is almost impossible more. With all the many issues going on around the world and in our personal lives, we have enough on our plate to keep us up at night already. Just look at what happened in Manchester some days ago, with the suicide bombing that killed over 25 people, and injured more than 50.

Money issues is another thing that could keep us up all night. There is nothing else than can chase sleep faster than red bills that won’t stop coming. Thankfully, there are now options to help sort out our finance worries, so we don’t have to lose sleep over them. Companies like Northcash Loans can help when the going gets tough. But this heatwave has just added to the list of things that could really affect our sleep. But the good news is that I have found a way to tackle it. Here are some tips that might you get some decent sleep while the heatwave is at its peak –


Leave your blinds/curtains shut

Leave your blinds/curtains shut during the day will help keep the bedroom cool. Most experts agree with the ideal bedroom temperature being between 15 and 19 degrees. Anything over 23 degrees or below 12 degrees is likely to disturb your sleep.


Put your Pyjamas in the Fridge

Put your pyjamas in a bag and place in the fridge an hour before bedtime. This will help you stay cool.


Take a Cool Shower

Taking a cool shower just before bedtime to keep you cool too.


Stay Thankful

Regardless of whatever issues you may have, be it family or finance issue, there is someone out there wishing they had a bed to sleep on, so stay thankful. Think of all you are thankful for before bedtime, no matter how small. You can jot them down if you can as well. Being thankful improves our mental wellbeing, which helps us sleep better and feel fantastic.


Pillow Mist

A pillow/bedding mist could also help you snooze easy. A Lavender pillow mist works fine for me. Clean bedding and pyjamas also help me feel very snuggly.


Reduce caffeine and fluids

I stay away from caffeinated drinks 5 hours to. bedtime, and stop taking fluids an hour to bedtime, just so I sleep well without any interruptions. The last thing you need is to fall asleep, and then wake up to use the toilet, and struggle to go back because of the heat.


Do you have any sleep tips or secrets to share, to help us sleep easy with the hot nights ahead? Please share them in the comments section below. Thank you.



*Collaborative post.




Fashion & Style Police Interviews Tony Porter

Fashion & Style Police Interviews Tony Porter

I love hosting this interview series because it opens my eyes to the talent out there, and how creative and organised they really are. It kind off takes me behind the scenes, into their world, and I love it. I know I said this will be a monthly series, but I come across some very talented people regularly, and sometimes, it can’t wait a month because I am super excited to talk about them, and share their stories.

Say hello to Tony Porter, he is one of the people to spearhead the idea of the British Fashion Week, now known as the London Fashion Week, 40 years ago. He went on to work in Biba for years, set up a fashion PR firm, and is now concentrating on his new career as a writer, with his gripping fashion memoir – Copies of Whatever Next?, now available on request. Grab a cuppa and enjoy the interview.




1.    Can you tell us how you started British Fashion Week, now known as London Fashion Week?

At the time I had my own fashion PR business in London, and it surprised my to see how twice a year all our press and buyers went to Paris and Milan to see their fashion weeks. We didn’t have one, so I went to the director of the Clothing Export Council to ask why. He said that if I could collect £500, he would match it, so I went to Zandra Rhodes, Jean Muir, Bruce Oldfield and others who gave me £100 each. I created a little brochure which I distributed with an invitation to top press and through them buyers were assured that if they came for a few days they would see our best designers at times and venues with minimum delays and a guaranteed seat. The designers themselves cooperated and the first British (later London) Fashion Week was a great success with huge international success. That was exactly 40 years ago this month.

2.    How did you cope in the competitive world of fashion?

I concentrated on the PR side of fashion choosing to promote products that were newsworthy and sold by companies who appreciated the value of publicity. There were instances where I had to compete with others, but I found that my manner of expressing myself and the way in which I approached the press usually worked in my favour.

3.    You spent 8 years in Nigeria, and left due to the Biafran war. I would like to know how you found living in Nigeria?

I started there in the army, married there and had three children there and we all loved it. At certain times of the year the climate could be trying, but we got used to that. I learnt Hausa which helped me enjoy the people of the North, while in the South, most people spoke English which enabled me to share their sense of humour which was always only just below the surface.

4.    You have dabbled in the paint, fashion, PR and now writing industry. Which have you found to be the most competitive and why?

PR was the most competitive. I always found that there were three or four others after the same coverage that I was seeking. There was just so much to be achieved with entertainment, press releases etc. but in the end what mattered most were the stories and, in the case of fashion, products which we were trying to promote.

5.    Can you tell us about your fashion memoir ¬¬– Whatever Next?

It is not so much a fashion memoir as my autobiography, of which fashion was a part. It tells of my seven different careers, including selling paint, testing and marketing insecticides, also buying a tiny island off the south coast of Devon, then restoring its art deco hotel. I have also written about my interest in polo, sailing and classic cars. Quite a lot, hence the title Whatever Next?

6.    Where do you see your writing career in 5 years?

Years ago I wrote three short stories for my grandchildren and they loved them. It is far more likely that I will pursue those rather than start on fiction. As things stand, there is no more non-fiction left in me!


Whatever Next


I enjoyed chatting with Tony Parker. I found his life experiences interesting and refreshing, and I hope you guys enjoyed reading this interview.

Let me know if you did by leaving a comment please.

Thanks for reading.

January 2016 Outfits

I know January isn’t over yet but I can’t wait for it to be over. I know it is my birthday month, so it’s automatically one of my favourite months but this month has gone for a very long time now. I can’t wait for it to be February already.

January was a good month for outfits on Fashion and Style Police. I have a whooping 6 outfit posts for this month alone, that is a lot of me, as I never have the time, with juggling two toddlers and a household, to take as many outfit photos as I would like. I would love to take an outfit post everyday and I use to do that in the early days, when I was child-free, and not so busy.

Every photo shoot session is planned days in advance, and it takes the grace of God for it to go as planned on some days, lol..

Anywoo, I am proud of my efforts this month, and I hope it continues for the rest of the year.

Without any further ado, here is a quick recap of every outfit I featured this month. Catch if you missed any.


OOTD: Happy New Year

Style Police

This was my first post of the year. I was in London for Christmas, and I remember it being painfully cold while taking the photos. I was happy with the pictures, so it paid off in the end. This outfit was all about layers, how to look stylish, no matter how cold it may be. That Joules poncho came through, it was dead warm wearing it. A great piece to have in your winter wardrobe.


OOTD: How to Style the Ugg Boots

How to style Ugg Boots

I came across a photo of Rihanna today rocking similar Ugg Boots, and I was like, ‘that is how you do it’, lol..I don’t people who say they don’t like Uggs or don’t know how to style them. I find them so easy to style. The fakes are everywhere, so I guess most people have no idea how the originals feel like. They are the best, trust me. I bought a fake Uggs mistakenly some years ago. That was my first pair and I just thought I got a bargain online, until they came, then I knew I had been scammed. The originals are completely different.


OOTD: Slicker than your Average

OOTD Leather Pants

This is my favourite look for January. The sun was out and I remember being in the mood for pictures (not always in the mood, and I can see the excitement on my face. I loved the outfit as well, and my hair was newly made, I think I went to the hairdresser’s, the day before. I also love the post name I came up with. Happy days.


OOTD: A Tartan Tunic Dress

OOTD A Tartan Dress

I must confess, I wasn’t jumping out of my chair when I received this tartan dress. It looked a bit different from what I saw online, but as soon as I wore it, I fell helplessly in love. It was perfect. I have worn it a couple of times now, and I still love it. It is very different from anything else I hae in my wardrobe.


OOTD: How to Wear Leather Leggings

Max Mara Leather Leggings Picture

This is one post I did was a 100% for my readers. The comment I got on the where I had the leather leggings on made me do another post, styling the leather legginngs differently, just so you could all see how else you could wear it. It was a quick photo shoot, but the pictures do not give that away at all.


OOTD: The Suede Look

Suede Dress Image

This was my birthday outfit. I took the pictures on my birthday before heading out to enjoy my spa day at The Mere. I changed my boots last minute, and the look I was going for worked.

Which is your favourite outfit?





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