Laser Hair Removal Update

If you are a regular reader of Fashion and Style Police, then you will know all about my laser hair removal journey (well if you didn’t know, you do now). I decided to have the Laser Hair Removal done on my chin because I found the hairs annoying, and I found threading very painful and inconvenient.



I had 6 sessions done between 2015-2016, and my chin has been hair free for months now, which is beyond fabulous. From needing a threading session done every month, to not needing any form of hair removal for months feels so good. I can’t remember seeing my chin look this good. I thought I would have needed to get a touch-up session done by now, but I am glad to say I am yet to need one.

For anyone thinking of having a laser hair removal done, I would recommend you go for it! It is definitely one of the best cosmetic treatments I have ever done, and I would do it over and over again, if I had the chance. However do make sure you do you are 100% happy with the laser clinic before you part with your cash.

Here are 5 things you should know before starting your laser hair removal treatment –

  1. Go for clinics with the latest laser technologies, City Hair Removal London Clinic is a great laser clinic to check out.
  2. Go for clinics that offer free consultation.
  3. Go for clinics that offer finance options for payment to help spread the cost of treatment if needed.
  4. Have a patch test before you begin treatment, so you see how your skin reacts to the laser.
  5. All laser hair removal treatments should be performed by highly trained therapists certified on each machine.



What are your thoughts on Laser Hair Removal Treatment? Have you had it done? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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City Hair Removal London New Clinic Launch Event

City Hair Removal Launch Event Image


City Hair Removal London, a sister clinic to Pulse Light Clinic has opened a new clinic at 5 Percy street, W1T 1DG! The new clinic opened some weeks ago, and I have all the juicy information for you. The City Hair Removal London Clinic focuses solely on Laser Hair Removal Treatments, and it has become very popular, hence the reason for the expansion/new clinic.


City Hair Removal London New Clinic Image

City Hair Removal Launch Image


If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police for a while now, you will know how passionate I am about the Laser Hair Removal Treatment science. I think it is the best beauty treatment ever. I just finished my laser hair removal treatment on my chin, I still have 1 treatment to go, but I am saving that for when I do need it, and I am even contemplating having the treatment done in other areas. The truth of the matter is, most times, our hair tends to grow in places we rather not have them grow, like our legs, underarms, chin, and so on. Many women and men find it very annoying and uncomfortable, having body hairs in all these places, so the fact that we no longer have to live with it, and keep spending a fortune waxing and threading so regularly, or hurting our skin with shaving sticks, thanks to the coming of laser, is mind-blowing.

The launch event for City Hair Removal’s new clinic was amazing as you can imagine. Bloggers were invited to have a tour of the new clinic, whilst enjoying some wine and nibbles, and chatting with the guest speaker – Syneron Candella, about the latest innovation on skin perfection, PicoWay, as used by Kim Kardashian and Beyonce! There were also free consultations for everyone, and an extra £20 to spend on any treatment booked on the night. It was a lovely event.

City Hair Removal London Image


City Hair Removal is currently offering 4 laser hair removal underarm treatment for £125 only, so if you are interested in having this treatment done, now is the time to start. Especially as it now feels like summer is here, which means legs are out of the tights, and we are showing off more skin. Take City Hair Removal up on the offer and visit the website (link above) to get started.

Have you had any laser hair removal treatment done? What are your thoughts on the treatment? Sound off in the comment section.

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Hairy Women Problems

Autumn Style


If you have been following Fashion and Style Police for a while, you will know I am  lover of a couple of beauty treatments, especially the laser hair removal treatment. I think it is a fantastic beauty treatment, and I will recommend it to anyone thinking of getting rid of their body hairs. As a hairy woman currently undergoing laser hair removal, I can tell you this treatment is one of the best things I have ever done for me.

There a couple of body issues, I am sure most hairy women have to deal with regularly. Some of which are:

Remembering to Shave

I always never remember to shave, its ridiculous. Sometimes, I only remember I need to shave my legs when I need to show them off, and in the winter months, when I am always in pants or tights, I get away with not shaving my legs at all!


Cutting Myself When Shaving

I use shaving sticks on my underarms and legs most of the time because they are quick and super convenient. However, I do find that I cut myself 50% of the time while using them, which is not very pleasant, and the funniest part is. I never know when I cut myself until the area comes in contact with a perfume or body spray. It stings like hell.


Remembering to Thread the Eyebrows

I always thread or wax my eye brows. The few times I attempted to pluck my eyebrows myself, I made a complete mess, and I didn’t look so good. So I leave the eyebrows to the professionals.


These are just some of the many problems we hairy women face. So you can understand why I see the laser hair removal treatment as a scientific blessing, because it is. I am currently removing my chin hair, once that is sorted, I will be looking at treating other area, likely my underarms, and this is where City Hair Removal comes in.

City Hair Removal is a clinic specialising in laser treatments in the heart of City of London. It is a great clinic to have your laser hair removal treatment done. Their customer service and attention to detail is impeccable, and with a same day free consultation and patch test, there is no reason not to pop in for a visit. Also, they have a new clinic located at 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London (3 minutes walk from Goodge Street), so if you are in London, and you are in need of a hair-free, smooth skin, pay City Hair Removal Clinic a visit. Your skin will thank you for it.


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