The Kiddies go to the Ice Cream Farm Cheshire

We have heard a lot about the  Ice Cream Farm Cheshire for many years now. But we have never had the opportunity to visit the park for ourselves. Well the opportunity and we had the time to spend over 4 hours there. It was a lovely experience. The kiddies had a great time. It was a lovely day out for the whole family. It was so good that I am already planning our next trip!


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The school holidays are in full swing so the park is very busy as expected. But we didn’t have to queue up for too long for any of the rides or games. We got a yellow pass as soon as we got in. The pass allowed us get make use of the park at a discounted rate, which was great. The only issue I had with the yellow pass was that we couldn’t use it on many of the rides/games. We have to pay cash, which I found annoying. But asides that, I would recommend one of the passes if you plan to be at the park for hours.


Daisy’s Garden

Our first stop at the  Ice Cream Farm Cheshire was Daisy’s Garden. This is right in front of the entrance so it makes sense to start exploring from here. Plus it was free for the kids to play. They had a great time exploring the magical garden. There was a lot to climb, jump on and crawl into. It was so amazing.


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Fudge Farm

Once we were done with Daisy’s Garden, we went off to the Fudge Farm to catch the train. The train took us round the farm and the kids enjoyed spotting the farm animals. It was £1 per person to get on the train, and the passes couldn’t be used here. But it was worth the ride. The ride was about 10 minutes.


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Once we were done with exploring the Fudge Farm we went off to ride the race kids quad bikes at Silvercone. This was easily my favourite part of the park. I enjoyed riding the quad bikes with the kids. It felt like we were riding proper bikes on the road. It was so cool. The ride was about 5 minutes and it was £1 each. The passes can’t be use here as well.


Marshmallow Mould

The next stop was the Marshmallow Mould, which is pretty much like a trampoline in the shape of a mould. The kids loved bouncing on it. The yellow pass could be used here so that came in handy. The kids were bouncing on this for around 10 minutes. They were proper exhausted once their session here ended.


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Strawberry Falls

The Strawberry Falls adventure golf course was great fun. The kids enjoyed playing golf (or more like chasing the balls into the holes). The best part about the Strawberry Falls for me was the beauty. The giant strawberries and strawberry water foundation are just too beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the park. It was good fun and we got the chance to use the yellow pass, which was a great way to save.


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We spent quite a bit of time playing golf at the Strawberry Falls because there was a bit of queue. I guess all the other kids were loving the golf course a lot.


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Horse Riding

The next activity was  horse riding. They really enjoyed this one. I was a bit worried about this because it was their first time riding a horse, but they were fine. They loved every bit of the ride.


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We ended the day by exploring the Fun Factory Soft Play. The indoor adventure play barn was filled up with all sorts to keep the kiddies very busy. After an hour of soft play, we headed to the Ice Cream shop to get some award winning ice cream to take home. If you haven’t heard, Cheshire Ice Cream Farm has some of the best ice cream you would ever taste.

We had a lovely time at Ice Cream Farm Cheshire. And we are looking forward to visiting it again. It was s o much fun. The kiddies had an amazing time and so did we. I recommend it to anyone in search of what to do with the kids this summer or any other time  This is a gem right inside Cheshire, and it is worth checking out.


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Have you been to the Ice Cream Farm in Chester before? Please share your thoughts.

36 responses

  1. Holy Cow! This place looks amazing! I can see why a kid would love it! Heck, I love it as a grown up! As I read through your blog and looked through your photos, I was thinking no way can the next section be any better than this one! Yet it was! I truly wish there was something like this for adults because it seems awesome and it looks like your kids had a great time!

  2. I hadn’t heard of this place before your post but it sounds ideal for the summer holidays
    My son would love the train ride and soft play. We haven’t tried our hand at golf yet but I think he might get frustrated if he doesn’t putt the ball, haha!

  3. Oh my world, when I read the title of ‘Ice Cream Farm’ I thought that’s all it was going to be – but there’s so much to do here!! I’m from Devon and I’m afraid I’ve never heard of it before but it looks fabulous – love the look of that strawberry inspired mini golf course and I know my two little ones would love the horse riding too! Glad you all had so much fun!

    • The name does not do the place justice at all. I think they should find a name more befitting. Love it.

  4. This is awesome, it looks like a kids playground that’s for sure! Strawberry fields forever kind of place. What a fun day you all had!

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