Why I am contemplating having artificial grass

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We are currently contemplating having artificial grass in our garden because of all the issues we are experiencing with our lawn. Some parts of the lawn are not growing properly and it has been an issue since day 1. We have tried different ways to take care of it but all the extra care and attention we are giving it is not doing much. The builders even had the lawn relaid so many times but after a few months, it ends up looking horrible.

I have heard a lot about the benefits of artificial grass and I am contemplating having one in our garden. Artificial grass is exactly what it says on the tin; its artificial so no treating or mowing needed. Which is why it has become very popular today.


Artificial Lawn

Artificial grass lawn image


Here are some of the amazing benefits of artificial grass for the garden


No nurturing required

Unlike the real grass, artificial grass needs no nurturing, which is amazing. The low maintenance aspect of artificial grass cannot be over emphasised. It saves time and effort, and as you don’t need to treat or mow it. If you ever need to clean it, a quick sweep or spray with hose pipe would do the work. Some people even clean their artificial grass with a vacuum cleaner!


It is a beauty

I love how beautiful artificial grasses look. They are beautifully naturally, so no extra work required. I also love how real they look regardless of the season. In summer, when other lawns are looking burnt and worn out, this type of grass still looks green and great!


Benefits of articial grass image



There are various pricing options

There is a product for everyone and every budget. There are loads of cheap artificial grass available, but remember you get what you pay for. So ensure you buy from reputable suppliers only and go for the type you are sure would work great for your garden. It is also a good idea to go for suppliers like Grass Direct that offer free samples. That way you have a true feel of the quality of grass you are getting before you go ahead with it.


You can have the grass laid in unusual places

The beauty of having this kind of grass is that you can have it laid in your garden, balcony, rooftop, patio, and pretty much anywhere you want. Your decorating skills can really come into play as this type of grass allows you play around with it.


What do you think of these benefits? Do you have an artificial grass in your garden?



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  1. I know it can look good, but I say don’t do it! Don’t put plastic in your garden, there’s already too much of the stuff in the world.

  2. Yes there are the benefits. I have considered it in the past. The one thing that stopped me is the environment issues!

    It’s not good for wildlife, rain drainage we need etc. For example the bee population is down due to the way we live. We need bees so humans can live. Yup you read that right. I was shocked too.

    Many articles on Google about the effects on the environment and also why we need bees regarding its pollination and food.

    We decided to just let the garden be a natural habitat and that it doesnt have to be perfect. Nature isnt meant to be. It is wild and thats the beauty of it.

    Article below gives you a general overview with which if you are like me will lead you to reading about other things this article involves. Quite a shock when I started reading up on it.

    We are just so used to it being there we dont stop and think why we have them. Hope this helps you. Your obviously unsure of the decision so I hope this helps you explore more.


  3. I love how it look for sure and how low maintenance it is :-). If I was living in an apartment or condo with a balcony, I will definitely do it. But living in a house with an actual garden, I wouldn’t even though the low maintenance and never needing to cut grass again is very tempting hahaha….I like the feeling of walking bare foot on grass and so does my kid. Walking on grass is very soothing on one’s feet and is known to help you relax so nope, as good as it looks, I wouldn’t go for artificial grass.

  4. As I read your post, the thought kept coming to my head: ” This is why the grass always looks greener on the other side— it’s fake.” Lol. But honestly, it does look good and saves more time and energy so why not.

  5. Our lawn looks awful in areas where the sun hits it all the time, but I have to say that it still feels good under my bare feet. This sounds interesting, but I don’t think i could give up nature…

  6. I get the easiness of taking care of this grass. Although I would still need to wash it down as I have dust problems. I think it might wear out though. All I can think of this is the Lorax though with the artificial grass. I know it’s not quite fair with all the amazing types they have now but I love the feel of real grass beneath my feet. Just feels so amazing.

  7. It’s called astroturf in the US and some people love it. You should ask for recommendations of places where they are installed so, you can go take a look at it. Please do!

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