The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil for Hair

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I love my Lavender essential oil. It is one of the oils I use everyday. I use it in a variety of ways. It is a one of those oils you need around the house. You can use it for your hair, skin and in many other ways. I am now creating lots of products at home and this essential oil is featuring heavily in many of them. If you missed my post on the benefits of lavender oil for skin, you should go have a read. This post is all about the amazing benefits of lavender essential oil for hair.

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The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil for Hair

It promotes hair growth

Lavender Oil promotes hair growth. I add a few drops of this essential oil into my spray bottle along with other oils and this has helped my hair growth. My hair is a lot longer and healthier since I introduced this oil into my haircare routine. This oil definitely stimulates hair growth so if you are trying to grow your hair, you should try looking into this essential oil.

Great for getting rid of dandruff and itching scalp

My hair can be very itchy sometimes even when it is clean. This oil has gotten rid of the itchy scalp and dandruff, thanks to the antimicrobial properties.

Combats head lice

A recent study shows that lavender essential oil could help prevent head lice. The study carried out in 2011 also shows that it may even kill head lice. If you or your little ones are dealing with head lice, lavender essential oil may be all you need to combat them.

It has a lovely fragrance

Lavender essential oil has a lovely fragrance that lingers on for hours. It leaves the hair smelling great, which is another reason why I love including it in my hair spray bottle. A few sprays and my hair is left moisturised and smelling divine.

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How to Use Lavender Essential Oil for Hair

You can use lavender oil on your hair in a number of ways –

  1. Add a few drops in a spray bottle along with other oils and water. Spray your hair as often as needed.
  2. Massage the diluted essential oil directly into the scalp. You can dilute the oil with carrier oils – coconut oil, almond sweet oil and so on.
  3. Add the oil into your hair products – shampoo, conditioner, and so on.

The benefits of this great essential oil are too numerous to mention in 1 post. You need to try it to believe it.





Can the Quarantine Logo Become a Statement Like Face Masks?

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With the recent COVID 19 outbreak, our entire lives have seen significant changes. Most people do not venture outside of their homes without wearing a surgical mask. In fact, “face mask culture” has been prevalent for decades in trendy Asian cities like Tokyo. North American fashion brands weren’t far behind in keeping up with this trend. But can the quarantine logo be the next?

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Fast fashion brands like Fashion Nova have already jumped on the bandwagon producing masks to match outfits. We’ve also seen high-end fashion house logos like Louis Vuitton and Prada being printed on masks. It’s safe to say that the trendy crowd is not going to let social distancing cramp their style.

In Asia, the face mask trend has been around for a long time, whether there was any threat or not. Face mask culture started in Japan when the country was dealing with the Spanish Flu outbreak. And even a hundred years later, the trend continued. For many wearing the mask helps them feel more secure about their appearance, it’s sort of a shield they can hide behind.

For instance, teens wear masks much the same way they wear headphones, as a signal to avoid unwanted social contact. In places like China and Korea, there are environmental issues like micro dust in the air. Therefore, wearing a mask can help you to avoid inhaling unwanted substances.

The Origin of the Quarantine Logo

The quarantine logo or “biohazard” logo is a symbol that indicates there is a hazard that you should avoid. It’s a funny thing that we’re now seeing it printed on everything from sweatshirts to water bottles.

It’s not likely the quarantine logo will become as much of a fashion trend as face masks or become a cultural thing. However, there is a small niche market in alternative fashion for it. At the very least, it’s a novelty item that will see a few months of ironic wear until the next thing comes around.

One thing that is here to stay is likely the face mask trend, but that comes with several problems.

What You Should Look for in a Mask

If you’re not staying up to date with information about COVID 19 from sources like, it’s hard to avoid making a misstep. We’re seeing many fashion influencers promoting matching masks for their outfits. These masks are made with all manner of materials, even lace!

The issue is that they are purely accessories and won’t protect you against the virus. If you read the fine print, most of the sites promoting these masks indicate that you need to insert a filter into the fabric. However, since when has the general public been good at reading the fine print?

If you are considering stepping out in a quarantine logo, it’s okay, the power to you for taking a challenging situation and making the best of it with a smile. However, face masks have a purpose that trumps fashion any day. So, make sure you are using the correct grade of mask or filters as recommended!


Ways To Make Your Clients Feel Valued

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Your clients are the most important commodity for you. It is time you treat them with a little more love and care. It will be a win-win situation. Great customer service breeds more customers. Plus it will make your end of the day will feel like you truly impacted someone’s life. Every person loves to feel valued and appreciated. If they feel that, they will keep coming back for more. Your business will keep thriving because you consistently show your clients how much you appreciate them giving you their business. If you are unsure on how to make your clients feel valued, here are some tips.

Give Your Clients Personal Attention

Roll out the red carpet for them and pull out all the stops without being annoying. Let them know that you acknowledge they are here and you are happy to see them. Avoid being pushy, but make yourself visible and available so if they need help, advice, or have a question they know where to find you. This not only works for those with storefronts, but this can also translate to those who operate solely online. Make yourself available via email, or if you have that kind of relationship with your clients, let them know they can text you if they need anything or have any issues.

Thank Them

Saying thank you is the best way to let someone know how much you appreciate them and everything they do for you. The same can be said about your customers. Let them know how much you appreciate doing business with them. As a cheap but effective marketing idea, give out a promotional product that not only lets them know how much you appreciate them, but it could also be a way to further promote your services.

Listen To Feedback

When your clients tell you what they enjoy, like or dislike about your business, listen to them. Take their feedback into account. Doing so can make sure you are appealing to their tastes, making them more comfortable to keep giving you business. Entrepreneur explains that knowing what your customers like and dislike allows you to better service them. If something new is coming in the shop and you know it might be something your client will like, you can let them know ahead of time, further building a great rapport with them.

Create A VIP List

For the clients that are loyal and do tons of business with you, put them on a VIP list. This list can come in handy when you are planning special events, sales, or talks. Since these people are always giving you good business, this is a good way to let them know how much you value their business.

Return The Favor

Some of your clients are more than just your clients. They may have businesses, side hustles and passion projects just like you. Return the favor and give them your business. If you need services or products that your clients can provide, keep them in mind.


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