Amber Heard Covers Marie Claire UK February 2016


Hey peeps, I have another British magazine cover for you, and this is the last cover for the month of February. The stunning Amber Heard is on the cover of Marie Claire February 2016 issue, and she looks stunning on it. This show-stopper who happens to be the wife of Johnny Deep, is working it on this cover, dressed in nothing but a pink blazer, and a messy hair-do, I love the look they were going for, and I think she nailed it.  The 29-year-old American actress, originally from Texas, bares it all in this issue. She talks about her marriage, life as a step mum, her busy career in Hollywood, and her role in the blockbuster Magic Mike sequel.

I would love to pick up this issue, just so I read up more about her life. I know nothing about her, I didn’t even know she was married to Johnny Deep, and I just discovered that they were partners for a very long time before they got married. Her name and face do not ring a bell, so I am very curious. The other features listed on the cover also look interesting, especially the ‘Working Late Again’ and ‘The New Blow-Dry’. I can always rely on a Marie Claire issue to entertain and inform me.


If money and space  were no issue, I would buy almost every magazine copy in the stores. There is something about reading a magazine in real life, it does not feel the same, when I read it online. I love reading books on my Amazon Kindle, but magazines need to be read in flesh, for me anyways.

What do you think of Amber Heard on this cover? Do you still buy magazines or do you think they are a luxury purchase? Drop me a comment, lets chat.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.




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