Going back to school this October

Yes you read that heading right and if you have been keeping tabs on my Instagram page, this won’t be a surprise. I am going back to school this October and I can’t wait to get started. I have been thinking of going back to university for sometime now. There has been a degree on my mind to study and I have finally decided to take the bull by the horn, and run with it. Life is too short not to follow your heart. When you follow your hearts, you don’t have any regrets.


Going back to school this October

This October, I will starting my first degree in Bsc (Honours) Psychology with The Open University. I have had an interest and a natural flair for Psychology for as long as I can remember. It has always be on my mind. I find the science of the mind very fascinating and I am super excited about pursuing this degree and life after. The fact that I am now going down this route after 2 degrees doesn’t really surprise me. Deep down, I knew this would happen at some point in my life. It was just a matter of when.



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Business as Usual

Going back to school and doing what I do will be a test but I know it will all be fine. I will be posting on the blog as regularly as I can. Looking at it all, I still aim to post at least once a day on here. I also plan to keep posting content on my YouTube channel and social media platforms. It will take a lot of planning and determination, but this blog and my other online jobs are important to me. Which is why I plan to keep on going. I enjoy my online jobs, so apart from them being sources of income, they will also be a good distraction from my books.

Adult education is becoming more and more common thanks to the wonders of technology and flexible degrees/universities. I won’t have dreamt of starting a degree from the comfort of my home and being able to join in online with others n the classroom. Just like I won’t have thought of earning an income from home 15 years ago. None of that was possible in my reality back then, but times have changed for the better and I am making the most of this flexible life. Wish me luck 😊




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  1. Brilliant! It is good to follow your heart desire to avoid regrets in the future. I wish you best of luck and by the Special Grace of God you will come out in flying colours. Congratulations my love.

  2. All the very best Stella. You would make a great Psychologist. This is a very bold move and I have no doubt that it is a great one for you. Cheering you on all the way. Congrats.
    And don’t worry, you are one “fireball”, you will crack all the glass ceilings of blogging and vlogging and school. You got this.
    Lots of Love,

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  4. Good luck with your studies. I am starting to study with the open university again in October too to finish my health and social care degree x

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