Fashion Essentials: Hosting a Party



Before you even think about hosting a party, there is a lot for you to consider, with the first being what type of party you want to host. As weird as it may sound, there are a surprising number of ways you can choose to go with your event, some of them more conventional and family friendly than others.

Dinner Party

This type of social gathering is one that will be familiar to many as it is probably one of the most common next to special occasions. A lot of the time hosts will take a more formal approach, and will provide a home cooked meal in which the guests are expected to dress smart-casual, and make polite conversation with other guests. There is however a more informal variation, which is known as a ‘potluck’; here your guests bring their own dish and you enjoy a buffet type feast at the party.
If you’re unsure of how to style your outfit for this occasion, why not stick to a simple day dress. Choose one with soft hues and delicate curves, and accompany with a pair of low heeled court shoes, using minimal accessories to finish the piece off stylishly.

Casino Themed Party

A firm favourite for party organisers is a themed event, with one of the most common themes being casinos. Part of the reason themed parties are so popular is because they give guests an excuse to dress up, and with a dress code associated with casinos what better excuse for playing dress up. You can incorporate a décor of red, white, black, and green, matching the colours of classic games such as roulette and poker. You can play casino online at Betway to add an extra dimension to your party, so that you and your guests can hold a high stakes tournament.
Another luxury of this theme is that you have a diverse wardrobe to consider: whether you want to recapture the elegance of old-fashioned 1920s mobster type casinos, or whether you want to go with the delicate sophistication of more contemporary establishments. If you go with the 1920s detailing, dresses with tassels similar to the flapper girl style are key to your entire ensemble, as too are beaded and feathered headdresses. Alternatively, a little black dress or cocktail dress layered with jewellery for that added wow factor, should do the trick for the modern-day look. The key here is to make it look effortlessly glamorous.

Tea Party/Afternoon Tea

Tea parties are not just a thing in Wonderland, they are actually a very real type of social affair that is widely practised across the UK and America. Traditionally this was a ladies only event, with the men choosing to meet in the drawing-room or go out, however, times have changed and it is more than acceptable to have both sexes present at your gathering. These affairs tend to be very formal, and are all about the prestige and finery you have to display; this is definitely the time to bring out your best crockery.
Putting together an outfit for this can be tough, but if you want to embrace the fashion of the time, then a floral vintage style piece with some pumps and a 1940s hairdo will ooze retro chic.
Which is your favourite party theme? Sound off in the comment section.
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