Male body shapes

‘Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions’ – Coco Chanel.

  1. Athletic shape:

This male body shape is not too tall nor too short, not too heavy nor too thin. Most clothing fits this body shape and most male models fall into this category. The athletic man looks great in most styles.


2. Tall shape:

This body shape needs an excellent fit through clothes. It is important for every detail to be in proportion with the height and to have a well balanced effect.


3. Short shape:

The short man needs his fashion stylist to streamline clothes and create an image to increase the height. The goal is to appear instantly taller.


4. Heavy:

This body shape has a larger waist than chest. The problem in dressing this shape is when finding clothes that do not make the heavy man appear larger than he is. The key is to find the right styles and colours that flatter the client and his personality.


5. Thin

The thin man needs to be encouraged to add weight to his frame through his clothes. A thin man needs to be aware of the fit of his clothing. Great styling tactics will add presence to the thin man’s appearance.


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