Daisy Ridley Covers Glamour Magazine UK 2016


Hey peoples. New month means new magazine covers, right? Yes! I love my British magazines because half the time, I don’t know who the cover girl is, so they introduce to people I should know in the industry, and I love that about them.

Daisy Ridley (never heard of her) is the cover girl for Glamour Magazine UK January 2016. It feels good to start talking about 2016, I still can’t believe we are in December already. Anyways, back to the cover girl, the 23-year-old cover girl, is an actress, and she is a beauty, I love what she has on, especially the choker necklace, and she has the cutest smile ever. I have also discovered that Daisy Ridley is a stylish young woman, gone through some of her pictures, and she has got style. She may be the next Style Icon on Fashion and Style Police.


I am loving the topics on the cover as well. The ‘457 looks to love’ should be a good read, and I would love to read life advice from Lena Dunham and Fearne Cotton. I am so looking forward to reading these articles.



I love everything about this second look, the pose is fierce, and the sandals are so colourful. This is a stunning photo. I wish this photograph was used o the Glamour cover, I think it would have made a beautiful front cover, do you agree?

This issue is on sale from tomorrow, Thursday 3 December. I see myself grabbing a copy as always. Glamour is one of the few affordable magazines out there, I usually love the features in them, and I get a lot of inspiration from them as well.

What do you think of this Glamour cover? Will you be grabbing a copy? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I prefer the second image to the first, though she does look beautiful in both! I really love the shoes

  2. Had to Google her, she’s an actress,Star Wars bla bla. I really like her second outfit too, I love that kind of retro brown mixing and those shoes! I really want multi-coloured shoes like that, they’d go so well with monochrome or multi print getups!

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