6 Top Tips for Booking a Last Minute Summer Holiday in Europe

The end of summer is fast approaching and you may be contemplating going for a last minute summer holiday somewhere in Europe. Maybe you’ve decided that it’s time for a change of scenery. This may be a good idea but booking a last-minute trip without making the proper arrangements can cost you time and money. That’s why we’ve put together a list of top tips and tricks for booking a last minute summer holiday in Europe. Whether you plan to holiday in Paris, Geneva, London, Budapest or Prague, we’ve got you covered!

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Here are 6 top tips for booking a last minute summer holiday in Europe – 

  • Take advantage of last-minute travel deals

There are holiday packages that specifically cater to last-minute travel plans and these often come with discounted rates. You can keep an eye out for these small windows of opportunity by monitoring travel websites, signing up to receive cancelation notifications and subscribing to newsletters.

Travel experts also advise you to keep in mind the “14-day window rule.” The gist of this rule is that if an airline or hotel has seats or rooms still available two weeks before departure, they’re likely to offer discounted rates! So keep your eyes peeled.

  • Find alternative airports

While it’s easy to opt to travel from bigger airports, it might be in your best interests to travel from the smaller ones. Not only are they less crowded, but they may also come with discounted rates. Search for alternate airports near your departure point to get access to cheaper fares.

  • Book early flights

Typically, early morning flights are more affordable than others. Many airlines offer discounted prices for such flights as an incentive, since most people would rather travel later in the day. However, early flights are less likely to be cancelled or delayed. With the previous day’s flights have long since landed, there’s thinner air traffic. So if you don’t mind sacrificing a few hours of sleep, opt for early flights to save on spending.

  • Look for alternative hotels

While it’s tempting to pick a hotel in the centre of the city, this often comes with larger crowds and higher rates for rooms, dining and shopping. Instead, look out for hotels that have easy access to the city but are not right in the middle of the hustle and bustle. That way, you get to eat your cake and still have it.

  • Skip the weekend rush

The laws of demand and supply dictate that when demand exceeds supply, prices go up! Because most people prefer to travel during the weekend, flights during that period tend to be higher. So, in order to save money, choose to fly on a weekday when the scramble for tickets is over.

  • Avoid tourist traps

There are tons of hidden gems all over Europe. As everyone flocks towards the famous and well-known cities, dig a little deeper and you might be surprised to find lovely destinations that are less stressful and inexpensive. For instance, rather than visiting Berlin, opt for Düsseldorf in Germany. Don’t fall for the tourist traps but find a destination that suits your travel goals. 

All in all, “last-minute” screams adventure. So don’t be afraid to try new things and see where the adventure takes you. And don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it.


Travel: Our stay at DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Chester

Hey travel lovers! How is the summer treating you? We visited DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chester a few weeks ago. It was a lovely short stay and we had an amazing time. The kids loved the weekend away. It was great to get out and spend some time exploring the beautiful countryside we are blessed to stay close to. I would pick staying in a hotel in the beautiful countryside over a hotel in a big city any day. There are times when a hotel in a big city is needed but most times I prefer the peace and tranquillity in the country. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chester was lovely. We have visited the hotel before and our stay this time was as lovely as the first time we stepped in.

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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chester

I love the interior decor of this hotel. It is very modern and stylish like most Hilton hotels.  I love well-decorated hotels; I like beautiful things and when a hotel is well designed, it feels even more relaxing and enjoyable. This is the main reason why I am such a huge fan of Hilton hotels. Their hotels always have that stamp of luxury. Old hotels with outdated decor are not my style.

The food was also so good. We enjoyed every meal we had at the hotel and the service was excellent. There had great yummy options for the kiddies as well, which was amazing. I love it when hotels and restaurants have great yummy options for their little customers. We would definitely eat and sleep here again. It was an amazing experience in every way.

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The service at the Spa was also amazing. I had a full body massage and it went well. The service was fantastic and everything happened at the right time. There was nothing not to like. We really enjoyed our time at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and we are looking forward to our next stay.

Are you a fan of Hilton Hotels? Which location is your favourite?

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You can read all about our stay at Hilton Hotel Windsor if you missed the post.

5 Countries to Explore in Europe

*Collaborative post.

I have travelled quite a bit over the years, and Europe is one continent I have explored. There are still many countries I would love to visit and revisit at some point in the future, and European countries are high on my travel list. Europe is a beautiful continent to explore and there are many lovely countries to visit. Here are some of the 5 countries I have visited in Europe, there are also my top 5 countries to explore in Europe –


Italy Image

I visited Milan five years ago for my and I loved it. It is such an amazing city full of lovely places to explore. We had a fantastic time. The Sheraton Hotel we stayed in was spectacular and the food was really good too!

I found the shops very exciting which is not surprising since Milan is the city of fashion. Visiting Milan again would be a dream come true. I would also love to explore other parts of Italy like Rome and Vernice.


I visited Dublin, Ireland many years ago. It was my first time in the lovely country; we came in for a wedding so it was a quick weekend visit. I had a great time in the city. The food was good and the hotel was fab too! If you are considering planning a vacation to Ireland, my advice would be for you to go for it. There’s a lot to see and I know I will be visiting Dublin again in the future.


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Now Paris is one city I have visited many times. It is a great place to explore in Europe. On one of our trips, we were lucky enough to visit Disneyland Paris and it was epic. Although the theme park was really busy, we had an amazing time and I would love to explore the park again. Paris is definitely worth visiting and I know I will be exploring other France at some point as well.


We visited Dusseldorf many years ago. It was our first visit to Germany and we had a fantastic time. There was a lot to see and explore. The city was clean, peaceful, and not too busy, which was great for us as we were travelling with our twins who were still babies then. I would love to explore other parts of Germany in the near future and Berlin is at the top of my list.


We enjoyed our short weekend exploring Amsterdam many years ago. Our trip was short but very sweet. We had the opportunity to see some fab spots. I remember us getting on a boat ride with the kids and it allowed explore the city really well. I would love to visit again and stay a little longer this time.

What do you think of these travel locations? Have you visited any? Which city/country would you like to explore next? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, let’s chat.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one.


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