5 Makeup Tricks For The Double Chin


Here are some clever makeup tricks for women with a double chin:

  1. Enhance your jaw line by whisking bronzer along it and under the chin. Also, apply a little highlighter to the chin.
  2. Direct attention to the cheeks and eyes, go for striking eye makeup and bold colours, use a blush on the cheeks.
  3. Direct attention to your lips, use a bold lip colour/lip gloss to make your lips stand out.
  4. Use a bit of matte bronzer on your neckline to enhance it and draw attention away from your double chin.
  5. Finally, keep your hair away from neckline. Opt for ponytail styles, or similar styles that sweep the hair off the neck.

These clever makeup tricks help disguise a double chin. Try them today and take a selfie.

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