Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Baby, it’s cold outside! It is painfully cold at the moment. I finding it extremely hard to get out of bed with the darkness and the chill in the air. I wish I could stay under my duvet, with a cup of tea, all day, but that is not my reality. My reality is, I need to get stuff done, which means my wake-up time is usually on or before 7am.



How are you all coping with cold? I am indoors most of the time, so I am nice and warm. And when I need to step out, I make sure I am well layered up. I just recovered from an annoying flu (my first ever full blown flu), so I am not in the mood for any more sickness. If you spot me out and about, I will be rocking my many layers of clothing.

On cold days like this, I am grateful I work from home. It is a lot harder to earn a living working for yourself, that I know, but the pros outweigh the cons massively for me. And I appreciate that so much more in the winter months.

I am currently typing out this post from the comfort of my sofa, wearing my new fluffy nightgown, and I am happy with where I am at in life. I turn 30 in a few days, and I feel like I am in a good place. I can’t imagine any other job that could allow me work in my nightgown, so the flexibility of my job is the best part of it.

Speaking of nightgowns, I think I would need to get some shopping done. I am in need of some new pyjamas and nightgowns. I have a bit of an obsession with nightwear collections, but for someone who spends a great deal of time in my nightwear, I like to have quite a few. I have my eye on a few womens nightgowns by David Nieper, I need to check them out. In the winter months, I like my nightgowns thick and fluffy to retain the body heat, and David Nieper has a couple of warm fleece nightgowns that tick all the right boxes. I can picture myself wearing some of these comfy/stylish pieces already!




How are you keeping warm in this cold weather? Are you obsessed with your nightwear like I am? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Have an amazing week


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Quiet Girls Can Rule the World



As an introvert, I have had to deal with a lot of misconceptions.We quiet girls are constantly misunderstood. Society sees us as not sociable, shy, snobbish, proud and distant. If you’re an introvert, then I’m sure you have been there, and you know what I am on about. It can be frustrating when people immediately judge you as being someone you are not.

However being an introvert has more pros than cons. Our introverted nature gives us the opportunity to do more observing, listening and thinking than we do talking, which is great. It leaves us the chance to implement what we know because we are not distracted by the activities in the world.

We introverts are amazing people. Here some reasons why we are so amazing –

Introverts are capable of focusing for longer periods of time
As an introvert, you have greater power of concentration and with concentration comes the ability to quickly and efficiently complete whatever task you’re focused on. That is why we introverts are seen as people who can get things done. We are not easily distracted.

Introverts think things through before they act or speak
Introverts don’t make rash decisions. Everything we do is done after careful thought. We hardly do things at a whim. This makes us capable of looking at circumstances objectively.
Introverts are self-reflective
Since we spend a lot of time on their own, we tend to think through events that took place in our lives and how we reacted to them. Regular self-assessment helps us identify areas that need correction. This makes us great learners. This helps with their overall self-development.
Introverts are great at building and maintaining relationships
Introverts value deep heart-to-heart connections and hardly have the patience for surface level communication. This is totally contrary to people’s general perception of introverts as those who don’t like interacting with others. In fact, introverts have great need and respect for intimacy in relationships. Our ability to think before speaking makes us have meaningful conversations with others. We are some of the nicest people to be around.
Introverts are great listeners
Don’t be deceived by the quiet nature of introverts. Introverts are great listeners and great listeners acquire a lot of knowledge from people around them. Our great listening ability makes us great leaders, and great leaders can rule the world!
We introverts have amazing skills that you have set us apart from others. And our uniqueness is our strength.

Are you an introvert?

Random Things That Have Happened Lately

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Craig David Tweeted Me!

So the coolest thing happened to me the other day. I was reading the latest issue of Cosmopolitan – the one I told you all about the other day, and then I got to the Craig David mini interview, and I read the bit where he claimed he always responds to tweets. I was like, ‘I bet that is just him talking’, celebrities are too busy to respond to mere mortals like us right? So I decided to tweet him to see if he responds, and he did! I was well surprised and impressed to see he is a man of his word, and he is still keeping it real. I am glad to see he is not carried away with the fame and fortune in the celebrity world. Many of us are yet to be ‘somebody’, but we think so highly of ourselves, and we get cocky and lose the plot, which I think is very sad.

That simple act right there made my evening and got this post written. I am a fan of Craig David, I like most of his songs, some of my favourites are 7 Days and Walking Away. I know the lyrics of many of them off the top of my head. I am looking forward to his new album – Following My Intuition, launching later this month..

A Cat Breaking Into my Shed!

Another random thing that happened some days ago, was us catching our neighbour’s cat trying to break into our shed. Well I think that is what she was trying to do. It was so weird to watch. She saw us at some point and went over the fence. I still wonder what that was about. Our neighbour has a shed so while ours would interest the cat is quite puzzling to me. Maybe the cat owners can help me out..


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Wacthing KUWTK Latest Season!

Me watching the latest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (KUWTK) is random because I stopped watching after the first few episodes. I found them so slow and boring. So for me to start watching the last few episodes in the season, some days ago is very random. Guess boredom has a major role in this random act of mine. KUWTK is one reality show I think needs to go away. I think we have all had enough now. It has been on TV for years now. I think they are running out of ideas. What more could happen? But I am loving the new E series – Rob & Chyna. Good entertainment there, lol..

Has any random thing happened to you lately? Do share..