Colour Coding for your Skin Tone

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If you read my ‘Styling the Mister for a Day‘ post published last week, then you would be expecting this post, because I mentioned I was going to write a post explaining skin undertones. I hope you find this post useful…

Have you ever wondered why some colours look amazing on some people and not so amazing on others? Well I know I have. We all have colours that suit us better than others. Different colours suit different women. A colour may look good on a pale skin and look horrible on a brown skin. It all depends on what undertone your skin has; cool, warm or neutral undertone. Now don’t mistake skin undertone for surface tone. Your surface tone is the colour on the surface of your skin, the one visible to all. While the undertone is the colour underneath the surface. You can have the same surface tone with your BFF, but have a different skin undertone, if that makes sense. Our undertone is usually influenced by our diet and general health, while our surface tone is what we are born with.

To discover your skin undertone, hold a white piece of paper under your hand and look closely at the colour of your skin. If the overall hue of your skin is yellow, then you have a warm skin tone. If the overall hue of your skin is blue, then you have a cool skin tone. Make sure you test for undertones in natural light to get accurate results.

My overall hue is yellow, so I have a warm skin tone. Earthy colours flatter my skin best, so the likes of brown, beige, olive, orange, yellow, gold, corals, and peach, flatter me best.


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If you have a cool skin undertone, the best colours for you are pale blue, green, purple, rose-pink, and other colours in the pink/purple family.

If you are not warm or cool, then you may fall into the neutral skin undertone spectrum, which is a mixture of cool and warm undertones. With this undertone, almost every colour looks good on you.

Another way to test your undertone is through the good old jewellery trick. Do you look better in silver or gold? Think about this careful, not which metal you prefer, but which metal gives you the glowing, radiant look. If you look better in silver, then you probably have a cool undertone. If gold suits you better, then you probably have a warm undertone. Gold suits me better so that confirms I carried out the undertone test properly because I have a warm undertone.

Knowing and understanding your skin undertone helps you shop for the best colours and makeup shades that will flatter your skin. It takes the guessing game away because you now know what looks good on you and why it does. And you can shop in confidence, knowing what shades you need in your wardrobe and your makeup bag.

Do you know your skin undertone? Sound off in the comment section please.

Thanks for reading and have a fab day!


Breaking the Barriers



Old age is inevitable. As long as we keep breathing, we keep ageing, and there is nothing anyone of us can do about it. In the United Kingdom, we currently have an ageing population. And for one of the first times in history, we all are about to witness the number of our senior generation officially surpass that of the youth, with those 65 and up making up 15.6% of the global population by 2050. I am sure many of us are surprised by this fact, I know I was, but the truth is thanks to the advancement in healthcare and standards of living, we are all living longer.

Now this is good news, or should be good news, but many of us seem to overlook the elderly unconsciously, and cast them off as unable or incapable to do much, like learn new skills, or be an asset to the society, which is so wrong, and so far from the truth. I know a grandma of over 65 who recently passed her driving test after losing her husband. I also know a senior citizen who is currently learning Spanish, now that he is in his seventies, because he always wanted to learn a new language, but never had the time until now. So it is very possible to learn new life skills and tricks at any age.

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I am always happy to see companies addresing real issues like this, so you can imagine how happy I was to see Bathing Solutions speaking up about this issue. I am so proud to support and spread the word about Bathing Solutions Breaking Barriers Campaign. I think it is about time we break the barriers against the elderly. It is 2016 for crying out loud, times are changing, people are changing. It is about time to support and encourage the elderly in our communities and make them feel empowered and feel like the true assets they are.

Examples of new life skills the elderly can learn are:




Learning a New Language

Learning to Take Good Photos

The list of life skills over 65s could learn can go on and on. The point I am trying to make is, it is never too late for the senior citizens to learn something new, the elderly among us need our support to remain active and take that leap.It is important we celebrate the senior citizens because we shall all get there someday.

What are your thoughts on this issue?


*This is a collaborative post.


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