3 Foundation Makeup Rules

I have been vlogging a lot about foundation makeup on our YouTube channel, and this has led to me writing this post. It is very important to get your foundation makeup right. When your foundation is applied properly, every thing else will slide on effortlessly. Your foundation is the base coat and it is designed to even out skin tone. I have mentioned in many of my beauty videos, that I hardly ever use just 1 foundation. I prefer blending in at least 2 different shades and brands of foundation, to get the right shade for my skin tone.

Here are 3 Foundation Makeup Rules you may find useful –


Get the right shade of foundation

I struggle with finding the right foundation shade, it is either too dark or too light, hardly ever perfect. Which is why I have taken to blending different shades together. If you wear the wrong shade of foundation, it will appear like a mask on your face, and it will crack, which is not a good look.


LOLA Makeup by Perse Image


The lighter the coverage the better

A good foundation would disguise everything from uneven skin tone and fine lines, to a tired skin and spots. I like my foundation to be as light and natural as possible. I find they easier to apply and to have on. Believe it or not, I hardly wear makeup these days, so I don’t have foundation on my face on most days. But when I do, the look I like going for is natural; I like to look like I don’t have any foundation on.


Apply your foundation makeup quickly

The trick with applying foundations is to apply it quickly within seconds before it dries out. You usually have only a couple of seconds to apply your foundation before it evaporates so time is crucial. I apply moisturiser/primer before putting on my foundation. That way I have a good base to work with. I am testing out a new makeup rule that says the concealer should go on after the primer and before the foundation. I will be shooting a video trying that makeup rule out so do subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss a video.



What do you think of these 3 Foundation Makeup Rules?


Beauty is in the eye of the keyholder: tips for keeping your salon secure

*Collaborative post.

 Crime against small businesses costs more than £12 billion annually, but this figure still does not account for the full cost of crime. For salons, in particular, crime is a significant drag on their ability to grow as a business, leads to reputational damage, as well as lost hours and days. Common crimes include robbery, burglary, and employee theft.

If you own or manage a salon, security should be one of your primary concerns. Here are our top tips for keeping your salon secure.


Research your employees

 Before hiring a member of staff, make sure you have performed sufficient background checks. This doesn’t mean that you don’t trust them, but you need to ensure that job applicants don’t have a history of theft or other criminal activity. It’s just good sense!



Hair salon image



Brief your employees

 Once you’ve hired trustworthy employees, make sure that they know the rules and procedures within your salon. Write an employee handbook which lays everything out for them and have regular meetings to discuss security measures. If an employee disregards salon rules (for example, by leaving a door unlocked), make sure you address this problem quickly.


Safety in numbers

 Try to avoid a scenario whereby there is only one employee in your salon. A salon with one staff member is a prime target for crime. Ensure that two or more employees work each shift, which will minimise the threat of internal employee theft and decrease the chances of burglary or assault.


Monitor the till

 The cash register should be touched by as few people as possible – eliminating the potential for mistakes or theft. Decide whether a salon receptionist will handle cash or another designated employee – they can even work shifts. Money can then be counted by that person at the end of the day, with them documenting the total and informing management.



Hair salon picture



Safety measures

 You can decrease the risk of night-time crime by installing both interior and exterior lighting. Back doors should be locked and bolted, whereas front doors should also have a warning device. Something like a bell can alert the salon when someone enters. CCTV cameras canhelp identify perpetrators in the event of a crime. An alarm system can also prevent or deter late night vandalism or burglary.



 Salon owners often assume that their business is too small to be targeted by cybercriminals. The idea of cyber-crime may not even enter their heads. However, online hackers often view small businesses as easy prey. It’s important to remain vigilant and protect your online activity. Make sure all of the salon’s devices are password or PIN protected, use anti-virus software, electronically backup your salon data, and use two-factor identification.


Insure your salon

 Salon insurance is designed to protect your business in the event of an accident or incident. From stock cover, to contents cover, to business interruption costs, salon insurance ensures that your business is not crippled by an unforeseen event.



Beauty Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Hey peeps! December is here at last and it is the season of gift shopping. How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? If you are wondering what to get a beauty/skincare junkie in your life, you are in luck. You may find these Beauty Christmas Gift Guide very useful. I promise there is something for every budget. Prices start from as little as £1.50!



Nanshy Masterful Collection Pearlescent White Brush Set £49.95

Nanshy Image


This Nanshy Masterful Collection Pearlescent White Brush Set would make a terrific gift this Christmas. It looks so amazing. This set is a luxury 12 piece collection. Every makeup brush in this set is made from high-quality synthetic hair that are PETA and Vegan approved.

The 12 makeup brushes in this Nanshy White Masterful Collection are:

  1. Angled Detailer
  2. Crease
  3. Blending
  4. Contouring
  5. Blush
  6. Powder
  7. Stippling
  8. Foundation
  9. Shader
  10. Pencil
  11. Liner
  12. Lip


I think this Brush Set would make a beauty lover’s Christmas even more magical.


O’Keeffe’s Hardworking Skin Care Gift Set £14.99

Beauty Christmas Gift Guide Image


I love this O’Keeffe’s Hardworking Skin Care Gift Set. It is a great Christmas gift guide for the beauty/skincare lovers. You have something in this pack for the hands, feet and lips. I love the colourful packaging and the very affordable price tag. Lovely gift idea if you ask me. It is fab for anyone who either works outdoors, has an outdoors hobby or simply suffers from dry skin through the colder months. You can grab one at your local Boots, Sainsbury’s, Lloyds Pharmacies and independent pharmacists.


DermaTherapy Pillow Case (Pair) £34.95

DermaTherapy Pillow Case Picture

This DermaTherapy Bedding is great for anyone dealing with acne or other skin issues. The pillow is specially designed to reduce friction, dampness and irritation, which usually make skin issues unbearable. You can grab it in pure white, and it comes in most popular sizes to suit most UK beds. The brand is available on the Espère Healthcare Ltd website.


Curaprox (BE You.) Day Dreamer Toothpaste £13.95

[BE YOU.] DAYDREAMER Toothpaste Image


This Curaprox (BE You.) toothpaste would work as a great stocking filler. I love this toothpaste. It has a long-lasting freshness with a twist I really like – blackberry, sumptuous liquorice and fresh menthol. It would work great as a small thoughtful gift, especially for someone who is yet to try the amazing Curaprox brand.


Cienna Rose Overnight Success £10

Cienna Rose Image


This Cienna Rose Overnight Success – Overnight Revival Mask for dry & brittle nails is another great stocking filler idea. It recharges and transforms tired dry & brittle nails. This water based Overnight Revival Mask formula is enriched with a combination of Pro Vitamin B5, Urea (synthetic) and Star Seaweed that infuses dry and brittle nails and stimulates healthy nail growth. It is a great little gift idea.



Cienna Rose Nail Lacquer – Something Blue & Flawless £9 each

Cienna Rose Something Blue Image

Something Blue Cienna Rose


I love Cienna Rose Nail Lacquers, and this Something Blue Lacquer is of my favourites. The long-lasting richly pigmented colour formulation ticks all the beauty boxes for me. It would make an excellent gift this Christmas.



Beauty gift idea image

Flawless Cienna Rose


This Cienna Rose Flawless Nail Lacquer is a beauty. I love the stunning pink shade. The high shine chip resistant formula with gel like finish is amazing. Another great product from Cienna Rose.


Jack Black The Balm Squad £22



Gift guide image


This Jack Black The Balm Squad is all about lip therapy. It contains 3 Lip Balms – Winter Melon, Natural Mint and Cucumber Lime. I think they would be a great gift for the beauty lovers in your life. The Emollient balms offer instant relief for dry, chapped, or cracked lips. Just the protection our lips need this winter season.



Impulse Go Get Glitter Limited Edition Coconut Spritz + Glitter Bomb Body Mist £6

Impulse Go Get Glitter Coconut Spritz Body Mist Picture


This Impulse Go Get Glitter Body Mist is perfection. I adore the sugary fragrance of whipped coconut cream, sweet vanilla and musk. It is perfection! This would work as a great gift idea for a teens and young people in your circle.


Impulse Go Get Glitter Limited Edition Melted Candy + Unicorn Dust £6

Impulse Bodu Mist Image


This Impulse Go Get Glitter Body Mist is a playful fragrance. It brings to life dripping candy, fresh vanilla and a hint of something magical. I love it. You can get this as a stocking filler or small gift for a loved one this Christmas.


Sure Motionsense Anti-Perspirant £1.50


Gift Guide for beauty lovers image


This Sure Motionsense Antibacterial Anti-Perspirant is great as a stocking filler. So if you run out of stocking filler ideas, this may be a great option for you. This product keeps black clothes black and white clothes white for longer, offering anti-sweat, anti-marks and anti-odour all in one. It is a useful gift and super affordable for a stocking filler.


Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense Energize £12

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense Energize Picture


This Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense Energize is a great gift idea for a stocking filler for him this Christmas. It offers the ultimate shave experience, with shock absorbing technology which gives a personalised amount of pressure to remove hair. It is designed to protect from irritation. I think it would make a great small gift.


What do you think of these gift ideas? You can check my other Christmas gift guides for men, kids, fashion lovers and lifestyle gift ideas.


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