Product Review: Leonhardy VP Swarovski Crystal Makeup Brushes

Leonhardy VP Swarovski Makeup Brushes Image

I had the pleasure of receiving this pack of 6 Leonhardy VP makeup brushes by Total Partners, and for my first impression, I was well impressed to see the brushes were designed with Swarovski crystals. I have never seen anything like it.

These makeup brushes are so fancy. They look posh with all the crystals blinging out of control. I couldn’t wait to test the brushes.

This set of brushes includes a powder blush, an eyebrow brush, a lip brush, a blending brush, a shader brush and a fluffy eye brush.

Swarovski Makeup Brushes Image


Here are my thoughts:


  1. These makeup brushes are so beautiful. The Swarovski crystal design is like no other in my makeup bag.
  2. They are quite light weight. I thought they would be quite heavy, but they are not.
  3. I found these brushes lovely to use. The hairs did not fall out, it felt soft, and they picked up the products perfectly. They performed as good as my MAC makeup brushes.
  4. It is possible to custom design your brushes which is fab. You can decide on the hairs you want on the makeup brushes while ordering, so natural, synthetic or mixed hair. More information on the custom made brushes below.
  5. The prices range from 15 euros to 69 euros, so there should be a brush for every budget.



Makeup Brushes Image


The only fact you need to know is the makeup brushes are currently only available at Swarovski Stores in Innsbruck, Vienna and Crystal World Museum in Wattens. However, the brushes will be launching on the online store soon, where you can select from 9 different Brush Styles with the same design. You will be able to choose from 8 different Crystal Colours, and also select hair type, so keep your eyes peeled.

To order the current brush versions, please contact: The online shop will be also found at Total Partners.

What do you think of these Leonhardy VP Swarovski Crystal Makeup Brushes? Sound off in the comment section please.

Thanks for reading and go smash the week.


*PR samples.


Style Icon: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



This style icon is probably someone you know nothing about, but you should. She is the Truth…..


The beautiful and talented, award-winning Nigerian novelist, and Beyoncé’s muse behind ‘Run the World’ lyrics; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is my style icon. I love everything this woman represents. She is beauty and brains, she was 26 when she published her first novel, Purple Hibiscus, which was shortlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction and won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has gone on to write many other successful books like Half of a Yellow Sun, a book set during the Biafran conflict in Nigeria, a decade before she was born – and Americanah, my personal favourite, a modern love story set between America and Nigeria.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Image


You can clearly see this style icon is beauty and brains, which is quite rare these days, and I love that about her. She is like a breath of fresh air, and her style game is on point as well. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie rocks some of the most beautiful African pieces I have ever seen. She designs most of her clothes. A lover of bold prints and native Ankara designs, this style queen balances African prints and modern chic like a boss. She inspires me a lot.


Chimamanda once wrote an article – Why can’t a smart woman love fashion, and she kind of read my mind with all the fashion lovers cannot be feminist nonsense I read around on the web. I really think the so-called feminist that refuse to like fashion, and believe women should go about looking and feeling unattractive to be equal to men, should take a moment and read her well written article, they have no excuse to be so ignorant really.

Here is a quote from the article below:

I had learned a lesson about Western culture: Women who wanted to be taken seriously were supposed to substantiate their seriousness with a studied indifference to appearance. For serious women writers in particular, it was better not to dress well at all, and if you did, then it was best to pretend that you had not put much thought into it. If you spoke of fashion, it had to be either with apology or with the slightest of sneers. The further your choices were from the mainstream, the better. The only circumstance under which caring about clothes was acceptable was when making a statement, creating an image of some sort to be edgy, eclectic, counterculture. It could not merely be about taking pleasure in clothes.

What do you think of this style icon?





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