Clean Energy Drinks for Busy Mums

As a busy working mum of 2 very active toddlers, I am forever tired. Some days, I wake feeling tired. My kids are early birds, so my day usually starts from around 5:30am on a proper early day (thank you heat wave). Or it can be as late but never later than 7:45am. And the chaos start from wake up time to bed time for 7pm (ish). I work from home, so I have to balance the family life and work life from the same roof, and make it all work somehow. Which is tiring on most days. Which is why I find myself taking anything that promises to give me some kind of energy.


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I have recently come across a new drink – Flyte Clean Energy, and I was eager to try it. A pack landed on my doorstep some days ago, and I have been busy drinking. These energy drinks are not like your regular energy drinks. These are clean energy drinks, which means it is 100% sourced from nature. It has low calories and powered by organic caffeine. I got the Clean Mango and Red Berry flavours and I think they taste great! The bottles are so cute. I think they are really pretty and handy. The fact that I can open a bottle and finish it later thanks to the lid is great.


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Flyte Clean Energy Green Mango

This energy drink is tasty. I love it when it’s chilled. It has a dry taste and it is great for those mornings when you need a little pick me up. It works like a dream! I love the colour a lot too.


Flyte Clean Energy Red Berries

This energy drink has a lovely taste. I like the light subtle berry flavour. It is a great drink to have in the afternoon as an alternative to your regular cup of coffee. It saves the day when you are feeling drained.


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What do you think of these Flyte Clean Energy Drinks? Please sound off in the comments section below.


*PR samples.

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  1. I love that these are energy drinks that I can feel good about when drinking them. I used to always enjoy energy drinks when I was younger but they can be really bad with all of the “stuff” that they put in there. I love that these are low calorie and that they are all natural! That is amazing and I will most definitely be on the lookout to try these tasty looking energy drinks.

  2. Forever tired is a very accurate definition. LOL. I feel you, but this thing shall pass sooner than we expected. Anyway, I would love to try the mango or red berries. We mommies, need this kind of boost.

  3. Oooh I haven’t heard of these before but I am down for anything that will give me more energy. They both sound delicious, I will have to see if I can get them!

    Jackie – Organised Mum Life

  4. Be careful of those energy drinks no matter how “clean” they sound. Read the ingredients and research them and try not to drink too much as they can be addictive.

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