Giveaway/Review – Win A B Loved Naturally Scented Candle

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I love burning candles in my home. They keep me relax and leave the house smelling great, so it is a win-win for me. I recently had the opportunity to try a B Loved Naturally Scented Candle and I really like it. I am giving away one B Loved Naturally Scented Candle worth £15.50, so keep reading for the giveaway details.

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B Loved Naturally Scented Candles

For those who have never heard of B Loved, it is a bespoke candle making company based in Hitchin and Barcelona. The lovely brand takes pride in hand pouring every candle and they have a wide range of beautiful, natural scents to choose from. I got The Balancer – Aromatherapy Scented Candle. I am burning as I type and I love the fragrance.

Here are more details of the fragrance –


Geranium – Sweet floral scent harmonising and balancing for moods – calming, uplifiting – great for anxiety, stress nervous tension

Patchouli – earthy woody scent – uplifting and grounding

Bergamot – rich sweet green citrus fruity – uplifting, relaxing, balancing great for relieving anxiety tension stress


  1. The packaging is simple but pretty.
  2. I love the fragrance as I said earlier. It is a beautiful blend of Geranium, Patchouli and Bergamot.
  3. This candle relaxes me and the scent lingers for hours after burning.
  4. It is quite affordable at £15.50 for a 20cl Candle.
  5. The wick is quite firm unlike some other candles I have used.
  6. The candle burns nicely and evenly.






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Giveaway Rules

Here are the rules of the giveaway –


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The giveaway is open to UK residents only and will run for 2 weeks. It ends 4 June at 10pm. The winner will be announced within 24 hours of the giveaway ending and needs to respond within 48 hours of being selected. The winner will be announced and contacted on Twitter so make sure you leave your Twitter name in the comment section so I can find you.

Good luck everyone.



Top 3 reasons why you should invest in the North West  

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 Are you looking to invest in property? While you may be interested in purchasing a property near your own home, you should instead consider broadening your horizons. This is especially true if you live in areas like London, where property prices are high and yields are low. Therefore, you should turn your attention to more promising locations like the north-west.


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To help you understand why the north-west is one of the best places to purchase property, read these top tips which should sway you towards the north.


Higher rental yields

 North-west cities like Manchester and Liverpool are at the forefront of property investment, with the latter showcasing yields up to 11.79% and investors receiving almost 80% return on their investment. This shows that the north-west has no intention of slowing down so now is the time to capitalise on this success.

If you are yet to find the right property with high rental yields, you should seek advice from property experts like RW Invest, who have several developments in the north-west which can offer you massive returns. Once you have invested with them and gained significant profits, you can expand your portfolio and look at their other north-west properties which will enable you to become a seasoned and successful property investor.


 Prime locations

 The key to property investment is finding properties in sought-after locations, such as Liverpool’s L7, which is a residential area close to the city centre offering access to a number of transport links, shops and leisurely establishments. It is also home to many students who opt for this location as it offers the right balance between low-cost accommodation and proximity to Liverpool John Moores and the University Of Liverpool.

Across Liverpool and Manchester, there are eight different universities which attract a mass amount of UK and international students every year. Therefore, investing in university towns should guarantee regular monthly income due to regular term times and consistent rental income that will result in ongoing profit. Manchester’s M14 is a great student hotspot, especially for university goers who are seeking accommodation in locations such as Fallowfield, where they enjoy the short walk to their place of study.


  Increased tenant interest

 As university students flood into the north-west every year, the first thing on their mind is finding a place to live, and that is where you come in. You need to make sure that your property is located near their place of study, in locations like Liverpool city centre and Manchester’s Salford Quays which are in proximity to nearby universities. You also need to make sure that your property is renovated appropriately to suit the student lifestyle by offering them everything they would want in accommodation.

If instead, you’re planning to invest in residential property, you should consider choosing young professionals as target tenants, as they are most likely to be looking for a rented property. They will most likely be looking for apartments in central locations, which may seem like an expensive option, although in the north-west you can find some very affordable central properties.




The Kiddies Do 360 Play Basildon

We spent our spring break holiday in Essex and London with family. The Kiddies had a lovely 2 weeks holiday and they went back to school with stories to tell. On the first day of our holiday, we had the opportunity to watch Dumbo in the cinema. It was a lovely movie. We all enjoyed it, which I found surprising as I wasn’t sure I was going to like. On the second day, we decided to go spend the day at 360 Play Basildon, and I am glad we did.



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This was our second time at 360 Play Basildon. We visited a few years ago for my nephew’s birthday party but we were restricted as it was a birthday event. This time, there were no restrictions. The kiddies had a lovely time going from the bottom floor to the top. They went on all sorts of rides and explored every bit of the place. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed because it wasn’t really busy when we were there. Kids were still in school in the south, as our school went our holiday pretty early. So there was room to really enjoy and have fun.

We were at 360 Play Basildon for about 5 hours and the twins did not get bored for a minute. There was so much to do. There were the massive slides they couldn’t get enough of. The cars were another hit with the kids, they really enjoyed the rides. My daughter also enjoyed riding the Carousel at the top floor. She also found the Vet shop and the dressing up rooms fascinating. My son was more into the slides, ball pit, Lego section and the fire engine trucks.


LEGO Play 360 Play Basildon image Days Out image 360 Play Review Image


I recommend 360 Play Basildon. It is really a place to play. I found it a bit pricey at first, definitely more expensive than your regular soft play. But as soon as soon as I stepped inside, I could see why it was more expensive. We went on a week day and it wasn’t school holidays in Essex yet, so we paid off-peak prices – £3.50 per adult and £9.95 per child. I booked our day online and got some discount for registering and booking before the day.

360 Play Basildon is definitely not a regular soft play centre. There are so many rides and activities to keep the children busy for hours non stop. There were also no restrictions on how long we could stay, which made the journey to the spot and price worth while in the end.


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Have you visited 360 Play Basildon? What are your thoughts on this place? What did you do with the kids over the spring break? Do sound off in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.


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