What do you do with the wedding dress after the wedding

The wedding dress is always the centre of attention. From the day of the planning to the day of the ceremony, it is the one piece that is one most fussed about. Every little detail of the wedding dress has to be perfect.But when the wedding is all done and dusted, what then happens to the wedding dress? Sadly, that glamorous wedding dress gets locked up in the closet. The good news is that there are so many things you can do with your wedding dress.



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Here are a few ideas.


Keep the wedding dress

I thought I’d start with most obvious. Keeping the wedding dress is what most women do once the wedding is over. They do this with the hope that they can pass on the dress to their female children and turn it into a lasting tradition.

Although this is a nice way to keep memorable event alive, your daughters or future daughter in-laws may not want to wear your old wedding dress. Almost every bride wants their dress to be marvelous and most especially reflect what is trendy during the time.


Sell it

Yes, this may be a little difficult for some women to do, since they put in a lot of time and effort picking their wedding dress. So there is some sentimental value attached to it. Wedding dresses can be a little expensive depending on the brand and design. So if you sell it, you are most likely to recover about 50 percent of what you invested originally.

For the record, I sold my dress weeks after my wedding. I had a few people interested in buying it, and I just went for the highest bidder.

Re-design it

You’d be surprised at how much could be done with a wedding gown. With a very good tailor, it can be re-designed into a beautiful outfit that you can wear to other events.

The flowing material can be used to make a lovely dress that you can use for formal occasions and still keep the memories of your wedding alive. You can also turn it into cute little dresses for your children.


Rent it

Who would have thought that you can turn your old wedding gown into a profitable stream of income? There are many ladies who would have liked the exact wedding dress but do not have the money to buy it. You can simply start renting out your wedding dress to brides who are looking to rent the ideal dress for their special day.


Donate it

There are so many ladies out there who are unable to afford the dress of their dreams for their wedding. You can do a great service by donating your old wedding gown to them.


What did you do with your wedding dress? Do sound off in the comments section below.



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  1. I gave mine to our local charity for St Lenoard Hospice for their yearly fashion show so it could be sold off to the highest bidder

  2. I donated my dress to Angel Gowns Australia; it’s a charity that converts wedding dresses into garments for stillborn babies and babies who have died shortly after birth x


  3. Good post this. The wife has put hers in the attic which is where it’s sort of stayed for the last few years. Not sure she could bring herself to get rid of it at the moment lol

  4. I got married in 2015 & my dress is in my parents attic all wrapped up, I can’t bear the thought of getting rid of it. I’m tempted to keep it & maybe my daughter can restyle it when she’s ready to get married in the future.

  5. My #weddinggown was stolen in Barcelona after the ceremony, luckily. No choice of what to do.Insurance company told me the dress reduced in value after being worn. Rather like a new car once you drive it? Like itt’s only one dress and one day in your life? I had purchased my dress with the idea of reworking it later. All I have now is a small piece previously attached to the bodice. I took it off to put in my hair. As a former Italian bridal model, I knew that some practical women look to rent a dress. Not me, I would have preferred to keep it.
    I’m hoping to publish my manuscript about what happened to that gown. One Dress, One Day.

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  7. My mom got married in 1990 and had her wedding dress preserved. I just got married April 29 this year and actually cut the sleeves off her dress and wore it! I had a friend who does dresses put on a new bottom and she took the bunching design out of the torso part too. Super sentimental! My mom surprised me and had it preserved, she thinks I’m going to let my future daughter do the same thing lol we shall see!

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