Top Summer Days Out To Try With Your Friends

If you are getting tired of spending hours in the mall when the sun is shining and are looking for a fun way to spend time with your friends, then why not try something different from the norm? You may all love meeting up to shop until you drop, but when you have good weather and hours of sunlight on your side, there is no better time of year to get outside and enjoy yourselves. From trying out a new sport to planning a picnic in the park or even trying an activity that will test your friendship, check out some of these ideas so that you can plan an unusual and exciting event this summer.


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Fair weather fun

If the weather is looking to stay fine, then you do not need to spend a lot of cash to enjoy yourself with your favourite people this summer. You could pack a picnic, and decide which item or food that each of you is going to bring and make the most of your local park or green space. While if you live near a beach, then why not get your hamper ready and head to the beach to catch some rays? Another great summer activity is inviting all your friends and family round for a barbecue in your garden. So, if you are looking to spend some quality time together why not make the most of the warm evenings to plan a fun activity and get everyone involved.


Test your friendships

You may love your friends, but how well do you really know them? Do you think your friends can cope well under pressure, or maybe you would like to see just how far you can push your friends.If you are visiting that part of the world, consider booking a trip to Charlotte Escape Room where you will be tested with a series of puzzles and trivia to see how long it takes you before you can escape. While this might not be for everyone, it is a fun and unique activity to enjoy in a larger group.


Get active

Now that the sun is out, you can use the weather to your advantage and get your entire friendship group in much better shape. From playing Frisbee to going for a run or even taking your beloved dog for a walk, if you are looking to shape up and look your best for the warmer weather, then be sure to schedule in some time to socialise while you get out and about. Not only will you be able to catch up with your friends, but you will also be able to slim down and tone up at the same time.

So if you want to get outside and make the most of the summer weather, while spending time with your friends, then be sure to plan some seasonal activities where you can enjoy each other’s company. Consider visiting a panic room to test your friendships to another level. Finally, make sure that you get active and enjoy the sun to help you get into better shape while catching up with your favourite people.


What type of summer days out would you recommend?


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5 Things you need to know before getting laser hair removal treatment

I had my last session of my laser hair removal treatment last year. There were 6 sessions in total including the patch treatment. Many people have asked me about my laser hair removal experience, and some questions have been asked a few times by different people. So I thought writing a post on 5 Things you need to know before getting laser hair removal treatment would be useful.


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The laser hair removal treatment I had was on my chin. I found my chin hairs very annoying. The best option for me was to have the laser treatment, since waxing and threading were not the keeping my chin hair-free long enough. I would 100% recommend this treatment to anyone in need of it. I found it very effective. But before you go ahead, here are some things you need to know you start the treatment.


5 Things you need to know before getting laser hair removal treatment

Avoid the sun before your treatment

It is best to stay out of the sun before your treatment. You won’t be able to have the treatment done if the area has a sun burn. It is best to have the treatment done in the autumn/winter months if possible.

You should also avoid tanning beds, spray tans, tanning lotion and makeup on the area to be treated. I had to always wipe my chin area completely before the treatment to ensure there was no makeup on it.


You will need a couple of sessions

You will need a couple of sessions to achieve good results. I had 6 sessions and I know someone who had 12 sessions. The number of sessions you have depends on the area to be treated, the type of hair to be removed and many other factors.

Consistency is the way to achieve good results. So ensure you have as many treatments as needed, and at the right time too.  I went for my treatments every 4/6 weeks.


The pain is bearable

I found the pain bearable, but maybe I just have a good pain threshold. Many people I know complain about how uncomfortable it is and I agree. It is uncomfortable but not as painful as I imagined.


It is suitable on all skin types 

The laser hair removal treatment I had is suitable for all skin types. You can find out more about it being suitable for your skin type from this short YouTube video.



Do not wax or thread after treatment

You can shave, but make sure you don’t wax or thread after each treatment. Whilst having the treatment, pulling out your hair follicles through waxing and threading hinders the process.


Have you ever thought of having laser hair removal treatment? If yes, what is stopping you?


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48 Hours in New York City

Last week, we spent 48 hours in New York City. It was our first time in NYC, and I have been dying to see the Big Apple. We landed at JFK airport after a very long British Airways flight. We were super exhausted as we had quite a few flight delays but we got there in the end. I wasn’t impressed with the flight service from Heathrow to New York. It left a lot to be desired. Apart from the many delays, the quality of the screen for the entertainment was poor. Thankfully, that was not the case on our back from Washington to Heathrow.


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New York City is one place I have always wanted to visit. I have heard a lot of good and bad things about the city. I agree with majority of what I heard and I have my own views of the city. And I am very happy I finally got the chance to experience it all for myself.


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The cold welcomed us as soon as we landed. It was a lot colder than it was in Cheshire, so it came as a bit of a shock to the system. It was easy to get a taxi to our hotel, and we were thankful for that. We stayed at Hilton Times Square for 2 nights. The service at the hotel was ok. I expected an excellent service since the hotel didn’t come cheap. But I quickly realised that excellent service in the US is extremely rare. I think it is just the way things work around there.

The first thing I noticed in New York, apart from the cold weather, were the long faces. Many of the people we came across looked unhappy. Like they didn’t want to be there, doing their jobs. It kind of reminded me of London, but the Londoners are not half as miserable as the New Yorkers.


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We spent all of our time in Times Square. There was no plan to visit the major tourist attractions. We all suffered greatly from Jet Lag. And with 2 toddlers and just 48 hours to spare, there wasn’t much we could do.

Madame Tussauds was just next door to our hotel so we spent some hours exploring the beautiful place. I have a lot to share on that, so will be writing a dedicated on that in the next few days.

We also walked around Times Square and got some lovely shots! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen many of my New York City photos and stories.


NYC Image


After our 48 hours in New York City, our next stop was Maryland. We drove from New York City to Laurel, Maryland. It was a fun road trip. We sent through New Jersey, Delaware and other cities. I will be writing a post on our road trip and time in Maryland in other posts.

Overall, I found New York a bit too much. It was overwhelming. The city definitely never sleeps and we were in the heart of the madness. I didn’t have the time or energy to explore the city as much as I would have wanted to. But from the little I saw, I am glad I don’t live in New York. I don’t think I would be able to cope living there. The hustle and bustle is unbelievable and it is such an expensive city. Having said that, it is a beautiful place to an extent. The many skyscrapers are a beauty to behold and Times Square is so beautiful with the lights and billboards. It is definitely worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Will I be visiting again? Maybe. If something comes up, I would go. But as a tourist, definitely not anytime soon. Maybe when the kids are older and we have more time to spare.

Was the visit worth it? Oh yes. Everyone should see New York. It is a great holiday destination.


Have you visited New York?



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