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I have had a few people ask me what my SEO tips were so I decided to write a post outlining my SEO tips.

Blogging is not just about writing articles that your readers will enjoy. You also have to think about how to make your content visible to the online world. There are millions of people searching for information on search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search engines are a great
source of traffic to your blog. So understanding how SEO works and what you can do to rank your blog high on the search results will
help give your blog the needed boost.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t have a clue about search engine optimization, I didn’t even know what that was. All I wanted to do was to write, and write I did. I wrote without thinking of search engines, or stressing over how the online audience would find my blog. However, as Fashion and Style Police grew, I started to think of SEO. I studied what successful bloggers did, how they wrote their blog posts, and I also did my own research here and there. I always have these SEO tips in mind when writing a blog post:

1. Stay ahead of the search

Anticipate what the internet world will be searching for. Whenever you want to write an article, think about the possible words your ideal reader would be searching for. Write a list of these words and fit them into your blog posts. Those are the keywords you should add to your headlines, first paragraph, and other parts of your blog post.

2. Use long-tail keywords in your blog posts

Short keywords are heavily used and this makes it difficult for your article to compete with other similar articles on the internet. To get optimum benefit from keywords, you need to use long-tail keywords. These are a longer set of words that your readers may be searching for.

For example, “acne remedies” is a saturated set of keywords. Long-tail keywords like “acne remedies that clear acne fast” will have lower competition from other blog posts, but are highly searched for by your ideal readers, if that makes sense.

Keywords are important for SEO but you should also ensure you do not overboard using them.

3. Write attractive headlines

To capture your reader’s attention, write catchy headlines that inform them about what your blog post is about and make them curious enough to click your blog post. Attractive headlines give a tip of what the blog post is about, and they also help readers find your blog post.

4. Create quality content

Millions of people search for information on search engines daily. If you give quality information, this will encourage people to share and make reference to your blog post in their own blogs. References to your blog from other sources help to increase your search ranking. So create quality content so you get link backs an social media shares.






5. Link to your own posts where relevant

Try as much as possible to make reference and link to some of your own blog posts on your site. This will help you rank higher on the search results. It makes it easier for the search engine to find your other posts. Plus, visitors to your blog will stay longer on your blog and go through your previous posts.

6. Optimize your URL structure

Just like your headline, the URL (that is, the link) of your blog post gives a little information about the post. Search engines favour URLs that make it easier for readers to understand the content of your blog. For example, you can guess what the content of my blog post is if I write my URL like this:

“http://www.fashionandstylepolice.com/2016/08/08/how-to- attract-new- clients-keep- existing-

clientele”. But you’ll have no idea what the blog post is all about if my URL were written like this:


Also, aim to have your url as short as possible. The shorter the url, the better.

7. Optimise your images

If you want your blog images to appear of Google, you need to rename your images with relevant search-friendly names and include a ‘image’, or ‘Picture’ at the end. For example, if you are saving a picture of a boy kicking a ball, you should name it ‘boy kicking a ball image’. Images saved properly will appear on search engines. You also include an alternative text image name.

8. Use relevant anchor text

When linking back to an old post or to another site, ensure the anchor text is SEO-friendly, and relevant to the page you are linking to.

9. Post regularly

Updating your blog on a regular basis will boost your blog’s SEO by adding relevancy to it in the eyes of the search engines.

10. Responsive blog

Having a mobile friendly blog helps your SEO. An easy to use blog will keep people visiting and clicking, which will eventually boost your search engine ranking.

These tips have helped me boost my SEO, so they are definitely worth paying attention to. You can read more SEO tips in my book – How to Cash In as a Blogger.

Do you have any search engine optimisation tips to add?

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  1. I really struggle with so many of these (mostly due to time and my memory!) I try to link other posts when I can but I need a print out so I can check off what I need to do to publicise my own work..or I just forget! x

  2. I am still learning about SEO after 5 years of blogging. I have had a lot of traffic come to my blog through using good titles for my photos.

  3. These are some awesome and useful tips, I am still working on improving my blog SEO. I need to start using longer keywords, I didn’t think much about it before. I figured having keyword was enough but you’re right.

  4. Really interesting to read these tips. I have been blogging for five years and still don’t know everything and SEO can seem a little scary at times. It was great to pick up a few new tips though, thank you

  5. Great tips these. I had no idea about including the word image or picture in the images – I’ll start doing that from now on to see if it makes a difference.

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  8. Great info! I’m fairly new to the SEO phenomenon, I went to WordPress Conference and the information was informative, but I found your post to be quite helpful! Thanks

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  10. SEO isn’t that complicated. It’s hard work, yes, but it’s not rocket science.

    This means that the SEO agency you’re looking to hire should be able to explain in simple terms what they can achieve and how. If they make it sound like it’s complicated or aren’t willing to get into the details of their “scientific” techniques, then they are probably trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

  11. Great advice. How many times can we post in a day? Is there a limit? Say, we post every 15 minutes or every hour in the hour. I would like to boost my stats and followers. i write about my Thoughts and Views.

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