The Moscow State Circus Birmingham

We had the opportunity to see The Moscow State Circus at Resorts World Arena, in Birmingham. They had the ‘Miracles’ show on and it was a spectacular performance. The kids loved it, they enjoyed watching the breathtaking performances, and we enjoyed watching them as well. It was a lovely circus show, with many captivating displays. There was no dull moment whatsoever. It was a 2 hour show filled with comedy, stunts, and various gymnastic and acrobatics displays.


The Moscow State Circus Birmingham

Circus show imageCircus show Birmingham image


We have always wanted to go to a circus show but we never got the chance to do that until The Moscow State Circus came to Birmingham. We were in the lovely city of Birmingham for New Year, and watching this show was on our to-do list. I am happy we got to see this circus. It was worth coming all the way from Cheshire for, and it has definitely raised the bar very high for circus shows going for.

The overall service was good. We got our tickets quickly and had some time to play around until the next show. The show was on time and all the performances were really good. It is hard for me to decide on which performance was my favourite, but one in particular stood out for us all. Our The Extreme ® stunt riding team  performed the Globe of Death, which was all about 3 men in bikes, riding really fast in circles in a globe. I did share a glimpse of the stunt on my Instastories on the day. It was an adrenalin pumping performance. I had my mouth open all through the stunt. I wonder how they do what they do.


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The kiddies really liked the Award-winning Clowns the Chervotkins Duo. They found them really funny. My son loved the duo so much. He laughed all through their performances.

The pictures don’t do it justice. I will be adding some of the videos I captured on the day on my YouTube channel in a bit, so keep your eyes on my channel. ‘MIRACLES’ was definitely the perfect production. We found it very entertaining and we cannot wait to watch another circus show now. This has left us hungry for more performances. It was a lovely way to start the year 2019.


Performance Moscow state circus image Fashion and Style Police image


Have you attended any circus show lately?



Decorating the home this Christmas on a Budget

I noticed most of our neighbours had their Christmas decorations up pretty early this year. We noticed decorations going up from as early as middle November, and I couldn’t understand why they were putting up the decorations so early (oh the electricity bill). But I think many people are just so excited about Christmas and I don’t blame them. I have been looking forward to this Christmas for some months now. It has been a very busy year with lots of ups and downs. So I am eager to chill out with my loved ones, listen to Christmas songs and watch the beautiful Christmas light. I am also looking forward to eating lots of yummy food in my home clothes and watching the kids get all excited as they open their Christmas gifts.

My son has been counting down to Christmas for weeks now, and he is getting really excited that the big day is now only a few days away.


Christmas decorations Image



Christmas Decorations

When it comes to Christmas decorations, we like to make more of an effort now that the Kiddies are older and more aware of the season. We had our Christmas decorations up and ready first week in December, which is very early for us. So the Christmas Tree and all its ornaments, indoor lights, the wreath, and we even got some new stunning outdoor lights from Amazon this year. The outdoor lights are battery operated which is great as I don’t like to deal with wires everywhere, and I find them easier to install, and cheaper to operate.


DIY Christmas Decorations

The Kiddies also made some DIY Christmas Tree ornaments at school the other day, and they look amazing on the tree.  DIY Christmas decorations is something I would love to do more of with the kids. It is a bonding experience with the kids and I think the DIY decorations add personal touches to the overall look of the house this season. It also helps that the twins really enjoy making them as well. Plus, it is an affordable way to decorate the house.

We got the twins involved in decoration the house this Christmas. They took part in decorating the Christmas tree, and it was fun to see how excited they were being involved.

Grandparents can also get their grandchildren involved in decorating their home. It is a great way to have fun and spend time as a family.



Christmas Tree Image DIY Christmas decorations image


Decorating the home this Christmas on a Budget

Christmas is one of the most expensive times in the year, and the pressure is on for many to make it a memorable one for the whole family. Christmas decorations play a big role in the festivities, so it makes sense to ensure you decorate on a budget. Here are 3 ways you could go about doing this –


Don’t decorate too early

Putting up the Christmas Decorations in November is just too much for me. I think the first week in December should be the earliest time to get them up. Anything before that is way too early and expensive.


Switch the lights off

We switch off our indoor lights when we go to bed and our outdoor lights go off in the day time. I see many people who leave their lights all day and I wonder how high their next electricity bill would be.


Use battery operated lights where possible

Like I previously mentioned, our outdoor lights are battery operated. I got the lights from online some weeks ago, and the kiddies really like them. The lights came with a tiny remote control which is super handy. I popped in 3 Duracell batteries as soon as the lights arrived and they are doing the work perfectly. I find battery operated outdoor lights cheaper and easier to have around during Christmas.



How did you go about decorating your home this season? Do you have any budget Christmas decoration tips to share?


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A Christmas Lifestyle Gift Guide

Christmas is around the corner and the decorations have started going up. I walked around our town centre today and I saw loads of beautiful Christmas decorations up already and I am loving the season. Christmas makes me feel like a little kid. I love everything about the season and I am glad it is here.

I have written up a Christmas Lifestyle Gift Guide to inspire the early shoppers. Hope you like these gift ideas –


iStorage diskAshur 2 Hard Drive from £150

portable hard drive image


This iStorage diskAshur 2 would make a great Christmas gift. It comes in 4 colours – Fiery Red, Phantom Black, Ocean Blue and Racing Green, with the Fiery Red being my favourite colour.

This is a great gift idea for the tech minded people and gadget lovers. I find it very useful as I work from home online, and I have lots of information that needs to be saved securely. The iStorage diskAshur 2  does an excellent job securing all my vital documents. The capacity goes from 500GB up to 5TB, so there are options available.


Posterhaste Family Portrait from £20


Lifestyle Gift Guide image


I think this is a great gift idea for to give a family this Christmas. It is very personal and I love personal gifts from loved ones, so this Posterhaste Family Portrait gift idea is right up my street! It comes in 6 sizes and you have it print personalised and framed or in a box canvas.

The quality of the print and frame is really good. We have one of these portraits on our wall and it is a true beauty. My kids love the frame so much. It makes a house feel more like a home with this Posterhaste personalised frame.


HoMedics Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser £39.99

Christmas Lifestyle Gift Guide Image


This HoMedics Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser helps you stay relaxed with up to five hours of continuous runtime. Diffusers are great for your wellbeing if you know how to use them.

It comes with orange and peppermint oils that provide a natural aroma to help you stay relaxed. It can do wonders for your mood. I like the fact that the diffuser soothes humidity by alleviating dry air.This product would be a great gift idea this Christmas. You can get a pack at Argos this Christmas.



Eyejusters Adjustable Reading Glasses £49

Eyejusters Oxford Edition picture



This Eyejusters Oxford Edition is a lovely gift idea for anyone who has to wear different glasses for different purposes. Thanks to Eyejusters pair, you wouldn’t need to have so many pairs of glasses. You would only need Eyejusters.

You can use this pair of glasses for everything, from reading books to working on the computer. All you have to do is to simply turn the hidden eyeDials™ to change focus.

  • Adjust the lenses from +0.50D to +4.00D
  • High quality Optician-Grade Plastic frames
  • Anti-Scratch coating included



Tower Glass Jar Blender with Grinder £79.99

Christmas gifts image

If you are after top cooking gift ideas then you are in luck. I am a huge fan of Tower Housewares and this Glass Jar Blender with Grinder is one of my current favourites. It would be a great Christmas gift for sure. I love the sleek look of it. It is very easy to clean and the 1.5L capacity is a great size.

This Tower Blender also comes with a grinder, which makes it even more practical. It is one handy kitchen gadget to have in the house. I really love it and I am certain many would adore it too!



SIGG Hot & Cold Bottles £29.95

drinking more water this autumn image  drinking more water image


SIGG Hot & Cold Bottles would make great Christmas gifts. They are very useful to have around. The SIGG bottles are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The double layers provide an improved insulation effect, which keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer.

I love these SIGG bottles. I think the SIGG look is really chic. They are great way to get your drinking water so more.



Jacked Wines £5

Lifestyle Christmas gifts idea


Jacked Wines is a new brand that has recently launched in Tesco nationwide. It comes in 2 varieties – Sauvignon Blanc with Ginger and Rosé with Lychee. I love both varieties. For the Sauvignon Blanc with Ginger, I love the spicy ginger flavour. While I enjoy the mix of delicate Rosé and sweet lychee in the Rosé with Lychee Wine.

These Jacked Wines taste very good and would be great as a little gift this Christmas. The bottles are 50cl which is quite unique as most wines bottles are standard 75cl.



Typhoon Living Cream Stove Top Kettle £27.99

A Lifestyle Christmas gift guide image

If you are in search of a great kitchen gadget to give out this Christmas, then you are in luck. I adore this Typhoon Living Cream Stove Top Kettle. It is such a beauty and it looks amazing in my kitchen.

I think it would make someone’s Christmas extra special. I love the contemporary design a lot. This kettle would definitely breathe life into any kitchen with the sleek design. The best part about it is that it whistles when the water is boiling.



Nextbase 312GW Dash Cam £99


Nextbase Dash Cam image


This Nextbase 312GW Dash Cam comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi, GPS logging and an accompanying smartphone app. It is one of the most popular Dash Cams on the market. I think it is a great car accessory to have especially for a new driver like myself.

The fact that this Dash Cam comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi that allows you to connect it directly with your smartphone or tablet makes it even more grand.



Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur £8

Wines Image

This Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur comes in a lovely packaging. It looks almost too good to drink. I think it would make a great small Christmas gift. This Liqueur is made from an infusion of fresh black raspberries, Madagascan vanilla, Moroccan citrus, honey and XO cognac.

I love it . It has an excellent taste. You can use it in creating many delicious cocktail recipes. 


What do you think of these Christmas Lifestyle Gift Guide? Did any of the gifts catch your eye?


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