Golden Globes Worst Dressed 2014

Kelly Osbourne


I expected a better outfit from a fashion critic. This outfit and infact the entire look is not red carpet worthy.

Sandra Bullock

This outfit will suit a teenager going to a prom party and not an A List actress at the Golden Globes 2014. Sorry Sandra.


Drew Barrymore


This floral piece is just too casual for the Golden Globes. Drew Barrymore looks like a flower on the red carpet. I know she is pregnant and all but I have seen her in better outfits previously even when she was expecting. Sort it out Drew.

Julia Roberts


This is another casual look on the red carpet. She looks so smart, like she is going for a very important meeting and not to the Golden Globes. Why Julia?

Kristin Chenoweth


This look is just plain wrong. All I see is blue and fabric. No skin at all. I wonder what she was thinking when she decided on this dress.

Kaley Cuoco


Kaley Cuoco needs a new stylist ASAP. This dress is so old school, so ugly. Kaley is so beautiful but she needs a modern look.

Julie Bowen


Shoulder pads in 2014? Cmon Julie. You can do better than that.

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