Swimwear Wishlist 2016

Swimwear Wishlist 2016

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I am sure you are reading the title of this post and wondering what is she on about. Swimwear in January? Has she gone nuts? Lol. No I haven’t gone nuts, and yes buying swimwear in January, is a good idea. This is the best time to stock up on your swimwear and swimming accessories in time for the holidays, because most people are not shopping for them at the moment, so they are usually seriously discounted in most stores, and with the January sales still on, more discount peeps.

I have been window shopping, and I have my eye on some one-piece Swimsuits at the moment. I find I get the best bargains in department stores, because there are so many HOT options to choose from.

I am more comfortable wearing a one-piece swimsuit, than a two-piece, because the one-piece shows off what I want showing off, and hides all that needs to be hidden. It is a perfect piece and I am lusting over these 6 beauties below:


Biba Summer Tropics Large Cup Tummy Control Swimsuit £55 £22

Biba Summer Tropics Large Cup Tummy Control Swimsuit

A love the multi-colours and the busy print on this beauty. The fact that it has some form of tummy control gives it extra points. The halter-neckline flatters my body shape a lot. This one-piece should be in every woman’s holiday suitcase this year.


Dickins & Jones Boat Print Swimsuit £45 £18

Dickins & Jones Boat Print Swimsuit

This Dickins & Jones swimsuit is simply beautiful. I love the very light price tag of £18, this is what I call a bargain, getting a £45 swimsuit for £18, perfect. The navy blue colour is one of my favourite colours, and I love the fact that it has a padded bra for support. Perfect for the not so busty ladies.


Linea Weekend Zig Zag Halter Neck Swimsuit £50 £20

Linea Weekend Zig Zag Halter Neck Swimsuit

This is another swimsuit I like. I love the print and colour, it also comes with a padded bra, which is fab. This will look good on me, and with a price tag of £20, I am seriously considering this piece, plus anything Linea is always top quality.


Speedy Sculpture Crystalshine Printed Swimsuit £56 £28

Speedo Sculpture Crystalshine Printed Swimsuit

This swimsuit is on my wish list because it is so different from the rest. The brand, Speedo, is known for their activewear, so I guess that is why this swimsuit looks completely different from the rest. It is not as stylish as the others, but I like it. Probably not a holiday piece, but it will be perfect for the gym, and for the kids swimming lessons. Love it.


Ann Summers Ocean Fringe Swimsuit £25

Ann Summers Ocean Fringe Swimsuit

This one-piece is so SEXY, but then again, it’s an Ann Summers piece, and most of their pieces scream SEX in a posh way. This will be perfect in a private pool/beach kind of thing, not sure I will be bold enough to rock this in a public pool, but you never know. I love the fringe detail, it gives the piece an edgy look.

Which is your favourite? Drop me a comment please.

Thanks for reading and have a WICKED Friday. Be safe.


*This is a collaborative post.



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  1. I like your taste in swimwear. My favourite is speedy sculpture crystalshine printed swimsuit – great to see it has been reduced to £28. Thanks for sharing

  2. I am the exact opposite from yu. When I was skinnier, I preferred one-piece swimsuits whereas now I prefer two-piece. The reason is the two-piece swimsuits may not hide my fat tummy, but they feel more comfortable because of that. Nonetheless, I think I’d love these swimsuits.

  3. I love that even though these are all one pieces. You can still show off your own personal style with different cuts and patterns.

  4. I totally agree it is a good time to get swimwear or any summer goods as they will be on sale and cheaper. These are nice items. Angela

  5. Lovely costumes, these, but I wouldn’t wear any of them. I prefer suits like they had in the 1950s that actually cover your backside and tops of the thighs. I’m pretty sure no one wants to see my cellulite, so I don’t want it on display while wearing a costume! Wish I had the figure for these nice cute suits though.

  6. I love the Biba swimsuit! I like your style. I love shopping however love the sale shopping best. I have already bought 1 swimming outfit for the summer however I think the Biba will be getting added to it too

  7. I love, love, love Biba – and the Biba swimsuit on your list is so beautiful! The sale price of £22 is a complete bargain too. Buying swimwear in January is such a good idea as you get the best sale prices! xx

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