Beauty Plans for 2017

2017 is a year of paying attention to my beauty and skincare routine. I started paying more attention to my skincare last year and I plan to continue this year. I turn 30 in a few weeks (whoop whoop) and I now understand the importance of having a great skincare routine. I wish I started giving my skin some TLC like 5 years but it is never too late to start caring.




Here are my beauty plans for 2017:


Exfoliate Weekly

I exfoliate my skin once a week and I plan to continue this routine this year. I am yet to find the perfect exfoliator for my skin so feel free to recommend any fab exfoliator in the comment section.


Use a Mask Weekly

I use a mask once a week and I LOVE what it does to my skin. My skin literally feels like a baby’s bum so I will be continue using a face mask every week. It is the best part of my skincare routine.


Have a Balanced Diet

I need to eat and drink right this year. I don’t drink the recommended daily amount of water but I am working on it. I plan to start exceeding the daily of amount of water I should be drinking. A balanced diet works wonders on the skin.




Beauty Sleep

I have a new app on my iPhone that tells me when to go to bed so I get 7/8 hours sleep and it serves as a nice reminder. My skin feels amazing when I get my beauty sleep regularly. And I get more work done once I have had a good night’s sleep.


Makeup Free

I hardly wear makeup because I work from home, hardly go away worth applying makeup to, so my skin breathes easy. This is going to carry on in 2017.


Wipe it Off

And when I do have my makeup on, I make sure I wipe every trace off. I have not gone to bed with my makeup on in years now and my skin thanks me for it.


Do you have any beauty/skincare plans for 2017?





How to Fight Jet Lag



Travelling is fun and exciting. I love seeing new sights and learning about different cultures. But when you travel across several time zones, your body finds it difficult to immediately adjust. This leaves you feeling sleepy, experiencing loss of appetite or even feeling sick. This feeling is known as jet lag.
Just the way you reset your watch to reflect the new time zones, your body also resets itself but not as easily as you reset your watch. Jet lag can be an extremely disturbing feeling. The good news is that there are ways you can minimize the effects of jet lag. It’s all a matter of being prepared and making the right choices.
1.    Make sure you’re fully rested before you travel
The first step to fighting jet lag is to have a good night’s sleep a day or two before you’re set to travel. The effects of jet lag are less for those who are well-rested before they travel. This is because adequate rest will help the body easily adjust to a change in time zone or withstand the effect it has on the body.
However, if you travel stressed out and sleep deprived then the jet lag will put undue strain on your whole system.
2.    Take the opportunity to nap on the plane
Jet lag first acts on your sleeping habits and make you feel tired. If it’s a really long flight, then make use of the opportunity to take a nap on the plane if you can. This will help your body reset better.
3.    Set your time and your mind to the one in the country you’re going to
This tip actually deals with the psychological effects of jet lag. When you’re travelling to a country with a different time zone, it’s only natural for us to think about what we would have been doing at that particular time in the country we’re travelling from and start comparing time zones.
This makes you less conscious about the time of the country you’re travelling to and your body will continue to live as if it were still in the country you’re travelling from. To solve this, you need to set your time and mind to the country you’re travelling to. This forces your body to adjust to its new time zone and living habits.
4.    Stay hydrated and exercise
Drink plenty of water while you’re travelling. Staying hydrated helps you effectively overcome jet lag. If you feel really sleepy after arrival, do some exercises to keep yourself awake. Exercise helps to fight jet lag and helps you stay agile.
5.    Once you arrive, don’t immediately go to sleep
This may sound really odd but you need to help your body adjust to the new time zone as much as possible. Forcing your body to stay awake until the local bed time will help your body reset faster. The only exception to this is if you arrive at your destination at night. If you arrive at night, you’re free to enjoy your beauty sleep.


How do you deal with jet lag?

How to Manage your Mood Swings



We all have to deal with mood swings every now and again. There is some much going on in life, it is impossible to be happy every time. But there are ways to deal with the crazy mood swings, and ensure we are as happy as we can be. There is no known cause of mood swings as at time of writing, and there are different ways of handling them. Here are the ways I manage my swinging moods:


I have a routine

I like to stick to a routine, that way I know how my day, week or month would look like. That pattern improves me mood because I feel in charge of my life, if that makes sense. Some days are more flexible than others, but it is pretty much the same schedule. Research has also shown that having a routine helps regulate emotional highs and lows. That is the reason why many babies strive when they have a routine.


I exercise

I have started taking my health and fitness very seriously, and it feels amazing. The endorphins released during exercise helps control stress and improves mood drastically. Even moderate exercise like walking can help relieve frequent or abrupt changes in mood. It works like magic for me. I feel so good after a good jog.


I sleep

Beauty sleep always helps combat bad moods, so I try to get a good amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation is the worst thing ever. I remember when I was pregnant, I couldn’t sleep for a weird reason. And I would get up in the morning feeling horrible. It was so crazy. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t fall asleep but I guess it had to do with the hormones and all. And then once I gave birth, all I wanted to do was sleep, and they didn’t let me, lol. I was sleep deprived for months.


I eat

I am a very grumpy person when I am hungry, so I try not to get too hungry before I eat. Nutrition is a very important component in mood management. Remember the saying – ‘a hungry man is an angry man’? Having the right amount of nutrients and avoiding large consumption of sugar, alcohol, and caffeine will help reduce the frequency of mood swings. I am very hyper when I have more than 2 cups of coffee, or 2 cans of coke, and when I am hyper, it affects my moods, so I stick to 1 cup or can a day.


I read

I love reading and I have discovered reading does help my mood swings. I read hundreds of blog posts a week, and 1 book or magazine a week, and that improves my mood and my stress levels drastically. Relaxing with a good book and a good cup of teat is the best medicine some days.


Do you have mood swings regularly? Do you have any tips to share? Sound off in the comment section below. You may be saving a life.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.