Road Trips this Summer

I hear the weather is going to be nice and warm for the next 10 days, so I have started making plans to ensure I make the most of the sunshine, before it gets all wet and gloomy again.

The summer holidays are around the corner, and that means road trips and holidays are being planned as I type. I enjoy road trips. We do a couple every year, and we have now become professionals at planning them.


Road image

You may find these summer road trip tips very useful, if you have a road trip planned –

Check the Car

Make sure your car is ready for the long trip ahead. Check the car all around, especially the tyres, to ensure it is ready for the trip. If you don’t know what to look out for, seek advice from a professional.

Get a Breakdown Cover

Ensure you have a breakdown cover. Being stuck on the motorway is the last thing you would expect but it does happen. It has happened to us before years ago. We had a car accident, and we were grateful to have a breakdown cover, which helped us in the accident situation. Trust me, the shock of an accident and having to deal with a car accident injury is enough, being  stranded on the road and having to worry about the recovery of the car, is too much. It is better to get a breakdown cover in place before embarking on a trip.

Entertainment and Snacks

If your kids are like mine, then they get bored very quickly on long road trips. So we like to go with entertainment and snacks to get them happy. So snacks in abundance on our trips. The tablets come in very handy, especially the LeapFrog, with the amazing battery life. We are a family that likes to read, so I also make sure there are books to keep the kiddies happy, and I am never without my Kindle as well.

Regular Breaks

Depending on how far you are travelling, stopping regularly for short breaks also help keep everyone refreshed and fed.

Have a Sat Nav

I don’t like maps, and I don’t know how to read them. So I rely on Sat Navs that speaks, so the instructions are clear and there is no room for assumptions. Having a Sat Nav usually help ensure the road trip goes smoothly. We would be lost without one.


Do you have any road trips to share?


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What Family Means to Me

Have you seen the American television mockumentary sitcom – Modern Family? I have. I love their honest and crazy hilarious interpretation of the whole idea of being a family. I was watching some old episodes over the weekend, and in the process of watching, I started reflecting on the whole idea of family, and who I consider family.

I recently came across this infographic by Slater & Gordon, and it got me really thinking.


Slater & Gordon Image



The word family is usually used to refer to members of your immediate or extended family, either by birth or by marriage, so parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and the likes. But I have to come to understand that there are many other people you can call family, and they could be people you are not related to. I have also come to understand that since we don’t pick our family members, it is possible not to have a relationship with some of them, and that is ok.

So what does family mean to me in 2017? As a 30-year-old mother of 2, who has been there and done that, I see family completely different from how many people see it. Family to me is a listening non judgemental ear, that person I can count on anytime of the year, the person who is always there in the good times and the bad, the person who gives their all and expects nothing in return, and the person I can completely be myself with.

I am extremely blessed with my family members. I wouldn’t change any of them for all diamonds in the world (or I may, hehe). And I have some amazing friends I now call family.

Family can be anyone you consider family. It could be your sister and it could be your next door neighbour. It could be a childhood friend, or a friend you met on Twitter some months ago. I think it all comes down to the kind of relationship you have with the particular person, I think the relationship, or the lack of it, would determine if the person is family or not.

What do you think? Please sound off in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing.


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Olivia Palermo Covers Cosmopolitan Magazine UK June 2017

Olivia Palermo Covers Cosmopolitan Magazine UK June 2017 and she looks smoking hot on it!

I think this is a very pretty summery cover. The cover girl is looking so beautiful, I love her hair and makeup, and the colourful outfit.



In my early blogging days, I was a dedicated follower of Olivia Palermo’s website. I loved her personal style and enjoyed keeping up with her various looks. I have not been on her blog in years, but I still see her work around of social media, and I admire her dedication. She has made a business out of getting dressed, and is very successful at it. This Style Icon is the definition of a Girl Boss!

I would love to read Palermo’s interview with Cosmopolitan, I would love to find out how she made a business out of getting dressed.


Olivia Palermo Cosmo June 2017 Picture


Here are a some excerpts from her interview with Cosmo –

Childhood Struggles

“You know, everything was a bit harder for me because I grew up with a learning disability. I don’t want to go into details but… what was wonderful is that people can be very creative in different ways. And we [she refers to her childhood friend Jonathan Simkhai, a designer, to whom she was close to at school] really strived to be creative and that really evolved as we got older… and not necessarily in school.”


I didn’t know Olivia had a learning disability. I am happy to see she has not allowed that stop her.


Fashion Week Schedule

“Honestly, my schedule is so tight. I have a show on the hour every hour, and appointments. So my priority is the designers and the collections. Of course, it’s nice to change once in a while, and support the designers, if you can, by changing, but there’s not always enough time in the day.”


I can imagine how stressful fashion week must be for her. I don’t envy that part at all.

What do you think of this issue? Have you read it?

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