Autumn Road Trips

The weather is gradually getting colder, especially in the mornings. Autumn is around the corner and I am kind of looking forward to it. Summer has been amazing. We made the most of it with various trips and activities. I am looking forward to the relaxing Autumn season. I have been thinking of our Autumn Holiday plans. What to do over the mid-term break and all. We have a few road trips planned before the end of the year, and I am also looking forward to that.

I enjoy road trips a lot more now that the kids are older. We don’t have to stop as many times as we used to before and they seem to enjoy the long car rides.

A lot of planning goes into our road trips. There are a couple of checks we have to make before we start our journey. Luckily we have a Kwik Fit centre very close to us. Which means we can pop into the centre quickly if we need to sort out anything car-wise. We also have to ensure we have all we need for the journey, depending on how long it is.


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Here are the top 5 checks we make on our car before embarking on a long journey.


Check the Tyres

We check all the tyres before we set off on a road trip. Long road trips usually cause the tyres to wear out so it is best to ensure the tyres are in good condition before starting the journey. You can check your tyres with a penny or a tread gauge.

Make sure you have at least 1/16th” or 1.6mm tread left. If the tread is less than 1/12″ or 2.5mm, you should consider replacing your tyres before embarking on a road trip.


Give the Car a Wash

Washing your car before embarking on a long journey would ensure your windscreens have great visibility. It would also ensure your plate numbers are visible. You should also check the condition of your wiper blades and replace them if required.


Check all Lights & Signals

You should check to make sure all lights and signals are working as they should, and replace what needs replacing before setting off. You can also take with you spare bulbs for each light.



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Change the Oil

You should get the oil changed before you go on your road trip, if it’s almost time for an oil change. The oil change will get rid of sludge from old used oil, and keep the car working efficiently. Also have the oil filter changed when you change the oil.


Check the Fluids in the Car

Before starting a long journey, it is wise to check all fluids in the car. So apart from the oil, you also need to check the coolant, brake fluid, windscreen wash levels, clutch fluid and power steering fluids, if fitted.


What do you check before going on a long trip? Do you do any of these? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Road Trips this Summer

I hear the weather is going to be nice and warm for the next 10 days, so I have started making plans to ensure I make the most of the sunshine, before it gets all wet and gloomy again.

The summer holidays are around the corner, and that means road trips and holidays are being planned as I type. I enjoy road trips. We do a couple every year, and we have now become professionals at planning them.


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You may find these summer road trip tips very useful, if you have a road trip planned –

Check the Car

Make sure your car is ready for the long trip ahead. Check the car all around, especially the tyres, to ensure it is ready for the trip. If you don’t know what to look out for, seek advice from a professional.

Get a Breakdown Cover

Ensure you have a breakdown cover. Being stuck on the motorway is the last thing you would expect but it does happen. It has happened to us before years ago. We had a car accident, and we were grateful to have a breakdown cover, which helped us in the accident situation. Trust me, the shock of an accident and having to deal with a car accident injury is enough, being  stranded on the road and having to worry about the recovery of the car, is too much. It is better to get a breakdown cover in place before embarking on a trip.

Entertainment and Snacks

If your kids are like mine, then they get bored very quickly on long road trips. So we like to go with entertainment and snacks to get them happy. So snacks in abundance on our trips. The tablets come in very handy, especially the LeapFrog, with the amazing battery life. We are a family that likes to read, so I also make sure there are books to keep the kiddies happy, and I am never without my Kindle as well.

Regular Breaks

Depending on how far you are travelling, stopping regularly for short breaks also help keep everyone refreshed and fed.

Have a Sat Nav

I don’t like maps, and I don’t know how to read them. So I rely on Sat Navs that speaks, so the instructions are clear and there is no room for assumptions. Having a Sat Nav usually help ensure the road trip goes smoothly. We would be lost without one.


Do you have any road trips to share?


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Tips for a Summer Road Trip

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Summer is here, and many of us would have many road trips planned. I know we have a couple planned and I am really looking forward to them. We all need a break every now and again, and travelling by road, is a convenient and affordable way to travel, especially with kids.

Great road trips mean avoiding many of the problems that you can face on when motoring. After all the packing and planning, you won’t want to get stranded on the motorways, or be without something you need.

Here are some tips for you to remember when planning your summer road trip –

Invest In A Smart Sat Nav

Buy a smart sat nav. Not only will you be able to find the best route from your location on any given day, but it will help you to avoid the unnecessary traffic. Smart devices of all kinds can update you on exactly where the hold ups are in real-time, so you get information on delays caused by accidents, heavy road use, or planned road works.

Deal With Insurance Claims With a Camera

This tip is so important so take notes. Dashboard mounted cameras are nothing new but only few UK drivers use them regularly. Once fitted, you can forget about them and set them to record in a loop. In the event of an accident, or even a near miss, you will have the necessary evidence to show that you have been driving correctly at all times.

We were involved in an accident many years ago while driving to London. There was a sudden stop, and a car ran into us behind, and we ran into the car in front, and it went back and forth for some seconds. It was terrifying. The car was a wreck and we were ‘OK’ but in shock. It took us a while to get the necessary evidence together for our insurance claims, but if we had a dashboard camera, it would have been a lot easier.

Buy Some Performance Tyres

Long road trips can take it out of your tyres, especially if you choose to go down country lanes and tracks which might mean you feel more off-road during your road trip than on. Performance tyres may set you back more than the budget variety, but they tend to stand up better to more testing conditions and they can work out cheaper in the longer term because they are more durable. Ask a national tyre dealer, such as Point S tyres about special promotions for the best bargains from top tyre brands.

Stay Cool

Most modern cars have air conditioning, an essential for roads trips that are undertaken during summer, but what if yours breaks down or you don’t have it in the first place? Well, 12V air con units can be bought which help you to stay cool even if you need to keep your windows up to remain secure in slow-moving urban traffic. Just mount one on your dashboard and plug it into the cigar lighter adapter.

First Aid

Keep a first aid kit in the glove compartment in the case of an emergency. If you cannot get out of the car having one in the boot is not of much use, so ensure yours is easily available in the back seat or under the chairs should you need to make use of it.

Do you have any summer road trip tips to share?


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