Horse Riding Plans for the Kiddies this Year

The Kiddies went horse-riding for the first time in the summer of last year. They loved it! I must confess that I was a bit worried at first. I wasn’t too sure how they would handle being close to a horse, not to talk of actually riding one. But they handled it like pros. They were very confident and comfortable on the horses. I was so proud.

We had the opportunity to take the twins horse-riding last summer at Cheshire Ice Cream Farm. They rode on the horses for a few minutes and enjoyed every bit of it. And they haven’t stopped talking about it. Which is why we are now considering having them enrolled in horse-riding classes this year.


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My Interest in Horses

I have always been interested in horses as far as I can remember. Horses are so beautiful. I love watching them all glammed up in a horse turnout rug. They always look so adorable.

Back in the day, I got the opportunity to ride a horse once, but never got the chance to go for proper horse-riding lessons. Which is why I am eager to get the kiddies enrolled this year. I have had a look around for horse -riding schools close by and I have found a couple I think I like. There are loads of horse-riding schools available in Cheshire, which is great. I was surprise to find as many as I found. The only thing stopping me now is the prices of the lessons around. Getting qualified instructors means the lessons come with a hefty price tag as expected. One of the horse-riding schools we are interested is charging as high as £22 for a 30 minutes lesson.



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Horse-riding is high on our to-do list for the year, so we are definitely going to look into the kiddies having some lessons this year.


Do your kids go horse riding? How are they finding it?


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  1. That was amazing, your kids are brilliant, most kids have a horse fright, maybe you should teach them more about horse riding.

  2. My daughter was SO obsessed with horses when she was little. We actually had her 4th birthday party at a horse farm. So fun!

  3. This takes me WAY back to when I was growing up (I’m 60 now!), and loved horses. I got involved in 4H and horsemanship, and loved it. When I grew up, got married, and had kids – my oldest daughter picked up that same love for horses and became quite the equestrian. As a young teenager, she worked for my cousin, who owned several horses on a large horse farm, for several years. She also owned her own horse for awhile, until life and career circumstances forced her to have to sell her horse.

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