The Dos and Don’ts of Shaving Head to Toe

Use a razor and shave the unwanted hair off your body – pretty simple, right? But thousands of women make a lot of shaving mistakes that cause painful irritation or pesky in grown hairs. There is a right way and a wrong way to shave from head to toe. But many do not have a clue.


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Summer is here and that means we have to get our legs summer ready. Many of us will be lounging in the sun or we may have a summer holiday planned. Before we get into the Dos and Dont’s of shaving head to toe, we need to remember to pack our shaving kit in our check in luggage when going on holiday. Just like the e cigarettes, razor blades and other sharp shaving equipment need to be checked in. So make sure you do that. Having to leave your valuables is never fun. Especially when they are items you desperately need on the holiday like a VIP Electronic Cigarette or an expensive bottle of perfume. Remember to pack smartly this holiday.


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Here are 6 Dos and Don’ts of Shaving Head to Toe


Let’s start with the Dos:


DO exfoliate before you shave

You must never shave your legs without exfoliating first. Dead skin cells can get in the way of having an effective shave. To get the dead skin cells out of the way, exfoliate before you start to shave. Gently scrub the areas where the razor will pass through. Once you’ve exfoliated your skin, give it a rinse and proceed to shave with a razor.


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DO soak your limbs in warm water

Warm water helps to open up the pores, soften and hydrate the hairs. That will help you have a closer shave and smoother skin. Make sure that the water is warm and not too hot. If it’s too hot, then your pores will remain closed, thus preventing you from having a closer shave.


DO use shorter strokes while shaving

Have you ever made longer strokes with your razor just because you thought it was faster? The truth is that those longer strokes make you miss hair. That means you have to run your razor several times along your skin. Multiple strokes on the same spot can irritate your skin. So make shorter strokes while shaving to have an efficient shave.


Now that we have the Dos down, let’s have a look at the DON’Ts:


DON’T shave on bare skin

Although it seems faster to run your razor on your bare skin, it’s advisable to go the extra mile by applying some shaving cream on the area you want to shave. This will prevent your skin from feeling sensitive and reduce the chances of having ingrown hair follicles from forming. Shaving cream acts as a protective barrier while you shave. For a cheaper alternative to shaving cream, go for shampoo conditioner.


DON’T shave in the same direction of your hair growth

To have that smooth finish while shaving you must shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth. This gives you a close shave and you get most of the hair off the surface. This is particularly important when you are shaving the bikini area as it helps keeps the nicks away.


DON’T use a razor with a single blade

When you want to shave you need to take into consideration the kind of hair that is growing on your body. Some hairs grow in one direction, like the hairs on your legs and arms. However, the hairs in the underarms are very different from the ones on your legs and arms.

These hairs grow in all directions, thus a razor with a single blade won’t be able to take all the hair in the armpit. However, the most suitable razor for armpit hair is a razor with multiple blades. Multiple blades are able to take all the hairs from your armpit.


Do you have any shaving tips to share? Please sound off in the comments section below.


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City Hair Removal London New Clinic Launch Event

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City Hair Removal London, a sister clinic to Pulse Light Clinic has opened a new clinic at 5 Percy street, W1T 1DG! The new clinic opened some weeks ago, and I have all the juicy information for you. The City Hair Removal London Clinic focuses solely on Laser Hair Removal Treatments, and it has become very popular, hence the reason for the expansion/new clinic.


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If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police for a while now, you will know how passionate I am about the Laser Hair Removal Treatment science. I think it is the best beauty treatment ever. I just finished my laser hair removal treatment on my chin, I still have 1 treatment to go, but I am saving that for when I do need it, and I am even contemplating having the treatment done in other areas. The truth of the matter is, most times, our hair tends to grow in places we rather not have them grow, like our legs, underarms, chin, and so on. Many women and men find it very annoying and uncomfortable, having body hairs in all these places, so the fact that we no longer have to live with it, and keep spending a fortune waxing and threading so regularly, or hurting our skin with shaving sticks, thanks to the coming of laser, is mind-blowing.

The launch event for City Hair Removal’s new clinic was amazing as you can imagine. Bloggers were invited to have a tour of the new clinic, whilst enjoying some wine and nibbles, and chatting with the guest speaker – Syneron Candella, about the latest innovation on skin perfection, PicoWay, as used by Kim Kardashian and Beyonce! There were also free consultations for everyone, and an extra £20 to spend on any treatment booked on the night. It was a lovely event.

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City Hair Removal is currently offering 4 laser hair removal underarm treatment for £125 only, so if you are interested in having this treatment done, now is the time to start. Especially as it now feels like summer is here, which means legs are out of the tights, and we are showing off more skin. Take City Hair Removal up on the offer and visit the website (link above) to get started.

Have you had any laser hair removal treatment done? What are your thoughts on the treatment? Sound off in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.


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Pros & Cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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So I was chatting with a friend some days ago, she is currently contemplating having the laser hair removal treatment done on her legs, and she has been doing some reading online about the pros and cons of having treatment done. We chatted a lot about my experience so far with the laser treatment; I have my next session over the weekend, and I am super excited.

Our chat kind of prompted this post. I think many people are still wary of the whole laser ‘thingy’. Some people think the treatment could lead to serious life threatening illnesses, while others think the hairs in the treated area would grow back with a vengeance, longer and more coarse. Anyways, here is what I think, based on my 4 laser hair removal sessions:


  1. It works. I have had 4 sessions already, I have 2 more sessions to go, and I started to notice a difference as soon as I had my first session. The hair on my chin, which is the area I am treating at the moment, had strands of coarse hair, but after the first laser session, the new growth is no longer visible to the naked eye.
  2. Each session is very quick, depending on the area to be treated. The treatment on my chin takes about 10 minutes for each session.
  3. The technique is very safe if performed correctly. So a patch test should be carried out before starting the treatment to see how well the area reacts to the laser, no makeup in the area to be treated to avoid burns, protective glasses should be worn at all time while undergoing the treatment, an ointment should be applied after the treatment to ensure the treated area is not irritated, and so on.
  4. The treatment is not as painful as threading, so if you can handle threading, then the discomfort you will feel while having this treatment done should be a walk in the park.
  5. There is no research to show that this treatment would lead to life threatening illnesses, or that the hairs in the treated area, will grow back longer and more coarse.

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  1. The treatment does not come cheap. However there are finance options available in most clinics.
  2. The laser treatment promises permanent hair reduction and not permanent hair removal, so the rate at which the hair grows back will depend on your genetics.
  3. Some people could experience some itching, redness, burning, skin discolouration and swelling after having the treatment. This usually disappears within few days.
  4. Several sessions are usually required to reduce the hair growth, usually 6 – 8 sessions.

I do recommend having the laser hair removal treatment done, if you need it. It gives long-lasting results, compared to other hair removal methods, like shaving, threading, waxing and depilatories, and it is over in a matter of minutes.


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