Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

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I wrote about my stretch marks situation some months ago, and I mentioned how I just discovered the cool laser stretch mark removal treatment and how I would love to give it a go. I have done some more research on this treatment, and I am seriously considering having it done. I had a chat with the guys at Pulse Light Clinic some weeks ago and I have the following facts to share with you:

No downtime needed

You can carry on as normal after every treatment.

Pain free

No pain killers required because it is completely pain-free. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, just like the laser hair removal treatment I am currently undergoing. I have my third session today, so look at for an update on my laser hair removal journey series.

Results within 3-5 treatments

The results are noticeable after about 5 treatments, and each treatment usually lasts for about 30 minutes, which is great.

Smoother skin

It leaves your skin feeling and looking smooth, leaves you feeling a lot more confident, and with it being winter, this would be the best time to get your skin summer-ready.

Finances options available

Various finance options are available for customers. You can pay as little as £20.21 a month, and spread the payments across.

Same day free consultations

This is what I call fantastic customer service. The fact that I can walk into the clinic without pre booking, and have a free consultation is ace.

Qualified Staff on site

Qualified and experienced technicians and nurses are available in the clinic, so you are sure to safe under the right hands.

If you don’t believe me, watch this video below. It is a visual description of how the latest laser technology used at Pulse Light Clinic removes stretch marks.



Stretch marks don’t bother me as much as they use to, but they still bother me. It will be amazing to get rid of them all for good. I am all up for non-surgical and non-invasive procedures. As long as I don’t go under the knife, or have anything injected into me, I am good.

What do you think of laser stretch mark removal treatment? Is it a procedure you would consider having at all? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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Dakota Johnson Covers British Vogue February 2016


The Fifty Shades of Grey star –  Dakota Johnson is the cover girl of British Vogue February 2016. This beauty was photographed by the legendary Alasdair McLellan, wearing Celine, and looking very sexy. I guess she was channeling her Anastasia “Ana” Steele character in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, while posing for the cover. I think the cover is so pretty.

I am not surprised to see Dakota Johnson on this Vogue cover. Her movie – Fifty Shades of Grey, was a huge success, and Vogue, just like every other magazine company, like being associated with anyone who is successful, just look at the likes of Lupita Nyong’o plastered all over various magazine covers last year and Kim Kardashian landing her first Vogue cover last year, to get the idea.

Will I be buying this issue? I doubt I will be, because if I am being honest (honesty is what we do here), I am not that interested in Dakota Johnson. Pretty girl and all, but she is just not my flavour. I think her acting was painfully poor, in fact bad in Fifty Shades of Grey. I was so disappointed in her and her co-star – Jamie Dornan’s acting skills. At times, I forgot I was watching the famous Fifty Shades of Grey, because it did not live up to the whole hype at all. I was grateful I saw the movie for free online, watching that in the cinema would have pissed me off proper. In my eyes, it was an erotic movie gone wrong.


Having said that, I would love to read the ‘Decoding spring, The runaway edit. That sounds like it would be a good read.

What do you think of Dakota Johnson on the cover of British Vogue? Are you a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie or book series?

Sound off in the comment section.

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