4 Ways to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health in Lockdown

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4 Ways to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health in Lockdown picture


With lockdowns in place all over the globe, millions of people are confined to their homes. Although these measures were introduced to protect everyone from a deadly virus, there are signs that lockdown is having a hugely detrimental effect on people’s health.

With outdoor exercise limited and gyms closed, many are finding it hard to maintain a healthy level of physical activity. People are spending more time in a sedentary state, watching TV and working from home and this is inevitably going to be harmful to people’s health. Recent evidence has shown that people’s eyesight is suffering from the increased screen time caused by lockdown too. But perhaps the greatest risk is to people’s mental health. As a species, we are not designed to be kept in a confined space, shut off from others, and worrying about the future. Gloomy news headlines and social media debates only make things worse, and it looks like little will change in the immediate future.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you do what you can to protect your health in this difficult time. Though you may be stuck at home, as long as you are proactive, you can keep an eye on your physical and mental wellbeing to stay as fit and healthy as possible. Here are four tips to help you.

Limit your technology use

When you’re stuck indoors with nothing to do, it’s easy to resort to watching TV and staring at your phone. Although you might be initially pleased by the prospect of finally catching up with your favorite series, too much time on devices is bad for you. Try to cut down the amount of time you spend online, and turn off your phone a couple of hours before bed to protect your sleep. It may be worth investing in some special glasses that block blue light. These blue blockers will help you sleep better at night and protect your mental health.

Make the most of your time outdoors

Despite lockdown, everyone is still entitled to time outdoors, whether for exercise or buying groceries. Even if you have no urgent need to leave the house, you should make the most of this freedom. Try to get outside every day, whether for a walk, run, or bike ride. As long as you are careful, there is no harm in it, and your mental health will benefit enormously.

Eat well

What you put into your body has a tremendous impact on your overall health. If you are continually buying greasy takeaways and eating junk food, you are doing great harm to your body. Buy fresh ingredients every time you go shopping, and learn to cook some delicious healthy meals.

Exercise indoors

As well as your allotted daily exercise, there is no limit to the amount of time you can spend working out at home. And the best bit is, you don’t need any equipment to get started. Just find a free online workout video and follow the instructions. You’ll be sweating in no time!




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