Spacious 2-Bedroom Apartments in the Heart of Sathorn

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Roomy 2-Bedroom Apartments in Sathorn

If you have a small family, finding a spacious 2-bedroom apartment in the Sathorn area of Bangkok can provide with all you need to enjoy a rewarding and comfortable lifestyle. But the term ‘spacious’ is crucial. Many of the modern apartment buildings being developed all across Bangkok are designed to conserve as much space as possible and maximise profits for the developers.

They all use the terms ‘spacious’, ‘roomy’ and ‘comfortable’, but when you actually see their living spaces, they can be anything but spacious. If you choose one of these developments for the facilities and amenities, your family will eventually feel like their living on top of each other. Walls are thin, there isn’t enough storage space, and you’ll try and find a reason to get out of the apartment as much as possible. Your family will become irritable with the lack of privacy and space.

Visit Bangkok Garden

Sathorn is one of the most desirable areas in Bangkok. It’s home to many of the multinational corporations in the city. It also offers easy access to the modern rail transit systems in Bangkok, as well as quality international schools and great shopping, restaurants and entertainment options. But, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and space to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in Sathorn.

Bangkok Garden is an apartment complex in Sathorn that provides superior facilities and amenities over 3 acres of lush, tropical gardens. They also feature 2-bedroom apartments in Sathorn that are a whopping 120 square metres in size. If the size is not enough to entice you, these apartments also come fully-furnished in a contemporary style, and they feature a maid service three times a week.

With the maid service, you’ll have more leisure time to spend with your family, and your home will always be spotless. There’s enough room to host dinner parties or invite your kid’s friends for sleep-overs.

Comfort is the Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

Renting a Sathorn 2-bedroom apartment at Bangkok Garden provides your family with plenty of space and privacy to relax and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Your family will enjoy spending time with each other in a home that provides everyone with the space to pursue their own activities in peace.

But there is also a healthy aspect of living at Bangkok Garden as well. The grounds of the complex offer two large swimming pools, a jogging track, a basketball court, a table tennis area, a sauna, a Jacuzzi and a covered children’s playground.

For amenities, the complex also provides two coffee shops, two convenience stores, four restaurants and a beauty salon. Your family will enjoy living both indoors and outdoors at Bangkok Garden.

When you’re comfortable in your surroundings, you enjoy life more, and this includes staying active and healthy. Before you choose some new and cramped apartment in Bangkok, come and see the 2-bedroom apartments in Sathorn offered by Bangkok Garden. Find out how comfortable city living can be.



Pakaian Tradisional Melayu, Cina and India in Malaysia

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Pakaian Tradisional Melayu, Cina and India in Malaysia image

Malaysia has a variety of pakaian tradisional Melayu, Cina, and India with various shapes and colors. It comes in different symbols; from bird feathers and floral patterns to antique Royal songket fabrics. In ancient times, the natives wore clothes made of wood and beaded ornaments. When the rise of ancient civilizations, fabric weaving, and batik, pakaian tradisional Melayu worn by dignitaries and royalty. With the advent of foreign traders, clothing and fabrics such as Chinese silk, adhesives, and Arabic robes were introduced in the country.

Our pakaian tradisional Melayu, Cina, and India symbolize the plural nature of our society. For example, the uniqueness of traditional clothing of various races with various forms of cuts and ways of wearing as well as colorful.

Pakaian Tradisional Melayu

 Before the 20th century, Malay women wore kemban fabrics in public places. But, after the arrival of Islam, they began to wear more polite pakaian tradisional Melayu. Baju kurung is a kind of loose-fitting shirt, sometimes up to the knee and matched with a long cloth that folds the edges. Baju kurung can also be combined with traditional fabrics such as songket or batik. Typically, these garments are used with a shawl or scarf and traditional headgears. Pakaian tradisional Melayu for men is the baju Melayu. Baju Melayu is a loose tunic worn over trousers. This dress is often paired with a siding cloth tied at the waist.

Pakaian Tradisional Cina

Besides, pakaian tradisional Melayu, the Chinese community is known for their comfortable and elegant cheongsam or ‘long sleeve shirt. Typically, the cheongsam design has a high neck, buttons on the shoulders, a tight shape at the waist, and a slit on the left and right of the fabric. These garments are usually made of silk, satin, and other types of soft fabrics.

Pakaian Tradisional India

 Sari is a traditional Indian dress that is easily recognizable all over the world. A piece of cloth measuring 5 to 6 yards long is matched with a lining that is colored as if it were the sari, as well as choli that is the same color or as opposed to it. This sari is wrapped around the body with the embroidered end part placed on the left shoulder. The inner fabric is worn above or below the center and serves to support the sari from being stripped. Sari is made of various types, patterns, and colors of fabrics that are truly beautiful. Nowadays, Malays also use sari material as the fabric as the material for their pakaian tradisional Melayu like baju kurung or baju kebaya.

The culture must be maintained for the continuity of our civilization. Through traditional culture, we know our origins. With this, we will not forget the land. Instead, we will be aware of the hardships of our ancestors’ lives. From here we will learn. Our pure culture is also a fortress of culture. With this, our people are not swept away by Western culture. What exists today stems from the past. So the younger generation must recognize their origins.


Charity of the month – ActionAid UK

The charity I am supporting this month is ActionAid UK. This charity is focused on the rights of women and girls. ActionAid’s vision is a world without poverty and injustice, in which every person enjoys their right to a life of dignity. One of the biggest causes of poverty in the world is the denial of women’s and girls’ rights, so it is refreshing to find a charity focusing on these issues to help elevate poverty.

ActionAid UK deals with violence against women and girls, women’s economic empowerment, and women’s and girls’ rights in humanitarian crises. Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is a fundamental human rights violation. It affects around one in three women and girls around the world and is a major cause of concern. One of the ways of reducing this trend of violence is by helping women earn a sustainable living. An empowered woman is a strong woman, which is why I am happy to see women’s economic empowerment at the top of the list of what ActionAid UK is all about.

Charity of the month – ActionAid UK

ActionAid UK Charity image

ActionAid UK works in rural and urban communities across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, every day, all year round. The charity also responds to emergency situations arising from disasters or conflict. You can make a donation to help support the work the charity is doing here. If you want to sponsor a child, you can do so here.

There are also others of getting involved with ActionAid UK. You could organise a fundraising event, shop their Christmas card collections and other gifts, or become a campaigner. Have a look at their get involved page to find out how you could work closely with the charity. You can also watch ActionAid UK’s YouTube Video on violence against women and children.

Click here to check out some other charities. I am supporting. Have a lovely day.

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