7 Celebrity Fashion Trends for 2023

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The 90s are back, baby!

It’s true and the latest celebrity trends prove it! 90s style is a big one this year, and whether you’re excited for that return or not, celebrities for sure are. From the red carpet to everyday street style, celebrity trends trickle down to everyday, dressy or casual wear. So without further ado, let’s explore seven celebrity fashion trends to spot in 2023.

Knee-Length Skirts

Knee-length skirts have returned in 2023. This classic 90s look can be either dressed up with a formal top and some high heels or dressed down for a more casual occasion using platform shoes and a t-shirt. Versatile and practical for any occasion this style is universally flattering. Spotted on Bella Hadid, Katie Holmes, and Cate Blanchette, this style moves neatly from cool and modern to classic and sweet.

Sheer Dresses

Sheer was big in the 90s and sheer dresses keep that trend strong. From the red carpet to everyday street style these light fabrics offer a playful yet sophisticated look, perfect for warmer months. Spotted on Dakota Johnston, Kate Beckinsale, and Anne Hathaway, we can all have our red carpet moments too with this attainable style!

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Bold Color Blocking:

Color blocking has made a significant comeback in 2023, with celebrities embracing the vibrant, contrasting hues in their outfits. This year, stars like Zendaya, Harry Styles, and Billie Eilish have all been spotted rocking bold color combinations. Color blocking is pretty versatile, and works on a variety of different styles, making it a great style choice no matter the event!

Oversized Styles

Oversized clothing has been steadily gaining popularity and with good reason. After all, celebrities are just like us and we all got used to comfy clothing during the pandemic and oversized clothing plays right into that trend. Celebrities like Rihanna and Kanye West championed this trend, sporting oversized coats, blazers, and pants. Relaxed fits and the genuine comfort of these styles make them versatile for casual and formal events.

Denim on Denim

Denim on denim is another 90s trend that’s been popular for a few years and is probably here to stay. We will see more denim-on-denim looks, from denim jackets paired with jeans, to denim shirts worn with denim skirts. This fun trend is about mixing and matching different shades of denim to create a stylish yet casual look. From Jenifer Lopez to Hailey Bieber, this is an accessible and fun trend!


Boots are a staple in any wardrobe, and a fun trend in 2023. From bold statement boots in bold colors and prints to knee-high boots, ankle boots, and combat boots all are popular with celebrities and offer a range of options for any outfit. Pair them with a dress for a night out or some jeans for a casual lunch like Chrissy Tiegan and Kate Hudson!

Platform Shoes

Is it a true 90s style without platform shoes? Offering height and style, they are perfect for adding a touch of drama to any outfit. Follow in the footsteps (literally) of Sienna Miller and Simone Ashley and add some height and flair to your closet

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Celebrity stylists predict 2023 will continue as a year of resourceful and practical fashion trends. Whether you need an outfit for a wedding or are looking for something casual to wear at home, celebrities always wear the latest and greatest styles and you can easily find inspiration on your phone or computer. Additionally, check out a celebrity stylist list to get in touch with famous celebrity stylists for more inspiration or if you just need to hire a stylist.


How To Wear Womens Babydoll Dresses And Where To Buy Them

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Skirts, trousers, blouses, shirts, dresses, sweat suits.. Women can really wear it all. And look amazing! One dress type, however, has been grabbing a lot of attention lately.

It’s the babydoll! The Mint Julep Boutique and other amazing boutiques flaunt a lot of interesting babydoll styles and designs, all ready to be worn by brave women who want to look their best this spring and summer. So, the supply is there, and it’s now just a matter of where to get your babydoll dress and how to rock the outfit!

How To Wear Women’s Babydoll Dresses

As you might have assumed, this style is highly inspired by the babydoll nightgown, although it’s made more suitable for the public. Celebrities are wearing them, and just about anyone is wearing them. You can wear them too, if you just learn how to combine them and how to ensure you’ll look your best in it. Not difficult, as half of the work is done by the stylists who are creating these dresses in a way that makes them look amazing on all body types. The second half of the work to be done is your responsibility, and you could use some tips on it.

1. Proper undergarment matters

Wearing any outfit without having proper undergarment is definitely going to take away some of the flare and possibly make the clothes look unflattering on your body. No different when the babydoll is in question. While some of these dresses come with sewn in brassieres, others don’t have that option to offer, allowing you to choose your own bra to make the outfit stand out. Naturally, if it’s a deep neckline, a push-up bra is a must, as it will highlight the areas that need to be highlighted and thus make you more confident, knowing that you’re rocking the outfit.

2. And so does the length

Proper sizing also either makes or breaks an entire outfit. With the babydoll, considering the size and checking if the dress fits well is not enough, although it is one of the most crucial factors to keep in mind when buying. Considering the length, however, is also of great importance, because a weird length can make you look awkward. The just above knee length seems to be the most flattering for babydoll dresses. Check out how to style this item to make it look sexy.

3. Rock those heels

The beauty of these dresses lies, among other things, in the fact that you can combine them with any type of shoes you prefer, flat and high heeled ones likewise. As every single woman will tell you, though, they still look better on heels, and depriving yourself of the experience of wearing heels with these dresses and thus looking your best self is not exactly the best thing to do. Feel free to wear flats if you prefer, but do me a favor and wear your babydoll on heels at least once, as you’ll quickly see how big of a difference that can male. Even small heels will bring the whole look to life.

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4. Printed patterns are better if you’re taller

Printed patterns can add so much style to a combination that it’s no wonder everyone adores them. Keeping your body type in mind, however, is a must when shopping for any clothes, including the babydoll dress. Wearing printed patterns is recommended to taller women mostly, while petite ones should stick to one-colored options. If petite and with smaller bust, though, but trying to make it appear a bit bigger,  wearing a dress the bust of which is colored differently than the rest can help achieve such an impression.

5. Create a great combo with leggings

If feeling self-conscious for whatever reason, or if simply not sure that showing off your naked legs in a babydoll dress is not appropriate for you, either because of your age or anything else you have in mind, there’s a simple hack. Giving up on this style is not necessary when you can add leggings to the mix, wear them beneath the dress and thus create a more appropriate and a more sophisticated look for yourself. Darker shades and heavier fabrics can also do the trick of making these more sophisticated, but leggings are the solution number one there.

More on how to style these: https://bellatory.com/clothing/Babydoll-dress

Where To Buy Them

Understanding how to wear these is one part of the story, but you have to know that the quality of the dress you’ll buy will also impact the overall look, as poor quality ones won’t be so flattering. Thus, knowing where to buy these clothing items is just as significant. And, I’ll share a few tips that could help you out with that, i.e. lead you to figuring out where to do your babydoll shopping.

1. The Internet offers a huge amount of options

Disappointed that some of your local boutiques aren’t selling these dresses at all, or that they have but a few designs you don’t like, you could give up on the idea of buying them at all. Not necessary. The Internet is filled with shops selling these dresses, and the best part is, you’ll get to find numerous designs, some of which you’re bound to fall in love with. Thanks to online shopping, you don’t have to rely only on those local boutiques that are probably failing to meet your expectations regarding babydoll dresses.

2. Don’t shop at shady, never-heard-of stores

While shopping online is the right way to go, buying your babydoll dress from shady stores people haven’t really heard of is not the best idea. You want quality, remember? And, quality comes from reputable and well established brands.

3. Always compare the prices before ordering

Apart from quality, you also want great prices. Buying just because something is cheap is what leads to actually spending more money on clothes – a paradox you want to avoid. Cheap is usually of poor quality. Not always, but usually. So, comparing the prices prior to ordering is a given, but shopping cheap shouldn’t be your goal. Shopping smart should.


The Leading Antique Jewellery Designers: How They Developed Styles

There are leaders in every industry and when looking at antique jewellery, certain names keep popping up; names such as Faberge, Cartier and Tiffany are brands that shaped trends by creating stunning works of art admired by people from all walks of life. This short article provides an in-depth look at some of the more prominent jewellery makers that shaped trends.

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You could not have a conversation about the best antique jewellery without mentioning Cartier; this brand is synonymous with excellence. The company designs and manufactures jewellery and other items. The brand also has connections with royalty, with rulers of European countries that commissioned specific jewellery pieces. King Edward VII ordered many jewellery items from Cartier, called them the king of jewellers and issued them with a Royal Warrant in 1904. Other rulers followed King Edward VII and forged official links with Cartier and commissioned many fine pieces of jewellery over the years. Cartier is as successful today as it was way back in the early days, thanks to a succession of mergers and acquisitions. In 2012, Cartier was acquired by the Rupert family of South Africa, with involvement of the granddaughter of Pierre Cartier and the company is doing very well.

House Of Faberge

Founded in the mid-19th century, the House of Faberge made a name by creating Faberge eggs encrusted with intricate jewellery, which were commissioned by Russian Tsars. Over the years, Faberge created stunning items of jewellery; yet it is their stunning Faberge eggs that makes them so well known. If you are looking for a special engagement ring as exquisite as a Faberge creation, you can buy vintage engagement rings at Kalmar Antiques or at a reputable antique dealer near you. Kalmar’s collection are among those that are well worth viewing, and should you wish to have a private viewing, this can be arranged.

Tiffany & Co

Unofficially known as Tiffany’s, this house of jewellery is based in Manhattan, with over 300 stores worldwide. Over the decades, Tiffany created stunning pieces of jewellery for wealthy clients. The Tiffany Diamond is one of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered and it was acquired by the company in 1879. It is believed that this diamond has only been worn by 4 people, one of whom was Audrey Hepburn in the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. It was later renamed the ‘Burton-Taylor’ diamond, which was presented to Elizabeth Taylor by her fiancee Richard Burton.


Originally, the company made decorative glass items and later moved into jewellery in the early 20th century; many would say they created the Art Nouveau style, which happened from 1910-1920. Pieces of jewellery crafted by Lalique are very much sought after, this is one company that influenced jewellery design in many ways. Superb crystal glass decorations were made by their expert glaziers and in 2010, Lalique was acquired by the company Art & Fragrance and it still makes stunning jewellery.

The late 18th and early 19th centuries saw leading jewellery makers design and create stunning pieces of jewellery that set trends rather than following them. If you are looking for genuine antique jewellery, whether to wear or as an investment, search online for a leading antique dealer, browse their website and when you find what you are looking for, you can make an online purchase.

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Antique jewellery is collected by private investors who wish to diversify their portfolio, also collected by people who love to wear fine antique jewellery with their outfits. Whatever your reason to acquire fine antique jewellery, start with a Google search and browse the website of a local antique dealer.




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