How to Make your Eyes POP

Eyes are the window to the soul. They say it, we know it. Our eyes give us away when we are tired, sleep deprived, happy or sad. It is all in the eyes. Our eyes also play a major role when it comes to makeup. So how can you make your eyes pop? Here are a 5 beauty tricks you may find useful –



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Get some sleep or some ice

We all need our beauty sleep. I know I need about 7/8 hours sleep to feel human, but some nights I just can’t get the sleep I need, and my eyes start to sting in the morning. On those frustrating mornings, I get a bag of ice wrapped in a flannel for some relieve. This can also help with puffy swollen eyes; the ice helps to take the swelling down.


Eyelash extensions

Using eyelash extensions is an easy way to make your eyes pop instantly. They are quick and easy to use, and there are loads of options now in the market. You can go for a natural-looking eyelash enhancement for a natural look. If you are after full-on hollywood glamour, you will find full-on false eyelashes to go with the look.


Make your eyes pop with a concealer

Concealers are great for making our eyes appear brighter, getting rid of dark circles, and hiding blemishes. To make your eyes pop using a concealer,  go for a shade lighter than your skin tone.


Use a Mascara

Mascaras are great for opening up the eyes and making them pop. I have quite a few mascaras in my makeup bag, and they all come in handy in different ways.


Get the eyebrows done

I like to have my eyebrows threaded or waxed every month. I prefer threading as it is easier on the skin and better. Threaded eyebrows also last longer than waxed brows, which is good value for money. Well shaped eyebrows is a good place to start when it comes to eye make up.


These 5 makeup/beauty tips are tried and tested. Do you have any tried and tested tip to make your eyes pop? Please share in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.


*Collaborative post.

Product Review: L.A.B.2 Makeup Brushes

I love experimenting with new makeup and makeup tools so I was thrilled to discover L.A.B.2 Makeup Brushes.

L.A.B.2 Makeup Brushes Image

L.A.B.2 which stands for ‘Live and Breathe Beauty’, is a beauty brand that aims to inspire makeup beginners and beauty junkies alike.  There is a L.A.B2 makeup brush for every part of the face, so this is one of the perfect brands to shop, and the good news for us UK beauty bloggers, is the fact that we can shop this cool brand at our local Superdrug store. Isn’t that super convenient?

I received quite a few brushes as you can see above, and I am going to review them one by one, so grab a cuppa.


L.A.B2 On A Powder Trip Brush

My medium, dome-shaped bristle head allows you to grab and buff powder evenly across the face, neck, and décolleté for a gorgeous, flawless complexion.


  1. It feels soft to touch.
  2. It is full, thick and very fluffy.
  3. I like the length of the brush as well. I find some powder brushes too small or too long, but this is the perfect size.
  4. I achieved a flawless look with this powder brush.
  5. It is quite affordable at a sale price of £8.99, was previously £11.99.




L.A.B.2 Read My Lip Brush

My long bristles allow you to easily deposit lip color evenly with every stroke.                                                    
My rounded tip comes to a firm point to provide you with a precise and controlled application; allowing you to line the outer rims of your lips for extra definition.


  1. I love the fact that this lip brush has a protective lid/cap for when not in use.
  2. The bristles are long enough to easily apply lip colour.
  3. The rounded tip makes it easy for me to apply my lip colour evenly.
  4. It is super affordable at sale price of £4.49, was previously £5.99.



L.A.B2 Makeup Brushes Picture


L.A.B.2 Stoke of Genius Brush Kit

This brush kit contains:

Eyeshadow Brush – distributes color evenly onto the lids, crease and brow bone.
Crease Brush – accentuates the crease and blends colors seamlessly together to soften harsh lines.
Pointed Eyeliner Brush –  delivers a precise, firm, even line.
Brow & Liner Brush – fills in brows and lines eyes for extra definition.
Brow & Lash Groomer – grooms, combs, and defines brows and lashes.


  1. This kit of 5 brushes is good value for money. A kit goes for a sale price of £14.99, was previously £18.99.
  2. These brushes help to achieve a flawless look.



I can’t fault any of these makeup brushes. They fulfil every promise and perform as expected.

What do you look out for when selecting a makeup brush?


*PR samples included.


5 Makeup Tricks For The Double Chin


Here are some clever makeup tricks for women with a double chin:

  1. Enhance your jaw line by whisking bronzer along it and under the chin. Also, apply a little highlighter to the chin.
  2. Direct attention to the cheeks and eyes, go for striking eye makeup and bold colours, use a blush on the cheeks.
  3. Direct attention to your lips, use a bold lip colour/lip gloss to make your lips stand out.
  4. Use a bit of matte bronzer on your neckline to enhance it and draw attention away from your double chin.
  5. Finally, keep your hair away from neckline. Opt for ponytail styles, or similar styles that sweep the hair off the neck.

These clever makeup tricks help disguise a double chin. Try them today and take a selfie.

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