Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is here and just as every season comes with its temperature, it also comes with its fashion and style trends. So here is your ‘heads up post’, thank me later.

It is quite exciting to find out how far different items of clothing can evolve into something new, different, bold and spectacular. This spring is no exception.

So far, the spring fashion trends have shown a new height to creativity, there is a burst of colour, assortments of pattern and cuts.

For all the fashion conscious ones among us, some of the combinations you will see in this article may not come as much of a surprise, as some of the trends have showed up in one form or another in 2016. But of course, 2017 will come with its own kind of twists.

Here are some of the fashion trends you should look out for this spring.

  1. Stylish stripes

It seems like we’re going to be seeing a heavy dose of stripes this spring. The stripes make a great fashion statement especially when the stripes are moving in other directions other than the conventional horizontal or vertical stripes. This stripe trend also fits right into summer.

  1. Shoulders that make a statement

It is amazing to see how far fashion designers can go with what they can do in enhancing the shoulders. From off-shoulders and shoulder cuts to asymmetrical designs that fall over the shoulder and bold shoulders, there is hardly a style that has not been tried. And this spring, the shoulder trend is a single shoulder cut, so look around for that if you like.

  1. Bright cheerful colours

Spring has always been known to be a cheerful season. So seeing bright colours as part of the 2017 spring fashion trend was not surprising. Vibrant colours like yellow, and soft pastel colours like pink, seem to be some of the favourites this spring.

Bright colours have always made a statement and work great in the spring.

  1. Flashback to the 80’s

The iconic 80’s fashion is one that can never grow old. The 80’s outfits have been able to touch all the details that give definition to every piece. Floral patterns are bold against the backdrop of the bright spring vibes. Aside from the patterns, the interesting cuts that show of some skin have made its way to a good number of ensembles.

What are your thoughts on these spring fashion trends? Will you be rocking any of them?

Sweet Spring Day

So it is officially spring here in England but it still doesn’t feel like it. We have had rain almost everyday now which comes together with spring,  but it is still cold and quite windy most days here in Cheshire. I am sick of layering up now. I am so looking forward to the warmer months ahead.



I have to find the time to get my spring and summer clothes out of storage soon though. I should have that sorted this week or next hopefully. I also need to get some accessories, blazers and other new season pieces. All will be done in time I guess. 24 hours in a day is so not enough for me anymore.



Anyone else looking forward to the warmer months? Excuse the picture heavy post, I just could not decide on what to post and what to get rid of, so I posted all.



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Sweater – Ralph Lauren

Black Cardigan – New Look

Skirt – Pimkie

Boots – Uggs

Bag – Michael Kors

Sunnies – Gucci

Watch – Toy Watch

Earrings – Swarovski

Tights – Dorothy Perkins

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