Ideas for Stylish Women’s Suits

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I have been into women’s suits for many years. There is nothing like a sharp-looking suit that can take you to the office during the day, and out for dinner in the evening. Suits have been in vogue for decades and the fashion trend is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. Tailored women’s suits are versatile and flattering when you shop for the right pieces for your body shape and your lifestyle. If you are searching for ideas for stylish women’s suits, here are some style tips to help you create that power suit look you may just fall in love with.

Mix and match colours

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a suit does not have to be boring. Mixing and matching your suit pieces will most likely help you stand out for the right reasons. I think it is super stylish to blend two different colours together. A red jacket paired with a white shirt underneath,  black trousers, and heels would look super stylish. If you are thinking of updating your wardrobe with something classic, this tip is for you. The options are endless when you wear your suit pieces as separates.

Check the length of the skirt

Skirt suits are great for the office. When shopping around for a new skirt suit, make sure you are happy with the skirt length and that it suits your body type. I like midi skirts for work, minis and maxis don’t work for me. One is way too short for the office, the other swallows me up. This is why I double-check the length of the skirt to ensure it is midi, and that it suits my figure.

Shop for quality women’s suit

I saved the best style tip for last here. If you only follow one tip on this list, ensure it is this one. You want to shop for quality women’s suits from reputable retailers. The last thing you would need is to find out you have spent money on a suit that would not stand the test of time. Like many things in this life, when it comes to shopping for a great tailored suit, always go for quality over quantity.

Suits can be worn in many different ways and to many different places. There is a stylish suit for every woman. All you have to do is to shop around until you find the perfect set.




4 Types Of Leather Bags You Should Own

Leather bags are one of the best bags one can own. It has many types and applications that you can wear on any occasion. You can buy them in various sizes and shapes. They’re also worth the buy since quality leather bags are durable; they can last for longer years, allowing you to save on buying bags now and then. That said, you may want to consider purchasing the following types of leather bags for your wardrobe: 

  1. Vegetable-Tanned Leather Bags

One of the best leather bags you may want to consider is vegetable-tanned leather bags. Tanning leather began over 5000 years ago, and they’re still popular these days because of their beauty and durability. Leather bags that are vegetable-tanned continue to develop a lovely patina as years go by. This is due to methods used in preparing the hides for vegetable-tanned leather, which are slow and long conventional methods.

Leather bag picture

                                                    Laptop Bag from Von Baer

With that feature, the longer you wear your bag, the more pleasant they become. This leather is built to survive for years because its edges are polished. They also become more flexible after some time, although they’re often stiff at first. And it’s even more popular since it has an opulent, woody, and sweet scent, making it a unique ‘leather’ scent. 

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  1. Day Satchel

A leather satchel bag can be perfect for adding to a classy look and spice up a stylish outfit. You can wear it to appear fashionable while holding almost everything like your tablet or paperback book. You may want to avoid the satchel with many logos or hardware as they can date your bag. It may also be better to have black or dark to medium brown and other neutral-color leather satchels so that stains and scuffs won’t be noticeable. Additionally, because of their versatility, you can wear them on any occasion.

Besides its ability not to go out of trend, leather satchel bags are durable. Especially when made from premium-grade leather, your satchel bag can have fewer chances of being worn and torn out easily.  

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Young man exploring nature landscapes in spring, walking across alone with brown backapack. Handsome Hiker traveling in forests. Mountains in the background, rear view, focus on leather backpack

  1. Backpack

Wearing a backpack for practical purposes only is no longer a trend. With a leather backpack, you can wear a stylish utilitarian bag while keeping your body comfortable, especially your back. Carrying much stuff can also strain your arms, especially when they’re heavy. It can balance the weight of your items over your shoulders, unlike luggage or a suitcase that only lets you use one arm. This means you can use it without carrying anything or dragging a bag, allowing you to travel with free hands. 

Choosing a leather backpack is better since they’re a lot lighter than a canvas or nylon backpack. Since the leather material goes through the tanning process, making it more lightweight. 

Furthermore, a leather backpack is also a fantastic choice for outdoor travel because it is water resistant and will not damage the material. Due to the smooth surface of the bag, the water will slide away instantly and will not stand on it. 

Furthermore, because leather backpacks are heat resistant, your stuff inside the bag will be unaffected even when the weather is hot. Again, because leather backpacks can last for decades, a leather backpack can be an excellent choice for outdoor activities. 

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Bearded man in glasses with leather bag near evening city. tattooed man

  1. Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is another leather bag that is useful for traveling. You can also use it for other purposes such as going to the gym or short trips. You can fit everything in it because it has a lot of room, allowing you to carry your jeans, shoes, shirts, and other items while still carrying a compact bag. This means you can conserve room above your seat on your trip or in your car, which is beneficial because you don’t have to reduce the number of items you need to take or the amount of baggage you require.

A leather duffle bag is also fashionable and multi-functional. You can travel in style while having many spaces for your things since most duffle bags have zippered and side pockets. This is practical because you’ll no longer need boxes to hold valuables such as a power bank and other gadgets. Having a multi-functional bag means you can use it as a daily bag, too, and not just for traveling. 


Leather bags are known for their durability, but they’re more than that. They’re also multi-functional and stylish, so having them in your wardrobe allows you to wear fashionable bags for more extended periods. You may save money by learning how to properly care for your leather bags, allowing you to use them for longer.

3 Key Styles to Shop this Summer

Hey Fashion lovers! Summer is in full swing and now is the time to enjoy rocking stylish summer pieces. Summer fashion is all about brights, details, and bold accessories. It is an interesting season in the world of fashion. I love the fact that you can incorporate different summery styles and trends into your wardrobe. If you are looking at doing some summer shopping, here are some key styles to shop for this summer.

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3 Key Styles to Shop this Summer
Fringing Details

I love fringing details; they are always so pretty. You can incorporate this trend in a number of ways. You can go for accessories with fringing details or if you are feeling bold, you can opt for fringe dresses or skirts. I think this trend is fun and gorgeous. Fringe accessories and clothing are incredibly flattering. I am always on the lookout for fringing details. Are you a fan of this trend?

Sequins and shimmer

Sequins and shimmer are always fun to style regardless of the time of the year. There is always a reason to sparkle and sequins and shimmery clothing and accessories allow you do this effortlessly. Sequins and shimmer are stunning to style but it is also easy to go overboard with this trend. It is more stylish to keep this trend to a minimum, especially for daytime looks. For instance, if you opt for a sequin dress, best to keep jewellery and accessories toned down.

Bold Stripes

This summer trend is one of my current favourites. If you are looking at shopping for just one trend this season, then you should consider grabbing some bold striped pieces. I love the big and bold stripes; they are super flattering for many body types and also very stylish.

What do you think of these 3 key styles to shop for this summer? Which is your favourite summer trend?


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