Why January is the Best Time to Shop for a Wedding Dress

It’s the beginning of the year. Everything about it is new and full of promise. January doesn’t just represent new beginnings and excitement; it is also the best time of the year to shop for your dream wedding dress. That is if you have a wedding planned of course.



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In the same way we work on making positive changes in our lives, couples believe that January is the right time to make wedding plans. And when you talk about wedding plans, the wedding dress is the highlight of it all. It is appropriate as many proposals are made during the Christmas season.

But ever wondered why January is the ideal time to buy your wedding dress? Well, in this article I’m going to give you all the reasons why.


January is the time when some new collections roll in

In the fashion industry, January is the time when some new collections hit the stores. So if you are in luck, you could possibly be walking down the aisle wearing a unique flowing wedding gown.


January is the time you get to enjoy the best discounts and get great bargains on wedding dresses

Since it is the first month of the year, this is the time when designers and wedding dress merchants want to make killer sales. To get your attention, they sell their wedding dresses at a bargain prices to clear the old stock.

As you shop around for wedding dresses you will be shocked to find classics selling at very low prices. The discounts are more than you have ever dreamt was possible for a wedding dress. So it makes sense to buy a wedding dress while the January sales are on.

January is also the time when sample sales take place. What this means is that wedding dresses are sold below their true value to test the market.


January is the time when the supply of secondhand dresses is replenished

No bride is left out in the month of January. Some brides plan their weddings on a strict budget. And with the wedding dress being usually the most expensive item on the wedding checklist, it can be very difficult for some couples to afford.

The good news is that the supply of secondhand wedding gowns is replenished in January. Like I mentioned earlier the new year is considered a time of new beginnings. As a result of this many people do wardrobe hauls just to create room for new outfits for the year. Preloved wedding dresses are donated to charity shops or sold for a bargain price on eBay, Facebook and other online platforms.  January is indeed the best time of the year to buy a wedding dress.


When did you buy your wedding dress?


Shopping the January Sales

The January sales are in full swing now and I am loving the bargains in the stores. There are so many deals available so if you haven’t started shopping, make sure you get on it. I got a few items from a couple of stores already and I still have a few more to get while the January sales is still on. Have you bought anything in the sales yet?


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The crazy deals have kept me really busy. I currently have my eye on quite a few items and seriously lusting after them. If you thinking of getting some investment items this January sales, here are a few ideas for you.


Grab a classic leather bag

I have been very busy browsing and I am seriously loving the products on sale. Especially the very pretty and stylish bags. I am a huge fan of a classic leather tote bags. I love the simplicity of it. A stylish tote shoulder bag has the ability to wake up any look. So if you are thinking of the easiest way to wake up your wardrobe for 2018, grab a leather tote bag. Your personal style will thank you for it.


Leather tote bag image Black bag pictureBagail picture


Get a classic coat

A warm coat is a great investment piece because you get to wear it almost everyday in the autumn/winter months. So it makes sense to spend a little bit more on a great classic coat. I have a few coats in my wardrobe already but having an extra piece won’t hurt. They are necessities and it feels good to splurge on them every now and again.



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Some comfy boots

There are amazing bargains on boots going on at the moment. I have a few Uggs and I would like to get some more in different shades, if the bank account permits. I would also like to get some comfy heeled boots too. I have seen a few I like already and I think I will be buying them. In other to survive the chilly winter weather, some sensible but stylish winter footwear is needed.


Tights and more tights

I am so into dresses at the moment. That is all I feel like wearing this season so tights are so needed. I like to spend a tiny bit more on my tights so I get quality pairs. I have bought a few thick pairs already and plan to get some lighter pairs for when the chill reduces.


Have you started shopping the January sales?


*Collaborative post.



February Fashion Wishlist 2016

February Fashion Wishlist 2016

Hey peeps. Happy new month, welcome to the month of February, the love month. I am happy to see 2016 moving onwards, it felt like we were stuck in January for quite a bit. The January sale is still on in some shops, so get in there and grab a bargain or two, if you haven’t done so already. I love paying half price or less, for an item I would have bought full price. It feels amazing.

This month’s fashion wish list is all about the current pieces and accessories I am lusting after. I have my eye on quite a few, especially some good old jeggings, boots, dresses, some cool bags. So let me take you on an insider journey into what pieces I am currently lusting after.


Phase Eight Jenna Soft Jeggings £55

Phase Eight Jenna Soft Jeggings

When it comes to my denim, I pick quality over quantity, and with quality usually comes a heavier price tag but I rather spend a bit more and have a denim for years, than spend £20, and have  a denim lose its fit after 3 washes. This Phase Eight piece is what I would call a quality pair of jeggings. It looks like it is going to be a perfect fit, and it comes in different colours as well. I would love to get my hands on this beauty.


Next Microfibre Jacket £50

Next Microfibre Jacket

This Next jacket will be perfect for the spring months ahead. I love the simple look, and it comes in regular, tall, and petite as well, which is a plus for us petite women. I am a sucker for petite pieces because they are few and far in between.


Mango Two-tone Cotton Dress £19.99 £9.99


Mango Cotton Dress

This two-tone cotton dress by Mango is currently half price at £9.99. This is what I call a bargain. It can be worn with or without tights, and a pair of chelsea boots. I hope I get my hands on this beauty.


Dorothy Perkins BLK Melonie Rouche Boots £29

Dorothy Perkins Rouche Boots

I love this pair of boots. The 2 inches heel is perfect for days when I can’t be bothered with walking in heels, but still want to look stylish. It will be a nice addition to my wardrobe, and the price tag is quite light as well. I can see myself wearing this with a dress and tights on chilly dress.


Diesel WAYNNEE Crossbody Bag £155


Diesel Waynnee Crossbody Bag

This Diesel WAYNNEE Crossbody bag is so pretty. I love the patchwork denim design, the classic silhouette leaves the bag looking stylish. With the price tag of £155, it may be on the high-end for many, but I say, it is worth every penny.


What do you think of this wish list? Which is your favourite?

Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week.


*This is a collaborative post.





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