When Life Gives you Lemons

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade! That has been one of my mottos for as long as I can remember now, and it resonated with me so much in the last few days.

These last few days have been very hard. But I am a born fighter, it is in my DNA, so I usually get right back to business as usual, as soon as I can.




But I must confess, these last couple of days have been so draining. I have been drained emotionally and physically, which is why I have been unable to write as much I use to, which is very unlike me. I was still writing every day with newborn twins, and I thought nothing else could be as hard as that, but I was so wrong! But hey, when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade right?

Without going into too much detail, last week was full of stress from start to finish. From dealing with the most annoying blogger ever in my outreach world, to chasing late payments, and to dealing with even more stress at home with the kiddies. I started the week stressed and I ended it even more stressed.

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But I am here! I have bounced back from last week’s stress, and gradually going back to my usual work routine and feeling myself again.

So how exactly did I make lemonade out of the lemons life gave me? Well, one way is in my outlook of life. These ups and downs help me appreciate life and the little things like waking up everyday and feeling well enough to get out of bed and jump in the shower. It is amazing how many of us take these things for granted, thinking it is our birthright!

This stressful time also made me trust my intuition even more because I kind of daydreamed it all coming, only for it to start happening, if that makes sense.

This experience has made me trust my instincts and listen to that inner voice a lot more. They are yet to fail me.

Another thing I have learnt is to just sit back and relax when life becomes crazy, which is what I did.  If we recharged ourselves as often as we recharged our gadgets, we won’t have a problem. I have learnt to just go with the flow, and take things easy.

How do you make lemonade from the lemons life gives you? Please drop a comment in the comments section below. You might be saving a life.

Thanks for reading.




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  1. Tu carissima, parli di limonata 🙂 noi in Italia usiamo dire…..aspetta che la corona(del Rosario) sfili del tutto!!! Con pazienza!!! Mi piace l’idea limonata….anche perché la ritengo un purificante…..un alcalinizzante…..che leva tutte le acidità in corpo…..e si!!! 🙂 carissima, davanti ad ogni avversità è istinto umano sopravvivere…..per tanto che il tuo fare sia d’esempio per tanti che alla minima sciocchezza si abbattono, dunque bisogna solo attendere che tutto presto passi!!! Per fare una citazione latina ……PANTA REI””” tutto scorre….bisogna solo aspettare! Xò xò Annarella

  2. Sorry you’ve had a tough time of it recently. Making lemonade is a good way to look at it when things get to that point. Sometimes hard to do, but there is usually a way of at least trying. When things do start to get too much, you really do have to step back and try regain some sanity.

  3. I have plenty of ways of unwinding through stress. The laar year has been really stressful with my husbands health problems.

    Writing is a major tool for me. Just getting it out of my head and on paper stops the hamsters wheel. Always in my writings its about what I have learnt and how I am reacting is what I summarise with. I can’t change anyone else but me

    Meditation/mindfulness/dance/music is another. I try to make a bit of daily me time.

    Great post Stella. Something we all suffer from and must deal with better.

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve had a stressful time recently – like you say though, the bad times only make you appreciate the good times all that bit more 🙂

  5. I use the motto when it’s dark look for stars and when it’s raining look for rainbows. When I’m stressed I try and remember that it will pass and I have a bath, or I go for a walk by the sea – that does me wonders.

  6. I think its hard to sometimes see the light when it looks like nothing but stress is in front of you but as you said, making lemonade from lemons is the only way through it! I love keeping a gratitude journal to make me realise just how lucky i really am.

  7. I too found myself making lemonade out of the lemons life through me recently. Hope all is better now and will continue to bounce back

  8. What a great post. I’m sorry you had such a rough week, but it’s a positive attitude that makes all the difference. Looks like you’ve got that covered! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sorry you have had a rough week, well done on attacking it though and coming out the other side. I’m not too good when it comes to giving life a kick up the butt and not worrying about things. Get stressed easily!

  10. Sorry you have had it tough, hopefully the sun is cheering you up a bit this week.

  11. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time. I think you’ve posted this at the right time, and I’m so very glad to have read it. Hoping you’ve got a great weekend ahead of you! x

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