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If you have been following Fashion and Style Police for a while, you will know I am  lover of a couple of beauty treatments, especially the laser hair removal treatment. I think it is a fantastic beauty treatment, and I will recommend it to anyone thinking of getting rid of their body hairs. As a hairy woman currently undergoing laser hair removal, I can tell you this treatment is one of the best things I have ever done for me.

There a couple of body issues, I am sure most hairy women have to deal with regularly. Some of which are:

Remembering to Shave

I always never remember to shave, its ridiculous. Sometimes, I only remember I need to shave my legs when I need to show them off, and in the winter months, when I am always in pants or tights, I get away with not shaving my legs at all!


Cutting Myself When Shaving

I use shaving sticks on my underarms and legs most of the time because they are quick and super convenient. However, I do find that I cut myself 50% of the time while using them, which is not very pleasant, and the funniest part is. I never know when I cut myself until the area comes in contact with a perfume or body spray. It stings like hell.


Remembering to Thread the Eyebrows

I always thread or wax my eye brows. The few times I attempted to pluck my eyebrows myself, I made a complete mess, and I didn’t look so good. So I leave the eyebrows to the professionals.


These are just some of the many problems we hairy women face. So you can understand why I see the laser hair removal treatment as a scientific blessing, because it is. I am currently removing my chin hair, once that is sorted, I will be looking at treating other area, likely my underarms, and this is where City Hair Removal comes in.

City Hair Removal is a clinic specialising in laser treatments in the heart of City of London. It is a great clinic to have your laser hair removal treatment done. Their customer service and attention to detail is impeccable, and with a same day free consultation and patch test, there is no reason not to pop in for a visit. Also, they have a new clinic located at 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London (3 minutes walk from Goodge Street), so if you are in London, and you are in need of a hair-free, smooth skin, pay City Hair Removal Clinic a visit. Your skin will thank you for it.


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The Celebs Love The Laser Hair Removal Treatment

So I previously wrote about how to get rid of unwanted hair, if you missed that post, click here. Getting rid of unwanted hair is a grooming routine for most women and men. Everyone needs to get it done, it could be waxed off, shaved off, threaded off or taken off with a Laser Hair Treatment, whichever way, unwanted hair needs to come off some how.

The Laser Hair Removal treatment is the fastest, and the most effective way of getting rid of unwanted body hair, with long-lasting results. It is very famous with the celebrities all over the world and who would blame them.

Now let’s see how some of the favourite celebs do it.

Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is originally from Armenia, and we all know they tend to come with a lot of gorgeous thick, dark hair. Well, Kim had a Laser Hair Removal Treatment done, and her skin now looks hairless, and flawless. According to ‘Allure’ magazine, she had her arms, legs, bikini line, and underarms done, and she told the magazine – “Laser hair removal, to me, is the greatest invention of life. Laser hair removal should be a requirement [for hairy women, like my mom].”

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

Another Kardashian obsessed with the hair removal treatment is Khloe Kardashian, she followed her big sister’s footsteps and had her body hair ‘lasered’ out, including the hairs on her toes on their famous reality TV show – Keeping Up With The Kardashians, earlier this year. We all saw how happy she was with the results.

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham is another celeb in love with the hair removal treatment. She believes the procedure is simply amazing. She was quoted in the issue of ‘Allure’ magazine saying:

“Laser Hair Removal is amazing. You can go back for little touch-ups if you do see little hairs appearing, but I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t had to.” “That was one of the best tips that Eva Longoria ever gave me.”

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

The beautiful Eva Longoria is known for her immaculate appearance, flawless features and silky smooth skin. She is also a huge fan of the treatment.

Have you had or considered having the Laser Hair Removal Treatment? Sound off in the comment section.


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How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Do you have hair where you really wish you didn’t? Have you ever thought of permanently getting rid of unwanted or excessive body hair? Are you sick and tired of having to wax or shave so frequently? If you answered YES to any of these questions then I might have a solution for you. Say hello to Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is a pain-free way of permanently getting rid of unwanted or excessive hair. It is currently, the fastest and the most effective method practised in the UK; it provides faster results than IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and electrolysis treatments, and it is quite straightforward.

Here are so more benefits of the laser hair removal you should know:

  • This treatment leaves you hair-free permanently. So you never have to shave or wax ever again. Can you just let that thought sink in for a second. Never having to shave or wax again will be a bliss.
  • The prices are quite affordable for many and there are usually 0% interest finance options available to spread the payments. It also saves you money in the long run as you won’t have to book an appointment for a wax session or get any home shaving kit ever again.
  • It helps reduce ingrown hairs.
  • This treatment is for both men and women and it can be performed on virtually any skin colour.
  • It is safe to perform on almost all skin areas.
  • Most people start to see results after their second treatment, it usually takes about 6-8 treatments to get maximum results.





If you love the sound of these benefits, then you will be happy to hear that Laser Hair Removal London carries out this treatment, and offers a free consultation and patch tests to all patients. This clinic is based in London, opens 6 days a week, has been operating for the last 15 years, and treats about 50 clients a day with the latest laser technologies so you know you are in good hands. The laser hair removal is carried out by highly trained therapists certified in each laser hair removal machine, with 2 registered nurses on hand for any questions or queries.

What do you think of laser hair removal? Have you tried it or ever thought of trying it? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.


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