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My shoes usually determine the outfit I wear. When planning a new outfit, I pick my shoes first, because I believe in starting with the foundation. Get the foundation/shoes right, everything else usually looks good. The right shoes can take an ‘OK’ outfit to a ‘WOW’ look, so it makes sense to pay attention to shoes. If you are a fellow shoe lover, and a fellow shopaholic, them you must know you cannot go wrong with the right shoe style.

So, which styles are sure to make you stand out in a crowd, without breaking the bank? These are a few great options to consider when looking for stand out styles and new shoes that look great in any crowd.

Yaku Shoes

Yaku’s is a well know female boot manufacturer who produces some of the best boots in the business. Yaku’s is known for their high quality finish and excellent materials. Yaku’s boots are made in Spain from the best premium leather available. Not only are the boots stylish, they are also very durable without sacrificing comfort. The boots are very stylish and will not become outdated quickly. If you are looking for a pair of comfortable day to day shoes then Yaku’s is a brand you should definitely consider.

Ruby Shoo
Ruby Shoo is an upcoming brand which strives to stand out from the crowd. There designs are very unique and colourful. There is a large variety of styles which means there is always a shoe for all occasions. Ruby shoo is relatively new because it was only established in 2010 but it has took the shoe industry by storm and they also use top quality materials. They have recently started creating bags and other accessories with similar unique patterns and designs. If you are looking for a wow factor shoe then Ruby Shoo is the place to start.

The good news is you can shop these brands at Elevate your sole, this store offers a large variety of stylish male and female footwear brands, and there is a pair for every budget.

What shoe style are you loving at the moment? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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  1. Omg! I love shoes! I wish I had more, but being students it’s not always easy to buy good shoes that will not damage your feet. I also can’t wear high heels 🙁 so I have to wear flat boots, or trainers… or flat sandals… But you are absolutly right shoes are the foundation…


  2. Absolutely love the boots in your photo. I love shoes but I am more a bulky boots or vans kinda girl so mine don’t tend to make an outfit in the same way, but when I go out they are the star of the show x

  3. I spent this week shoe shopping, It made me realise. I love my primark pumps. They suit me, they’re ok to get grubby but I really want pretty boots 🙁 x
    Thanks for sharing, it gave me some ideas, hehe!


  4. I pretty much live in either casual flattish brown boots, or flat loafers (or ballet pumps in summer) for work. Otherwise walking trainers if we’re going to be trekking a long way. I have loads of shoes in my wardrobe, I just never wear them…unless I wear my favourite boots for going out, or nude wedges for a wedding or smart do that needs a dress.

  5. Hey. Thank you for the link to the website with all the products on. I shall be looking through that for any buys, I am sure I will find some. Yes I love my shoes and boots. I have to wear flatter shoes/boots these days because of health problems. I do look on in envy at some gorgeous styles I simple love but can’t wear now. Unfortunately these are a pair I can’t wear because of the type of slim heel, however I love them. It is possible to get the right shoe/boot for me however just takes a little longer to find

  6. I’d never thought about choosing my shoes first – I usually pick them last! You’re right though, I do think that the footwear can make or break an outfit so perhaps I should start doing it the other way around eh? 😉 X

  7. I love boots and especially ones with bog buckles. they always stand out with the right outfit. I enjoyed reading your post and agree there are shoes for all types and styles!

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