How to Get Rid of Sleep Lines

Who doesn’t like a nice long sleep? It has been scientifically proven that a good night’s rest is beneficial for our overall well-being, so we all need it. A good night sleep helps us feel alert, refreshed and puts us in a good mood. Adequate sleep also makes your skin look really healthy too, which is a great beauty plus.



But as good as sleep can be, it leaves behind sleep lines. This comes about as a result of sleeping on side with the side of your face on the pillow for several hours.

Sleep lines look a lot like wrinkles. If they are not attended to immediately they can be on the face for a long time, which can be annoying. Here are some tips you can try out straightaway, to leave the skin looking nice and smooth free from sleep lines.

  1. Slap the sleep lines from your face

This may sound funny, but slapping yourself actually gets rid of sleep lines. This is because as you slap yourself the blood starts flowing to the area where the sleep line is and starts to make your face looking nice and plump. This drastically reduces the sleep lines on your face.

  1. Fold your sleep lines outwards

When a sleep line appears it looks like a crevasse. There’s a depression in your skin and your skin doesn’t look smooth.

To get rid of the sleep lines, another effective method is to fold your skin where the sleep line is outwards. So instead of the crevasse from going deep in your skin it is pushed out. Make sure you don’t press so hard. All you are looking for is for your skin to even out.

Once you have folded your skin outwards, hold it there for a couple of minutes, then go to the next set of sleep lines.



  1. Pinch your sleep lines out

This tip is closely related to the folding your skin outwards, but the idea behind it is quite different. Pinching the area where the sleep lines are helps to activate the blood vessels. This will help blood to circulate around the area, which will help bring back the elasticity of your skin.

It may hurt a bit but you need to be extra careful not to pinch so hard. The last thing you want is a nasty bruise from all the pinching.

  1. Moisturize the sleep lines out of your face

Moisturizing is a great way to remove the sleep lines. When your skin has moisture, its elasticity is restored. Your skin looks rejuvenated. The water in the moisturizer hydrates the skin and your skin responds perfectly to this.

To increase the effectiveness of moisturizer for your sleep lines, try massaging the moisturizer into your skin. Gently massage your skin in circular motions. This will help awaken the blood vessels and promote proper circulation of blood to your face. This will also help create youthful glow in the process.

Do you suffer from sleep lines regularly? Please share any other tips that has worked for you.





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  1. Love this! I only ever get sleep lines when I’ve had a nap, for some reason. When I used to work overseas I would have a siesta every day, waking up to huge lines all over my face – I then needed to speak to members of the public with said lines. Embarrassing! haha

  2. I don’t look in the mirror early morning, have never noticed sleep lines! Panic! Maybe I really should check my face before leaving the house…

  3. Woo I really love this topic and have gained immensely from the tips given. I experience this a lot and I hate it lol. But I always use face oil on it and after my bath it sometimes vanishes and at times it takes a while. But with these tips, I have more steps to take. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I can’t say that I have ever noticed suffering from sleeplines, don’t tend to look in the mirror straight after waking up though

  5. Thankfully at the moment my mummy is sleeping upright on her back propped up due to a recent surgery she’s had – so not crease sleeping lines for her! Great Tips

  6. What a great post! I had no idea that these simple steps can help you to get rid of sleeping lines. I don’t get them too often but I will definitely keep your tips in mind. Thanks for sharing x

  7. Love this post as I do often have sleep lines, especially as I two young children! I’ve never heard of pinching out the lines but increasing the blood around the area makes total sense! #Facebook

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