January Wishlist

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed my posting birthday shots yesterday. It was my birthday yesterday. I am officially 31 years old and it feels amazing. Apart from me being down with an annoying cold all weekend, I had a great time. Every new year is worth celebrating and I am grateful to have the opportunity to so. I will be sharing more on my birthday later this week. So look out for a birthday outfit post soon. January is one of my favourite months of the year because it is my birth month and it introduces a fresh start to a year. Which is why I am always on high in January.

Say hello to my January Wishlist post, the first Wishlist post of the year! I have a few items I would love to get this month, and I would grab every one of them if I had an unlimited budget. But since I don’t have an unlimited budget, I can only wish to grab all these this month.

Hear a few at the top of my list this January.


Barbour Telescopic Umbrella Navy/Classic Tartan £65

Umbrella image


I don’t have a decent umbrella and I find it so embarrassing at times. This Barbour Telescopic Umbrella Navy/Classic Tartan for £65 would be so useful. I like the classic design of the umbrella. It is crafted from 100% polyester yarn dyed classic Barbour tartan. This umbrella features an engraved wooden handle with a metal mechanism. It ticks all the boxes for me.

You can grab this stunning umbrella on Terraces Menswear website. What do you think of this umbrella?


KT Deco Black Oak Carcase Graphite Woodgrain Fronts 3 Drawer Large Chest Of Drawers £235.50 £157


January Wishlist image

I am badly in need of a few chest of drawers. There are a couple that need replacing. I came across this great website – Dandelion Interiors, and I found some many affordable household decor items. This KT Deco Black Oak Carcase Graphite Woodgrain 3 Large Chest Of Drawers being one of them.

This chest of drawers is designed to introduce comfort and character to any bedroom. It would suit my bedroom so well, with the beautifully co-ordinated woodgrain fronts and matching foil carcase. It offers a touch of modern class to the bedroom and will complement my existing décor, which is amazing. Do you like this chest of drawers? Please share your thoughts.



Mercedes Benz Image


I am still in the process of sorting out my driving license. It looks like that would be sorted out for good this year, and I am looking forward to getting a new sleek car. We currently have a Range Rover, so I would ideally want a different type of car. I love my Mini Coopers and I am seriously crushing on some of the Mercedes-Benz models I have spotted as well. It is such a cool car brand. Do you agree?

There are so are so many cool options and deals available with companies like Yes Lease. This company is one of the UK leading car leasing broker, and they are known for their very low prices, great customer service and non salesy approach. So it is worth browsing their website (link above) for great car deals. I am seriously loving the deals available on their website.

What do you think of my January Wishlist? Are you wanting any of these items? How are you coping with the January Blues? Does it affect you at all? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed reading this post, please share on your social media platforms.


Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely week.


*Collaborative post.

Why January is the Best Time to Shop for a Wedding Dress

It’s the beginning of the year. Everything about it is new and full of promise. January doesn’t just represent new beginnings and excitement; it is also the best time of the year to shop for your dream wedding dress. That is if you have a wedding planned of course.



Wedding dress picture



In the same way we work on making positive changes in our lives, couples believe that January is the right time to make wedding plans. And when you talk about wedding plans, the wedding dress is the highlight of it all. It is appropriate as many proposals are made during the Christmas season.

But ever wondered why January is the ideal time to buy your wedding dress? Well, in this article I’m going to give you all the reasons why.


January is the time when some new collections roll in

In the fashion industry, January is the time when some new collections hit the stores. So if you are in luck, you could possibly be walking down the aisle wearing a unique flowing wedding gown.


January is the time you get to enjoy the best discounts and get great bargains on wedding dresses

Since it is the first month of the year, this is the time when designers and wedding dress merchants want to make killer sales. To get your attention, they sell their wedding dresses at a bargain prices to clear the old stock.

As you shop around for wedding dresses you will be shocked to find classics selling at very low prices. The discounts are more than you have ever dreamt was possible for a wedding dress. So it makes sense to buy a wedding dress while the January sales are on.

January is also the time when sample sales take place. What this means is that wedding dresses are sold below their true value to test the market.


January is the time when the supply of secondhand dresses is replenished

No bride is left out in the month of January. Some brides plan their weddings on a strict budget. And with the wedding dress being usually the most expensive item on the wedding checklist, it can be very difficult for some couples to afford.

The good news is that the supply of secondhand wedding gowns is replenished in January. Like I mentioned earlier the new year is considered a time of new beginnings. As a result of this many people do wardrobe hauls just to create room for new outfits for the year. Preloved wedding dresses are donated to charity shops or sold for a bargain price on eBay, Facebook and other online platforms.  January is indeed the best time of the year to buy a wedding dress.


When did you buy your wedding dress?

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