Fashion vs Feminism

There are a group of women that tend to look down on any woman who takes her looks seriously, and I wonder why. I for one, love to look good, and I appreciate beautiful things. I love my makeup, my hair extensions and wigs, my nice clothes, shoes and bags, and I love experimenting with various beauty treatments. So does that make me a feminist or a non feminist?

I think every woman has the potential to be a stunner, with the right clothes, accessories and makeup. I also believe, some women are natural stunners, so they do not have to try as hard as others, but I don’t see women who take the time to wear makeup, and nice clothes as non feminists, just like I don’t see women that do not put on makeup or trendy clothes as feminists. Fashion and feminism can go hand in hand, but they don’t have to.

Bare Legs Outfit Post


However, every now and again, I come across a blog post, comment, or a magazine article, that makes me wonder why so many women have a problem with fashion or beauty. I wonder why they have this hostile relationship with anything fashion or beauty related, with the passive aggressive remarks like – ‘I don’t have time for makeup, I have no interest in fashion, I hardly get dressed these days, I am a feminist, I don’t have any desire to be beautiful or desired by men, I am a feminist, I don’t need to have my body hairs permanently taken off’, I can go on and on with the funny remarks I read everywhere, and you will be still be reading this post for hours. These funny remarks make me wonder, so this post is all about me wondering out aloud, forgive me.

Fashion and feminism have a lot in common, and at the same time have nothing in common, it depends on you and how you see things.  I believe they have a lot in common. I am a feminist but I am also a fashion and beauty enthusiast. I hardly have makeup on most days, or have my hair styled (disclosure: typing this post in my pyjamas), but I appreciate stylish clothes and beauty, and I love looking good. I won’t go to an event without looking my best, I take delight in looking good.

So if there is a new pair of leggings that will provide tummy control, and support, I will wear it, if I need to get my teeth whitened, I will, like I have done before (actually I need a top up soon), if there is a laser hair removal treatment to get rid of body hairs, I will have it done, and I am currently having it done, because I CAN.

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Another issue I have noticed recently, is the hate most feminists have for reality stars and shows. Being a feminist does not mean you are not allowed to like reality shows. I see many women ashamed to say they watch TOWIE or Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and I am like why? I watch both programs and I find them quite interesting most of the time, doesn’t make me a black bimbo, because I am nothing like that.

The issue with feminists that hate fashion and beauty related things, is the fact that they are torn between the two – what they want and what men don’t. In their heads, the whole idea of being a feminist, is being equal to men, all around. So most men are not interested in makeup or beauty, so they are not interested, most men don’t watch reality shows, so they don’t watch them, most men are usually hairy on the body, body hairs are considered a masculine trait, so many do not bother taking them off, so our feminist sisters also refuse to have theirs taken off, and look down on those who do.

For clarification, a feminist is a woman seeking to achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal and social rights for women.

Being a feminist has nothing to do with your personal taste in fashion, style or beauty, it has nothing to with programs you like watching, or books you like reading. It has nothing to do with your background, education, sexual orientation or your hobbies.

Fashion and beauty is seen by many as fun and frivolous, and it is kind of, while feminism is seen as a serious cause. They are both separate movements that have nothing to do with each other, except you want them to.

Leather Leggings

I am a feminist, and I am a fashion/beauty conscious woman. I do not need to hate on fashion, to demonstrate a commitment to the feminist cause and neither should you. Whether you hate on these beautiful things I love, for the right or wrong reasons, it does not make you anymore of a feminist, like it does not make me anymore of a feminist for loving them.


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  1. You dress amazing and I love the fact you say you do it for yourself and not for a man which is what we need more of in 2016. You look insane and it’s even better that it’s all for you 😀 x

  2. This post is wonderful and really well written! As a feminist, I also like pretty things. Because, exactly as you said, I CAN. And I’ll support any other woman’s right to like whatever the hell she likes. *applause*

  3. I agree with you – people seem to think a fashion lover cannot also be a feminist, which is ridiculous. I believe that women shouldn’t have to do things such as remove body hair if they don’t want to and shouldn’t feel social pressure to do so, but just because I CHOOSE to do so, does not make me anti-feminist. Great post!

  4. I totally agree with you and if I don’t have to go out to work or am just home for the day and don’t bother to put my face on and actually dressed then I don’t get as much done I tend to look and act a slob I find putting my face on and making an effort makes me feel better about myself, I’m much more positive and in return makes me more productive too.

  5. These “feminists” you speak of aren’t feminists. A big part of feminism is freedom of choice and completely owning that. We need to stop entertaining the stereotype that feminists are women who hate other women because they want to partake in things like wearing make-up, keeping their name and stuff. The real reason some feminists hate the industry is because it’s built on making insecurities and profiting off them.

    Another big part of feminism is about seeing women for more than their appearance. You say “I think every woman has the potential to be a stunner, with the right clothes, accessories and makeup.”, but why does that even matter? Why do women need to worry about being stunners? We are more than our bodies. I’m sure you realise this, but comments like this are not helpful.

    You can remove your body hair if you want to, that’s totally your choice and you should own it. But the fashion industry SHAMES a lot of women into doing so, which is where the problem lies.

    • Thanks for your comment Tara. I also said ‘I also believe, some women are natural stunners, so they do not have to try as hard as others’, in the next line, but I guess you didn’t read that bit. It is not all about appearance and we all know that. Women should be free to do what they want, when they want, without being shamed by the media and fellow women for doing it. I see the whole feminism thingy completely different from the way many see it so I guess we all have to agree to disagree x

  6. I don’t think wanting to look good makes you either a feminist or not. Its all about making yourself feel good not other people. Every woman has the right to express herself however she wants and quite frankly its no one else’s business!

  7. A really interesting post. I consider myself a feminist and yet also like to look good. I do wonder who I am really doing it for sometimes though.

  8. Well said and I agree! Being interested in fashion does not make you less of a feminist but then it depends on what your interpretation of feminism is because as a socialist/ egalitarian feminist I want equality between the sexes.

  9. i agree totally with you here. I dress in a very feminine old-fashioned (vintage) style. I love dressing up nicely, and wearing my hair and make-up. This doesn’t make me a non-feminist. I have my opinions and views, and whilst not everyone will agree with them, I am entitled to them. Great post!

  10. I definitely think it’s possible to be both a feminist and a fashion follower. I don’t think women should feel obliged to wear make up and dress well, but I think if they want to that should be their option too 🙂

  11. This was a really interesting post. I’m not really interested in fashion but I have nothing against those that are. I like to dress up sometimes; there is nothing wrong with that. What I wear has nothing to do with mens ideals or feminism. I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable in.

    I don’t consider myself a feminist because these days it feels like such a negative label. I believe in equal rights for all.

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