A Gift-Giving Guide for your Fashionista Friend

Looking for the perfect present to put a smile on the face of your fashionista friend? Keep on reading and we’ll list down some of the no-fail gift ideas that you might want to consider. These gifts are sure to elevate her sense of style and allow her to make a fashion statement.



For the times that she does not need to bring a bag, but she needs a place to keep her cash, cards, or phone, a wristlet is sure to come handy, which makes it a good gift idea. Not just any wristlet would do. Stay away from the generic designs and give her one that is personalized. You can have it printed with her name, photo, or an inspirational quote. Check out personalized gifts from Shutterfly, including their wristlets, if you are looking for a unique gift idea.




Give her the gift of experience! Make her feel like a celebrity model even for just a couple of hours. Hire a photographer and find locations where you can have unique shots. Make sure to take care of the wardrobe and the props as well. This will be an opportunity for her to show off her style and have it documented in photos. Have the photos printed! You can also print it on canvas. In the case of the latter, be sure to check out Shutterfly’s canvas prints to have an idea of a unique way to give her the photos from the shoot.



Cheerz Print Picture



Phone Case

If she is truly a fashionista, she will be focused not only on the big stuff but even on the small details. These details include her phone case, which should match her outfit. Look for fashionable phone cases that will complete her look. Choose colors that she will love. Bright colors will be perfect if she has a funky sense of fashion. Darker hues, on the other hand, will be more ideal if she is pulling off a sophisticated style.


Nail Polish

Speaking of the small details, more than what to wear, she also most probably frequently thinks about the color of her nails. With this, another gift worth considering would be a nail polish. Give her a set of assorted colors. As they say, nail polish is the new girl’s best friend! Luckily, they are cheaper than diamonds, making them easy to give for the fashion fanatic!



Nail vanish image



If you have a fashionista friend who loves attending festivals or who just likes to be funky at times, a headdress will also make a good gift. This is the less boring version of a cap! It is an ornamental cover to the head, which can be made of various materials, often of bright colors. This will be great for petite girls as the design of the headdress allows it to give an illusion of height to the wearer.


Your fashionista friend will surely be happy with the gift ideas that have been mentioned above, which will make her trendy and chic!


What do you think of these gift ideas?


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